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I wrote and scheduled a post about this image above wondering how on Earth someone had made this and not have put it on a POD site, and then after I read through more of the comments where I found on Reddit it turns out that it is on RedBubble already, so all is right with the world after all.

Costiness=£16.73 Buy it from Han Zhao @ RB


Brains! Not Zombies!

by Penny_B on May 13, 2012

This is my first HYA post, hi. I wanted to start with more than just a random tee, but something with a bit of a story to it. So my friend M found shirt number 1 on ThinkGeek, while we were talking about autistic spectrum disorders. I have Asperger Syndrome, and the neurodiversity movement celebrates all of us who are not “neurotypical”, who are cognitively different due to our neurological make-up.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty great, such a huge brand embracing difference in that way and providing lots of information for the curious. It made me think about how much I love brains and neuroscience (I have a mind-crush on Oliver Sacks), but how the joy of brain-lovin’ has been taken over by zombie talk. You can’t even say “BRAINS!” without the obligatory “Braaaaaaaaaaains” from some blood-spattered fancy dress enthusiast. It’s not that zombies aren’t cool, but they’ve got a bit played out in recent years.

Here, therefore, are a lucky seven shirts that illustrate the awesomeness of the brain without a hint of gore or the undead. Celebrate your noggin!

1. Neurodiversity

The shirt that started it all. Heart. Brain. I heart my brain.
Costiness: $16.99-18.99 from ThinkGeek

2.Take Over

Pinky and the Brain shirt
What? Yes, Pinky and the Brain TOTALLY count. Especially as I not-so-secretly want to take over the world. With rockin’ shirts, anyway. Not only nostalgia, but fabulous slogan sizing/placement.
Costiness: $20 from 80sTees

3. Brain Power

Brain Power shirt
POW! The whole design of this shirt makes my heart sing. The heather gray, the shade of gold for the strike, the facial expression. If you don’t love brains after seeing this tee, you’re a cell or two short.
Costiness: from $24 from I Heart Guts, Love Your Insides

4. Brain College

Brain College shirt
There’s a lot going on here. Goggles, a halo, logos? I can’t decide if it’s a hot mess or a fierce statement from Eight & Nine, but there’s some anger and a cool mascot illustration and…goggles. Steampunk folk love goggles, right? Though maybe not the styling.
Costiness: $24.89 from Eight & Nine

5. I Love My Brain

I Love My Brain shirt
I want this tee so much. Especially with the stripes. I DO love my brain, I DO. The lettering is ace, and I love the brain doodle instead of a heart. Gotta be done. Good job super small fits me well.
Costiness: $24.99 from Skreened

6. Scatter-brained

Scatter-brained shirt
If you’ve ever had to spend any time learning about different types of graphs, it probably hurt your brain, and you probably thought the scatter graph looked pretty funny. This is for you. A truly graphical shirt. POD can be a bit of a risk when it comes to tee quality, but he illustrator, bumpybrains, has some other tasty brain-related apparel.
Costiness: £14.88 from RedBubble

7. Pacman Brain

Pacman brain shirt
I don’t know if we can actually order this one – this shirt comes from Mumbai – or how the shirt feels and fits, but it’s well done and really made me smile. Excellent detail.
Costiness: 399 INR (Indian rupees) from Bewakoof

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pac man x mario t-shirt design

Quite a nice little design this at RedBubble, perfect for all the 8-bit nostalgia fans.

Costiness=£16.68 Buy it at RedBubble


pacman and star wars t-shirts from tshirt laundry

I’ve seen that minimalist Stormtrooper design elsewhere in the past, but I still like it, especially at the earlybird price of $14. The Pac Man Pizza design is well executed, I’d happily wear that, but the Emperor showing leg? Ummm, not for me, thanks Tshirt Laundry.


sushi pac man arcade combo t-shirt

This is definitely one of my favourite Glennz designs to be released for a while, when I saw that he had the concept up for voting I had a sneaking suspicious that Pac Man + sushi = a t-shirt that would get printed.

Costiness=$15.95 (for now) Buy it at Glennz


Four new shirts at BustedTees this week

by Andy on November 9, 2011


Pick of the bunch for me this week at BustedTees is the Pacman x The Beatles t-shirt, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t even a fan of the Beatles.

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Daily Tees & News for November 6th

by Andy on November 6, 2011

doctor who t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more Doctor Who references on one shirt, you win, TeeFury!

Qwertee have a Lord Of The Rings t-shirt for us today.

Shirt.Woot have a Pacman design that has better graphics than the original Pacman.

RIPT ensure that the Doctor Who:Star Wars balance is maintained.

24tee also share my love of cheap noodles. That said, when you get real ramen it is pretty amazing.

Ahhh, Loviu, the old switcheroo!

Really, really nice Boardwalk Empire x Monopoly mashup today at Shirt Punch.

Some brand I’ve never heard of called Venus Falls released their Fall collection recently and it looks pretty nice.

Rob Dobi has redesigned a few of his old Fullbleed shirts, including the one above.

410BC released a large collection of new tees last week, though the Mintees crowd have noticed that a lot of the designs are simply public domain images on shirts, which just doesn’t feel like the 410BC way to me.

Everything has got 20% off at Outcry Apparel for a limited time. How limited? I have no idea.

One ad space has become available on HYA at the price of $19 per month. All other spaces are currently sold out but there will be some other opportunities opening up this month so get on the waiting list if you are interested.

WinkyBoo have got a massive 50% off coupon code live at the moment. Use code WINKYMUSIC to receive the discount.

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pacman mario t-shirt

I like the concept but I’m not too into the style of the artwork in this Pcamn x Mario mashup tee at TeeFury today. It looks more like a comic (and a well illustrated one, let me be clear) than a t-shirt design.

Oooooh, political shirt from Qwertee today, very cool, very timely.

Another old shirt from Tilteed, I’d love to know when they’ll be dropping some new designs.

Nice colourway on today’s robot t-shirt.

It’ll never last, they’re from two different worlds! Shirt.Woot.

I’m glad this has the word ‘Firefly’ written on it otherwise I’d have had to hunt out the reference on this RIPT tee.

I love Zoidberg, so I think that this Futurama tee at TeeMinus24 is pretty nifty.

I love lunch, it’s one of the few times in the day that I’m not staring at a screen. This shirt is referring to the film Wall Street, so I can only assume that 24tee are hoping to pick up sales from the 1%!

Another oldie from Loviu, cool though.

Aren’t we all always at the corner of time and space? Catch of the Day Tee.

Not getting the reference on today’s Shirt Punch design, is it something to do with Portal?

Time to add TeeBlitz to the daily roster. This $10 tee shop has got that fantastic astronaut-based design on sale for the weekend.

Urban Industry are offering free shipping on orders until November 18th to try and encourage early shoppers.As you can tell from the infographic, they’re also offering extended returns and reminding you that gift vouchers are a thing.

Use the coupon code SEPT to get 20% off your order at Enclothe until 11/11/11, who have just introduced a new hoodie and had a few restocks too.

BustedTees are bringing in daily deals, starting with their Honey Badger shirt being $12 until midnight (EST).

PLNDR have got some ridiculous deals going on, probably on stuff that you’ll regret buying, but still. Oh, and if you manage to spend $100 or more, use the coupon code 20BUCKZ to get $20 off your order.

Karmaloop‘s latest offer is: “This Week:Spend $75 get *free shipping, Spend $125 get 15% off + *free shipping, Spend $200 get 20% off + *free shipping, Spend $350 get 25% OFF+ *free shipping,
USE CODE: LEVEL25 *$8 off international shipping” I wonder if anyone has ever bought anything for full price at Karmaloop.

Buy 4 shirts and get 1 free at Spreadshirt this month.

Dephect are offering a free card wallet with all orders, and the cool part is that you get to choose which wallet you receive depending on the coupon code you use. From right to left in the picture, these are the coupons to use: CITYWALLET ODWALLET ICECREAM BUYRECORDS.

Concrete Rocket have expanded their product range with a couple of jackets.

New shirt from A Better Tomorrow.

Mental Floss have got shirts as low as $9.99 for people that like their funny tees with some smarts to go with them.

Storenvy have a guide to taking photos of small items for your store, which will be of limited use to people with just t-shirts in their store, but it’s a decent tutorial and I felt it was worth adding to the news roundup today.


pacman t-shirt

This shirt is currently only available in XL and L, and it’s hardly surprising that it sold out, there’s a lot of charm in that “looks like a two-year-old drew it with their fingers” style!

Costiness=$36 Buy it at Altru Apparel [via Rumplo]


pacman t-shirt

C’mon, who doesn’t love Pacman? Clearly laFraise do!

Costiness=€23 Buy it at LaFraise


Post image for I ‘PacMan’ NY by James Lillis at MySoti

How did I not include this in my 109 NY tee list post? Madness, this is great!

Costiness=£16.48 Available from MySoti


PacMan & Lost Buttons

by Andy on September 1, 2009

il_fullxfull70029840jpg-jpeg-image-667c397500-pixels_1251741419617 Lost Dharma Initiative Buttons

Clearly, these are not t-shirts, or hoodies, but I found a Etsy seller called Slevin11 tucked away in my thousands of bookmarks (that shall ensure HYA never runs out of content) who makes these fantastic buttons that I just had to share. Other than the Lost and Pacman buttons I’ve feautred above, there are also Pokemon, Mario, and photography themed button packs available.

Slevin11 at Etsy


Pacman Piechart by Bytelove

by Andy on August 3, 2009

resembles-pacman-ladies resembles-pacman-zoom

Retro game + Piechart = Funny t-shirt. Also available as a hoodie.

Costiness=€22 Available from Bytelove

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SplitReason: 3 outta 4 ain’t bad

by Andy on April 10, 2009

gmail-splitreasoncom-4-new-amazing-tees-bigguybigcitygmailcom_1239065176974 gmail-splitreasoncom-4-new-amazing-tees-bigguybigcitygmailcom_1239065194701 gmail-splitreasoncom-4-new-amazing-tees-bigguybigcitygmailcom_1239065212116 gmail-splitreasoncom-4-new-amazing-tees-bigguybigcitygmailcom_1239065227002

SplitReason have released 4 new shirts, 3 of them are good, and the 4th is a logo tee which is perfectly fine, but not in the same realm as the others.


All are available at Split Reason.


Gamer Hoody by Split Reason

by Andy on March 12, 2008

Gamer Hoody by Split Reason

There’s a lot of apparel out there for gamers, but most of it doesn’t cut the mustard for me, usually they’re built upon solid concepts, but they can be somewhat lacking in the design department. Fortunately, Split Reason don’t suffer from that particular problem. I guess that purists would probably have a bit of a whine about the Pacman and the ghost being too big to fit into the maze, but I’m sure that was just done for reasons of practicality.

Costiness=$42.95 Link

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etherbrian signature series tee for Ghosticorn Apparel
My main memory of Pac Man is that back when my parents bought our first family computer (an Acorn A2000) is that my parents would play it for really long periods of time, often until about 2am on a work-night, and they weren’t gamer type people, still aren’t, I guess that’s the enigma of Pac Man. Also, Pac Man + Unicorns may actually be the most amazing thing ever imagined.

Costiness=$25 Link


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