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Post image for Be more like Bond with Daniel Craig’s Barbour Jacket from Skyfall

If you are a proper English country gentleman you have a Barbour jacket, the older and smellier the better from the looks of most people I see wearing them, but eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed James Bond / Daniel Craig wearing a Barbour jacket in Skyfall last year, and the very same jacket, a collaboration between Barbour and someone I’m not cool enough to have heard of called Tokihito Yoshida, is to be released at the end of this month for the fashionista-friendly price of £399.

It doesn’t really appeal to me (I’m fairly attached to my Patagonia outerwear), but since it’s already sold out at End Clothing (without one even been shipped) it’s a fair to say that it will be well sought after and probably even collectable.


Icebreaker F/W 2010 Collection

by Andy on September 1, 2010

icebreaker jacket

I know this post is off the beaten path for HYA (though philosophically it shouldn’t be), but I am a really, really big fan of Icebreaker, a company that make amazing products using merino wool, shawn from sheep in New Zealand (each item actually comes with a ‘baacode’ you can use to find the farm origin of the wool in your garment). It’s so incredible in fact, that when my brother spent a couple of weeks climbing mountains in Kyrgyzstan last month, when he came back the Icebreaker top he took with him didn’t stink, even though by his own admission their opportunities to wash (other than in glacial water) were pretty limited.

The problem with Icebreaker was that whilst I really liked the tops, they weren’t astoundingly fashionable, something appears to have changed for the better in this Fall/Winter release. Sure, it’s not that cheap, but you really get what you pay for with Icebreaker, and now you can look cool wearing it. [via Josh Spear]


Cool jacket from Stereo Panda

by Andy on February 2, 2010

cool jacket from Stereo Panda

This item doesn’t have a name, and I think it’s a cool jacket, so that will have to do for now. It’s not exactly cheap. weighing in at a hefty €110, but it is in my favourite colour combo of the moment, black and blue, and anyway, outerwear isn’t meant to be cheap.

Costiness€110 Available from Stereo Panda

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Crook’s Shell Jacket by Crooks & Castles @ Karmaloop

Let’s kick the week off with this uncharacteristically subtle piece from Crooks & Castles:

Crook’s Shell Jacket features the “Crook X” logo on the chest, rip stop on the lower half and two side pockets, be impervious to the elements with this clean piece.

I like the way that they put the little red accents on the pocket zippers, its a nice little touch.

Costiness=$198 (bit pricey, no?) Link (you can get up to 20% off this jacket, which I’m sure you’d find helpful, by using the rep code AS7594)


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