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disturbia launch party

Disturbia are clearly stepping up their game, because when I first saw this flyer I presumed that their were launching their clothes at a club, but I now realise they’re actually opening a retail store in Newcastle, and that’s pretty impressive.

It’s also impressive that they’re going to have Godmachine and Drew Millward (who,of course, have designed shirts for Disturbia) in store on the launch night doing live art. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it along (it’s about 2 hours from me), but the first 50 people to turn up will get a goodie bag, and the first chance to pick up the new collection of clothing.


Super Bored Grand Opening

by Andy on March 3, 2009


I know I promised you I’d grab some exclusive pics of the Mishka NYC x Ubiq pop up store, but I haven’t got round to it quite yet, so here’s some shots from the other ‘cool store opening of the week’, Super Bored (from Wrongwroks) over in Vancouver (1701 West 4th Ave).

Looks like a really great store, it’s a pity I can’t leave the country and re-enter under my visa, otherwise I probably would have made Vancouver a stop-off on my American odyssey, so I guess that these pics are as close as I’ll be getting to Super Bored.

More pics of the store and the opening party in the gallery.

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Apparently Chaunce launched a new women’s clothing line called Larkin, and whilst I can’t find any mention of it around the Chaunce site, I presume it exists since a few of the designs turned up at a recent party held jointly by Chaunce and Burton Snowboards.

Chaunce Clothing


2one5: Springtime Stickup

by Andy on March 27, 2008


Straight from their mailout:

Here’s the deal: You’re the one to run a stick-up on [ 2 one 5 ]. Instead of getting money, you’ll be saving a whole lot. No need for gun violence, robbing people, or purse snatching. We’ll be raising our hands and letting you scurry away with exclusive, special prices on the first arrivals from our Spring/Summer 08 apparel line including our Bandit hoodie and “double trouble” windrunners. As you’re saving those dead presidents, you might as well tip back a few glasses of free Chopin Vodka cocktails (from 7-9 pm) while chomping on complimentary appetizers courtesy of Alfa Restaurant. DJ Skeme will also be on hand to help you get sticky on the dance floor. Get on down to the Walnut Room, leave the violence at home by wearing your Demand Peace tee, and get ready for the Springtime Stick-Up! Bang! Bang!

* Thursday, March 27th
* The Walnut Room–1709 Walnut St, 2nd Floor
* Complimentary Chopin Vodka Cocktails 7-9 pm
* DJ Skeme

I was a little worried about what was going to happen when I opened up an e-mail with ‘Springtime Stickup’ as its title since all I hear about Philadelphia (2one5’s home) is that its the murder capital of America now, take that Washington DC!




I don’t really watch many horror movies anymore, not because I’m particularly scared of the content (I’m a man who proudly boasted in his Facebook status of my opinion that Sweeney Todd ‘wasn’t that gory’), just because there aren’t that many premises out there for horror movies that really appeal to me. One of the things that I don’t like about most t-shirt designs that attempt to appeal to horror fans is the way that they seem to be covered with blood splatters and unnecessarily gruesome images, its as if the designers are trying to create an offensive image that, to me, renders it unwearable in most everyday situations. Dance Party Massacre aren’t like that, if you’ll allow me to get poetic for a second, they’re like a breath of fresh air in a haunted house filled with the stench of stale blood (ooooh, dark!).


Let’s get this out of the way at the start, the face-mask glows in the dark. So you know that I’m gonna love this tee, and especially in the context that the thing that’s often so scary about horror movies is that you can’t see the scary thing, so DPM turned that concept on its head by making sure you can always see their object of terror. This design is typical of Dance Party Massacre’s style, they try and put ambiguity and angles for interpretation into each tee and this is no different. In their own words:

There’s evil out there, and in every slasher film it’s represented as the masked psychopath. This is our version of the boogeyman coming for us. And those hands inside of it—are they dancing, or reaching out for help?


In terms of quality, Dance Part Massacre manage to put out a pretty impressive package. In my envelope (I don’t know if they sent me any special freebies) there was the tee, a DPM printed plastic carrier bag, a load of promo postcards, a pin button, and a sticker. There’s big pics of all of them at the bottom of the post. The tee itself feels good, it doesn’t have a stock tag in it but I get the feeling that it might be AA, but I’m not too used to handling Large sized AA tees (no, I haven’t dropped the pounds yet, DPM don’t to up to XL yet) so I could be wrong. The print feels quality too, and I’ll be interested to see how the glow-in-the-dark treatment lasts with multiple washings.

Costiness=$28 Link

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