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Post image for Pac Moon might be the best t-shirt laFraise have released this year.

I’m probably not alone in thinking that this ‘Pac Moon’ design at laFraise is utterly fantastic, right guys?


pac man t-shirt

I must have my dates mixed up because I was sure that Go Ape existed before HYA, but since we celebrated 6 years of the site in January and Go Ape is just mentioning it now I guess that’s not the case.

This latest shirt, showing how the ghosts became ghosts in Pac Man, is typically Go Ape, and was designed by the rather well known t-shirt Aled Lewis.

Costiness=$21.99 Buy it at Go Ape


pac man x mario t-shirt design

Quite a nice little design this at RedBubble, perfect for all the 8-bit nostalgia fans.

Costiness=£16.68 Buy it at RedBubble


pacman and star wars t-shirts from tshirt laundry

I’ve seen that minimalist Stormtrooper design elsewhere in the past, but I still like it, especially at the earlybird price of $14. The Pac Man Pizza design is well executed, I’d happily wear that, but the Emperor showing leg? Ummm, not for me, thanks Tshirt Laundry.


T-shirt News for March 16th

by Andy on March 16, 2012

mega man t-shirt

Mega Man based tee at TeeFury today.

Very clever design from Shirt.Woot today, I gues it really did kill the cat.

Labyrinth meets Pac Man at RIPT today.
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8-bit Pac Man/Pizza Man t-shirt from Super7

by Andy on February 27, 2012

8 bit pizza man t-shirt

My parents aren’t really into computer games, but I do remember back in the early 90s when we had an Acorn A2000 (yes, I am that old school) that they would obsessively play Pac-Man after I went to bed, I wonder if that has anything to do with how I spend 12+ hours a day with some kind of LCD screen a few feet from my face?

Anyway, Pac Man is still fun and pizza just seems to get better and better, so I like this shirt.

Costine=$25 Buy it at Super7


pac man darth vader t-shirt

I don’t think this shirt works particularly well, I’ve never heard anyone say “hey, Darth Vader’s helmet looks a bit like a ghost from Pac Man” and that seems to be what they’re playing on here. The text bubble feels a bit unnecessary, and I don’t understand why Pac Man looks like he’s been beat up. Why would I post a shirt that I haven’t nothing good to say about? Because LolaCamisetas usually do good work, and I needed to meet that HYA minimum of one Star Wars shirt per week.

Costiness=€14.95 Buy it at LolaCamisetas


pacman t-shirt

This shirt is currently only available in XL and L, and it’s hardly surprising that it sold out, there’s a lot of charm in that “looks like a two-year-old drew it with their fingers” style!

Costiness=$36 Buy it at Altru Apparel [via Rumplo]


“Gamer’s Closet” by 604Republic

by Andy on January 18, 2011

gamer's closet t-shirt by 604republic

I’ve been getting back into gaming a bit more recently, which thankfully with the Kinect hasn’t meant that I’ve stopped exercising, I’m doing more if anything!

604Republic (who are advertisers on HYA) are making a bit of a name for themselves in the world of gaming tees with some really cool designs that don’t riff on scenes that are too familiar, and I like the looks of this design. Can we name the games? I can see Pac Man, Zelda, Bioshock, Mario, Donkey Kong and Halo, but there are two that I’m stumped on, help!

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at 604Republic (also available on silver with a non-coloured design)


pac man t-shirt

Just yesterday I was talking about how much I enjoyed Glennz “Smile” t-shirt because it represented a bit more meaningful and thoughtful work (at least by my interpretation), but the man is also pretty damn good at creating designs that make you happy, nostalgic, and take a sideways look at things. I don’t want Glennz fighting against the man, I want him reminding me of games from the 80s (that my parents played more than me, they’d play Pac Man on our Acorn A2000 until 2am sometimes, I liked that).

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Glennz


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