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I’m slightly underselling TIMcity in that title, because I do think that these are really cool t-shirts from a brand that is founded by a t-shirt fan studying urban planning. The Amsterdam one was the most immediately recognisable to me as I’ve spent a few weekends navigating my way through the little streets and canals of Amsterdam (and will again next month), but it’s the New YorK design that stands out as being a bit abstract yet still iconic to me.

When you’re a brand that creates designs based upon various cities of the world there can often be a danger of making what look like tourist tees, the kind of thing you’d only buy if you were in the city, but I think these are cool enough to get away with it, especially with them being ‘world’ cities that people see as aspirational locations. There are 10 more cities on the way, so it will be interesting to see if the concept works on a larger scale with cities that have slightly less wanderlust attached to them. The shirts are priced at a premium of €39 a piece, which is quite high for us spoiled Brits and Americans, but if you like it then I’m sure that won’t be too much of a hindrance.


Nice video from Parisian brand Gustave showing off their latest collection by getting attractive French people to wear their shirts. The three new shirts are price at €30 a piece and are available now.


ninjas in paris t-shirt

Soooo, anyone else absolutely in love with the Ninjas in Paris t-shirt?

It’s a crying shame that Goodie Two Sleeves only made that available as a girls print as it isn’t especially feminine, but they can’t make everything available on both blanks. There’s nothing wrong with the guys shirt this week, but compared to the other it just doesn’t look as interesting. Get 20% off your order with the coupon code TWOFER.


Some Super News from Super Superficial

by Andy on September 6, 2011

super superficial x galleries lafayette

I’ve never been to Paris before but I’m well aware of the reputation of Galleries Lafayette, so it is a real coup for a brand like Super Superficial to be involved with such a well respected shopping institution.

Running a ‘London theme’ through out the store, we’ve sent a selection of classic designs their way, along with our specially commissioned piece. Keeping this schtum was no easy task, believe you, me. The event will be running for three weeks, (12 Sep – 1 Oct) so if you find yourself in Paris, pop in and let us know what you think.

They’ve also put their latest design ‘bobbies’ on sale at 40% off, making it £21 instead of £35, which is a pretty hefty discount. They say that the discount is for newsletter readers only, but they sent me the e-mail knowing who I am, so they’ve only got themselves to blame. The discount isn’t available by inputting a coupon code, you need to click on this link, which will automatically add the shirt to your basket.


3 new* tees from Headline Shirts

by Andy on July 24, 2011

rocky t-shirt

Headline Shirts, your tees may be funny, and they are good quality, buy your mockups are fooling no one.

* They were new when I wrote this post, which as has been mentioned a few times, was more than a week ago because I am currently on holiday.


star wars c3po t-shirt

I have no idea what kind of mind could put these design elements together, and in a really bizarre way, I actually like it. It’s a surprisingly wearable design, which I’m fairly sure could only be made by a French label, though I really wish that TH Gallery would provide some proper pictures of their designs, or even a mockup at the very least.

Costiness=€40 Buy it at TH Gallery


Paris ’68 by Origin68

by Andy on October 2, 2009

Origin68 T-Shirts - Higher Than The Sun_1254408818399 Origin68 T-Shirts - Higher Than The Sun_1254408838225

If you’re looking for a backstory to this tee, basically, in 1968 some French students were pissed off so they rioted. If you aren’t, hey, here’s a cool looking tee. Also, I’ll be driving past Paris next weekend, yay!

Costiness=£18 Available from Origin68


You probably all know by now that I really like it when t-shirt brands to something a little out of the ordinary, and I think that doing 3D designs and including glasses with every tee is certainly a little out of the ordinary. Fair enough, I wouldn’t wear the subtly titled “36D” tee for an afternoon stroll in the park, but I like the skull design without even seeing it in its three dimensional glory. Unsurprisingly, the tees come at a bit of a premium, but I’m sure that wearing such an impressive talking point will justify the €45 outlay, and at least it gives you a half-decent reason to wear sunglasses at night.

3D tees by Dissizit at Dadawan


Get 20% off @ Ministry of Design

by Andy on March 27, 2008

Simplement, spend €29 or more at Paris-based Ministry of Design (which should be pretty easy considering they now sell HYA-fave Wrongwroks) and you are entitled to 20% off your order by using the coupon code PRINTEMPS during the checkout process.

I can’t see an expiration date for this coupon, but considering ‘printemps’ means ‘springtime’ in English my guess is that it won’t be around for all that long.

Ministry of Design


Happy 4th Birthday Dadawan!

by Andy on March 14, 2008

Dadawan, the Paris-based emporium of amazing tees and hoodies, turned 4 years old earlier this week, to celebrate they gave out a coupon code for 10% off which may or may not have expired by now. Just input HAPPY at the checkout in the coupon box and it might work, hopefully. I’m glad that there are folks like Dadawan around, and I wish them many more years of providing us with amazing new clothing from Cindez.




When I first looked at this tee I thought “aha, you’re not getting me this time, Faircliff, this t-shirt is all about going to the beach!” Then I sat back, impressed with my ability to understand the French language, although admittedly the bucket and spade was pretty helpful. Oh, Andy. Andy, Andy, Andy, how wrong you were!’Sous les pavés, la plage’ translated into English means ‘beneath the pavement, the beach.’ This was a popular slogan used by student rioters in Paris back in 1968. The rioters would smash up paving stones so that they would have something to throw at the police, underneath the paving was a layer of sand, and what do you find at the beach… sand! Yes, even when they’re throwing rocks at each other, the French still managed to get poetic about matters.

This tee isn’t necessarily for sale, but if you’d like one of Simon’s hand-painted tees drop me an e-mail using the contact form and I’ll get a message to him via my friend Richard.


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