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Enclothe Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

by Matt on November 15, 2012

Post image for Enclothe Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Enclothe (who released one my favorite shirts ever!) just dropped their Fall 2012 line. Three bird themed designs that are each available as a tee and a hoodie, and two beanies, all for your wearing pleasure.

And if you were wondering which is my favorite…it’s this one! The Gate of the Southern  Oracle. Based off of the classic movie, The NeverEnding Story.


Sacred Stitches Bank Holiday Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on August 25, 2012

sacred stitches

Quick ‘sniper’ post to let you guys know that Sacred Stitches are having a Bank Holiday Monday 25 % sale that ends, you guessed it, the Monday the 27th. So if you are fan of skulls, tattoos and grit then head over and grab a few t-shirts.

There will also be a review of Sacred Stitches coming your way after I nab a t-shirt this weekend!

Check out their online store here and make sure to use the discount code BANK25 at checkout. As it stands now, men and womens t-shirts are £23.99. They also have a range of other products to check out including jewelry and sweaters

Have a good weekend guys.




Colus – Review of Hunter and Wise Owl

by Mr Four Fingers on May 7, 2012

Colus - Hunter

I’m thankful for being part of Hide Your Arms because every so often I’m introduced to a new brand that impresses me and Colus is one of those very brands. As soon as I saw Colus Hunter design (above) I could feel some deep rhythm stir inside me, something raw and totally awesome. Ok maybe a bit heavy but let me just say that Colus has got skills and has instantly become one of my favourite designers.

I received the t-shirts in a bespoke white envelope with enigmatic eye symbol printing in black . The eye symbol is a device used by Colus used to represent morality. Packaging is the first impression and it’s always good to see the effort. This ‘morality’eye design can also be purchased as a t-shirt called ‘We Are What We Do’. Layered inside the envelope were my two -t-shirts Hunter and Wise Owl (sealed separately) and a mission statement card nicely printed up with a personal note written on the back. I’m a firm believer in personal touches.

Both designs are single colour screen prints on American Apparel so make sure you follow the care instructions properly to get the most from the fabric. We were taking the photographs at night and the flash was popping off the t-shirt making it look intensely white. The designs in the Colus range are simple and bold, Hunter being particularly striking. If you don’t like attention then this t-shirt is not for you.

The fit of Hunter on me is great and the soft fabric feels really good. Craig, featured wearing Wise Owl, says it fits well and being an American Apparel white t-shirt it’s slightly on the thin side as you could see his tattoo faintly. All t-shirts are printed on American Apparel.

I had a good time reviewing Colus t-shirts and focused on being as non-biased as possible which was easy because the product is pretty good. You can purchase one of these t-shirts over at his online store for $26 and you can even check out his latest jewellery release.



Hydro74 and Mr Rocks at Design By Humans

by Mr Four Fingers on February 22, 2012

Post image for Hydro74 and Mr Rocks at Design By Humans
Alchemy Owl - Hydro74

Alchemy Owl - Hydro74


Symetric Wolf - Mr Rocks

Symetric Wolf - Mr Rocks

Symetric Wolf - Mr Rocks

By now everyone knows of the behemoth that is Design by Humans. Finding a good design on here is like wading through a swamp. But, spend some time trawling and some awesome designs rise to the surface. I recently purchased these two t-shirts (30% discount!) and hell am I chuffed.

First design is by Hydro 74 entitled Alchemy Owl and the second is by Mr Rocks entitled Symetricwolf. Both are a really good fit with tighter sleeves (check the pistols). However there is an odd line travelling down the centre of the wolf skulls face. This is either a msitake by printers or some lazy artworking.

Both t shirts are $20 from the DBH store. If you are shipping outside of USA, my advice is don’t get shafted for the faster delivery at $33 because I opted for the $11 2-3 week delivery and I received them in about a week.

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Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th

by Andy on October 28, 2011

panda astronaut t-shirt

Very nice Panda/astronaut t-shirt from TeeFury today.

Another oldie-but-goodie from Greg Abbott at Tilteed today, it’s a really lovely design.

Weren’t you always a little disappointed when you had to play as Luigi?

Hahaha, silly owl. Shirt.Woot

Nice tribute to A Clockwork Orange at RIPT today.

If a single one of you gets the reference on this TeeMinus24 design I will be amazed.

Fairly creepy looking Doctor Who design at OtherTees today.

24tee bring us a classic Halloween design.

I didn’t like this Donald Duck shirt when Loviu first released it, and on the second viewing my opinion has not changed.

I have no clue what is going on in this Catch of the Day Tee shirt.

Nice Doctor Who design from Shirt Punch, I think it’s fair to say those guys have had a pretty decent first week.

I stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial by Natalie Jost detailing several ways that you can customize your Big Cartel store to give it features which you would usually expect to see in a standalone ecommerce solution.

Sturban are offering free delivery in the UK on all orders until the end of the month.

BustedTees have put all their fall releases on sale for $14 a piece until noon (EST) on October 31st.

Dephect are offering 25% off all their tees with the coupon code HALLOWEEN11 until November 3rd.

I’ve never heard of Kii Arens before, but their shirts are on now, $19.50 down from $35, and they’re looking mighty fine.

Digital Gravel have knocked 50% off everything, which is pretty huge, all you have to do is use the coupon code THX2011, the infographic says 3 days, but it’s now more like two and a half.

T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service, are going to stop using a wholesale blank (I’m fairly sure they were using American Apparel) and produce their own shirts, and they want feedback from you to help make it ‘the best t-shirt the world has ever seen.’

That above is a relaunch teaser for PPRHRT, I was unaware that they were in need of a relaunch but there you go, like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their relaunch progress.

A reminder that Urban Industry‘s big Halloween sale is ongoing.

PLNDR are giving away a $250 gift pack from Breezy Excursion, who I’ve never heard of so I presume that means they’re popular.


hypnowl t-shirt at a better tomorrow

I see this shirt and all I can think is:


Costiness=€22 (early bird price) Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


owl t-shirt

Another nice tee at Loviu today, they’re on a real hot streak!

€12 today, and then maybe it will go into their regular catalogue at €22, I’m not entirely sure how things work there.


Genius Owl by Vicious History

by Andy on February 27, 2010

bird t-shirt

I really like the style of this tee. Having a design that is just linework is fairly unusual, but I think that it works because of the use of a white colourway, even if it were brown (the more traditional owl colour) then it might suffer a bit, though a light grey could probably work quite nicely. Vicious History are a pretty new tee company, as you may have guessed from their name, they like to take more of a historical look at t-shirt designs and incorporate historic elements into their shirts. What does an owl have to do with history? I have no idea, but it does look kind of old time-y.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Vicious History


Parachuting Owl by mpatrizio at Etsy

by Andy on September 20, 2009

Parachuting Owl


Costiness=$20 Available from mpatrizio’s Etsy store


Owl by Joey Irizarry for randr

by Andy on July 15, 2009


You know when you look at modern art and think “I could do that,” you could, but you didn’t. When I first looked at this tee I thought “I could do that,” but then I realise that I’m about as good at drawing as a toddler, and that this probably took a lot longer to create than I would imagine… then later I noticed that the owl’s eyes are pretty much at nipple height.

Costiness=$18 Available from randr (and in soft pink too)


Owl hoodie by BoyGirlParty

by Andy on May 29, 2008


I was sure that I’d already written about this, but looking back through the archives it would appear that isn’t the case. I don’t really know what the image is all about, but its seems very wearable in that “its not amazing but it clearly doesn’t suck” kind of way. Considering that Susie Ghahremani (whose surname I still have to copy/paste) is a fairly well-recognised artist, the price point on this hoodie is well below arty expectations.

Costiness=$30 Link

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