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Funkalicious – Screen Printing Process

by Mr Four Fingers on May 2, 2012

Threadless - Funkaliscious

Quite a nice short video by Threadless showing the screen printing process of Funkalicious. Design printed by Target Decorated Apparel. You can buy the printed version over at Threadless.

Screen Printing of Funkaliscious


Screen printing at Print Club London

by Mr Four Fingers on February 25, 2012

Nylon mesh screens

For those of you you who know anything about placing designs onto fabric you will know that the most common if not popular and widespread way of transferring these images, is by screen printing.

Recently the duo that is Mr Four Fingers had an induction at Print Club London to learn more about the screen printing process. We chose the printing to paper induction to break us in easy as printing to fabric is more challenging.

We took some photographs of the day with our new idiot proof camera, so check out the images below for a peak ‘behind the scenes’ of the screen printing process. I recommend this induction (London) if you want to learn more about screen printing your own designs or maybe you just want to know what the process is capable of.

If you are interested in seeing more, as we took a kak load of photographs, you can check out the rest over at Mr Four Fingers website.




From the IF:

From the Imagination Foundation website: “This sublimated T shirt is printed on a specially developed fabric to maximize colour and resolution, yet still have a comfy organic feel on the inside. The exterior face is polyester and the interior is cotton. The print is on both the front and back making the entire shirt our canvas. The fidelity of the image on this garment surpasses even the definition of our screen printed shirts.”

Now this, this I’d like to see, sounds like it might even be worth the $45.

Costiness=$45 Tee Link Rumplo Link


Ashlee Simpson is a terrible painter, looks good in a tee though

If you don’t get the title, Ashlee Simpson/Wentz is pregnant (right?) so… in a few months there’ll be baby puke on her clothes, not paint, and given the choice, I’d prefer paint to puke. I think this is actually a pretty cool looking t-shirt, you could really have some fun if you were making one of these up for yourself, and you’d always end up with a unique tee.

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Not a t-shirt blog: 302designs

by Andy on July 27, 2006

I quite like letting the companies do the describing for me sometimes, and not just because I’m lazy, I’m just not as good at talking like a PR guy as designers are. Observe.

302designs, established in December 2004, is run and managed by four unique individuals. Each partner brings their own differentiated interests, skills, and backgrounds to the company.

Each design is a symbolic representation of an individual’s feelings. Some of the recurring themes are emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s own internal passion, promoting individuality, and maintaining strength from within.

302 considers itself a socially conscious establishment. Keeping with this theme, we refuse to contribute to sweatshop conditions of any type. Each shirt is printed on material from American Apparel, out of L.A. They support fair wages and benefits for all their employees.

But I guess that since 302designs describes itself as a company that creates ‘poetic t-shirts’, you’re going to get descriptive language, and this theme runs through into their t-shirt designs. All the tees marry life-affirming and inspiring text with intricate and detailed graphics. It’s one of the strongest line-ups of inventory that I’ve seen for quite a while, if I were to choose one I’d really struggle, I only picked the one in the picture (Imagination) because I prefer brighter colours in the summer.

There is also a full girls section, including one or two designs that aren’t available for the guys.

All the items seem well priced, running between $20-$27, and considering how great I think these tees look, well worth the price.



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