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We Are The Recipe have just released two brand new designs for guys & girls.

The BRATS tee has a vintage café/diner design is available in white or grey, with each tee being packaged in a custom branded Sauce Bottle!

The Jump Ship tee is a nautical/tattoo themed print finished in traditional WATR style. It is available in both men’s & women’s sizes, with a limited run of vest tops also available for women.

Head over to to update your summer wardrobe!

Check us out on Twitter @WATRclothing
Instagram @wearetherecipeclothing

Andy: I’d been looking at these new releases on Friday and I thought that the sauce bottle was just a prop for the


It’s pretty rare that I’ll post news like this, but I thought that it would be something good for other brand owners to think about.

Having some interesting packaging really helps to separate your brand from the rest, and give you a more professional look which makes a customer feel as if the t-shirt (or any product) has more value to it. Good on Vapour for pushing forward and doing something nice with their branding.

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Digisin Special Edition Packaging

by Mr Four Fingers on October 30, 2012


We featured Digisin in a review awhile ago and now I have the pleasure of showing how they are successfully growing into a pretty wicked brand. We at Mr Four Fingers recently teamed up with Digisin by having some of our illustrations added to his online store. There will be another post showing the collection soon.


The packing you see here is a part of their ‘special edition’ selection and I can’t help but feel that this was also chosen in response to some recent postage issues Digisin had. By that I mean the customers box looked like it was delivered by Ace Ventura (I nicked that from a FB comment). So as you can see there is a polite sicker notice informing the person delivering that packaging to treat with respect. I love this ‘paint tin’ packaging and is officially the coolest I have received from any brand.


When we first reviewed Digisin they were using Softstyle Gildans and have sinced moved up to the Gildan premium t-shirts, which is pretty decent and a far better fit than the standard Gildan. It also happens to be a great surface for Direct to Garment printing (which is what they do). As you can see we we have two images printed onto darker fabrics, so what I can tell you is that when you initially get the t-shirt the design will feel a little stiff, like plastisol ink but after a wash it loosens up nicely.



Chaos Rules – £16.99

Mr Four Fingers t-shirt

Visions – £16.99

Mr Four Fingers t-shirt

Digisin has also upped their game by getting nice hem tags and inside collar tags and the pack also includes a neat little swing tag sticker and old school movie cards that you can collect. Since I first found Digisin I have seen a marked increase in product development, new artists to his collective and an overall improvement.

The future is bright.



Post image for T-Post’s gorgeous new packaging help convey their T-magazine concept

T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service with each month’s design being based on a news story, have unveiled their new packaging that will come into use from October onwards. It really helps convey their concept of being a wearable magazine, and I’m sure the design will score it lots of points with their design conscious customers and probably grab them some more attention from design blogs too.


lega lega milk carton t-shirt packaging

I’m pretty sure I spotted this on Pinterest (feel free to follow HYA’s boards on Pinterest), but can’t find the page now, sorry original pinner. Inside those milk cartons is a t-shirt from Croatian brand Lega Lega, who incidentally also have rather nice tees. I love the what they they’ve clearly put so much effort into more than just the tees to improve the whole t-shirt buying experience. I guess you could say it is a bit wasteful to pack every shirt in a custom made box, but it’s so cool that I think it outweighs the moral qualms for me by some margin.

Red more at The Dieline


the tree shirt house

The Tree Shirt House got in touch recently to let me know about their recently launched (November 2011) t-shirt brand. They’re based in Singapore (but sell in Euros, which explains why the people on the about page don’t look particularly Asian) and they are trying to sell tees ‘the right way’. All the designs are meant to tell a stroy about wildlife, and are printed on 100% organic cotton. Each shirt is ‘limited’ to 500 tees per design. As with most brands of this size I always tend to assume that the 500 figure is an arbitrary upper limit and that they don’t have 500 of each design in stock, because that would be quite a lot for a two person startup. For every tee that is purchased $5 (USD) will go to support on of their chosen causes, which I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear are animal-related.

The shirts themselves aren’t preachy, which is always appreciated, and the designs, whilst all following a similar theme, really appeal to me with their bold crests. Also, did you see the photos of their packaging? You can turn it into a bird house! I can’t see a cardboard bird house lasting that long where I live, but I’m sure that in warmer climbs it would make a nice home for some winged friends.

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orange juice t-shirt

New-ish brand The Breakfast Club got in touch via e-mail on the day I went away on holiday, so to say that this is fresh news would be a lie, but hey, better late than never, right?

One of the coolest things about The Breakfast Club is their custom packaging, I haven’t seen anything like it before and I’m sure that it would really add to the t-shirt buying experience, especially if you bought it as a gift for someone. Packaging is something that is often neglected when it comes to t-shirts, and that can often be forgiven since the shirt is the main focus, but it’s also good to see people trying to do something different and go the extra mile.

Costiness=£19.99 Buy it at The Breakfast Club


Burn Card Clothing are a new UK based company who’s brand is themed on classic playing cards. All of their t-shirts come packed in custom, old-school styled playing card boxes as shown in the photos. The t-shirts featured in the shots are from the ‘Burn Card Emblem’ range. You can find out more about their tees and packaging at

Andy: Very cool packaging, thanks for the submission guys, and good luck in the future.

This post was submitted by Russ Kirby.


ZAMFORIA made it’s start creating artistically fueled, exclusive t-shirts mixed with the beauty of cultures and the funk of street wear design, utilizing ‘love’ in different languages as the center of attention. It’s become a brand focused on making a wearable piece of art with a story. Their message and ideology: Learn the World. Love the World. Have fun.

Adding to their fun style, all the shirts come packaged in potato chip bags…….(no chips, though, you wouldn’t want a greasy shirt, right?)

Started by a brother and sister selling out of a Jeep Wrangler and running business from a basement, this Boston based brand’s focus remains to that of its roots: make classic, quality art people relate to and believe in, use any success for positive social change, and promote global citizenship.


For HideYourArms Readers…. Use coupon code #HideYourArms to get 10% off your first ZAMFORIA purchase.

[Andy: I really like the idea of packaging a shirt in a potato chip bag, but unfortunately their designs aren’t my style, again, this is a case of different strokes for different folks. They could also do with optimising their website a bit too, the images on their front page have far too high of a file size, not too much of an issue really in these days of high bandwidth connections, but it does slow down a site unnecessarily and tax your server too, and let’s not forget that Google are taking load speed into account now.]

This post was submitted by Erica Fernandes.


akumu ink packaging

My buddies over at Akumu Ink are industrious fellows, they’ve been busy recently, but so have I so I haven’t managed to cover everything they’ve been up to, but I really like this idea they’ve had for their packaging so I just had to share it. I’ll let Aldora (Mrs. Akumu Ink) explain:

We’ve just came up with a new packaging that features a new wax seal with Akumu Ink in its Japanese characters. We want to make it a great experience for our customers when they receive the package; Hence: -> open the shipping package to find a stained envelope addressed to “My Dearly Departed” -> turn the package to open it, to find a wax seal -> open the wax seal -> to find the shirts they’ve ordered.

The great part about the wax seal is that in the end, they get to keep it whole, because it doesn’t fall apart, so it would be a great safe-keeping.

Pretty cool huh? It should probably be noted that you’ll only get this special packaging if you order 2 or more shirts. It’s good to see brands doing stuff like this with their packaging, because it helps to round out the brand as a whole and also make the purchasing experience much more enjoyable and memorable. As someone that gets sent a lot of t-shirts in the mail I am also happy to see a shirt just sliding out of a poly mailer or a thick paper envelope, but when people put in that bit of extra effort it does make it all a bit more exciting, and I’d be likely to tell people about it the purchase as well, so it’s probably a good marketing tool too.


Cool t-shirt tin packaging

by Andy on February 20, 2011

t-shirt tin packaging

I’ve featured photos by extraverage in the past, the long ago past I think, but never of something like this. According to the Dieline, these are t-shirt tins, as in packaging for when you buy a t-shirt. I think they’re very cool, and I imagine that if I received one I’d put it on my desk to store pens and stuff, but as someone who now sells stuff in the HYA store, I can’t help but wonder how much shipping in a can like this would add to the cost of sending a tee around the world (especially considering how much my shipping prices put you Americans off already, even though I’m losing money on the hoodie shipping).


Muji Shrink Wrapped T-shirt

At the weekend the love-of-my-life and I went to the gargantuan Trafford Centre near Manchester to shop (I bought pants!), exchange her broken iPhone (Apple were having none of it, but they’ve sent one now, huzzah!), eat burritos, watch Scott Pilgrim (post about the tees in that coming up soon on HYA), and generally have a good time (we did).

Whilst we were wandering about in Selfridges we happened upon the Muji section. I really wish that Muji still had their own stores in the UK, but I guess it wasn’t to be, so we’ll have to make do with an in-store store. Amongst all the other well-designed items were these little cubes of cotton, which when opened would reveal themselves to be an extremely wrinkled t-shirt. I’ve got no idea of the quality of the t-shirt, but I really liked the idea of tee-cubes, and the scarf-cubes they also sold, and thought you guys might enjoy seeing it too.

I also found ‘Ass Blaster’ hot sauce in Selfridges, but we probably shouldn’t dwell on that for too long.

They can also be purchased from the Muji online store in the UK (and presumably elsewhere) for £9.95.


cool t-shirt packaging

I’m sure that I’ve seen something very similar to this concept before, but it doesn’t stop it from being cool, perhaps just a little less original than most people would presume. Apparently the brand behind these innovatively-packaged tees is called Here! Sod, but any googling of them just turns up the Dieline post where I found the shirts, so I don’t know if/where you could buy the t-shirts were you so inclined, so for now just sit back and enjoy the fact that the cabbage t-shirt looks kind of like a cabbage.
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johnny cupcakes packaging

When you get sent as many tees as I do, it arriving in a cool package really adds to the whole experience, even though I’m well aware that the packaging will likely find it’s way to my bin a few hours after checking out the tee. If you make an order from Johnny Cupcakes in the future it’s very likely you’ll be seeing this packaging on your doorstep, unless you make a big order, in which case you’ll probably be seeing one of the cool boxes, like I did when JC sent a package my way.


410BC know how to make sweet packaging

by Andy on December 13, 2009


410BC sent me a tee a little while back (which will likely be posted soon), and I loved the packaging that it came in so much that I meticulously peeled away the customs label, 410BC return address sticker, my address, the postage sticker, and a lot of the tape the box was wrapped in to reveal a box that was far too nice to be thrown in the bin, and so will now house HYA related gubbins.* I know it’s a little silly to make a post entirely about the packaging of a t-shirt, but I think it does highlight that when someone goes that extra mile to make the t-shirt buying process more than just about receiving a t-shirt in the mail that it really enhances the experience. Of course there’s a pretty high barrier to market that not everyone can do this, as far as indie companies go 410BC are pretty big so they can afford the order minimums that custom boxes come with, and they won’t have a garage filled with boxes for years to come, so not everyone can send custom boxes, but I’m sure that every tee company can think of something interesting they could do to make the buying experience interesting.

*It’s possible that this might be a Northern English word that not many of you recognise, instead of explaining it, I’ll just say it means pretty much what you think it means.


Mooks and their tasty packaging

by Andy on March 1, 2009


My apologies for accidentally turning Sunday on HYA into ‘you can’t buy this‘ day, but Pop Culture Tees spotted this cool packaging that Salad Design who created this packaging…

for the purpose of a collaboration of Mooks and WWF to raise money for local zoo’s. The Packaging and design were created to complement each other. The meat tray was chosen to represent the obvious meat styled text as were the labels and other stickers around the package.

Nice, huh?


Chateau Roux’s Amazing Packaging

by Andy on December 16, 2008

I just realised that after telling you I would do it, I never posted the pictures of Chateau Roux‘s fantastic packaging that their tees come in. As you’ll be able to tell from the pictures, getting a tee is a pretty special experience. The whole package comes in a large grey bag (not pictured, due to it’s normalness), then inside that there was a large paper bag like the ones that they have in their London store (these bags are due to be replaced by plastic bags for online orders, but instore will keep the paper bags).

Inside that was the cardboard box, much like a shoe box, but rather flatter, which had been branded up and looked really good. I pulled the box top off the box and found… more packaging! The tees had been wrapped up in some logo-branded tissue paper, which gave the tees the feeling of being treated like a dress shirt.

I guess that all this packaging is something of an ecologists nightmare, and I’d have to agree with you to a certain extent, but as the packaging is so nice, I haven’t thrown any of it away yet. The box will be re-used for storing HYA related documents, and whilst I don’t know what I’ll do with that lovely bag, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it.

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New Shirts and website from FFee Clothing

by Andy on August 26, 2008

FFee Clothing have released eight new designs, shown above in the gallery, and redesigned their website, not shown above, but it does look really cool, they’ve got lots of hand-drawn text and illustrations mixed with photos, and… and… well, just go take a look yourself, its a treat for your eyes.

Their new packaging looks pretty gorgeous, so if you weren’t quite sure whether to make a purchase then that might be the tipping point for you.

FFee Clothing


Soft Touch Reviews: Chateau Roux

by Andy on August 3, 2006

When I get sent a tee it’s usually in a brown padded envelope, or sometimes in those rather dramatic looking eagle emblazoned grey packets from the United States Postal Service, which was why I was rather confused when I found a large box on the kitchen table on Tuesday morning, I thought that Chateau Roux had made some kind of mistake, they don’t sell shoes as well do they?

Well, no, they’ve taken a very original approach to the idea of the t-shirt; they’re treating it like a high-class shirt.

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