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Hydro74 and Mr Rocks at Design By Humans

by Mr Four Fingers on February 22, 2012

Post image for Hydro74 and Mr Rocks at Design By Humans
Alchemy Owl - Hydro74

Alchemy Owl - Hydro74


Symetric Wolf - Mr Rocks

Symetric Wolf - Mr Rocks

Symetric Wolf - Mr Rocks

By now everyone knows of the behemoth that is Design by Humans. Finding a good design on here is like wading through a swamp. But, spend some time trawling and some awesome designs rise to the surface. I recently purchased these two t-shirts (30% discount!) and hell am I chuffed.

First design is by Hydro 74 entitled Alchemy Owl and the second is by Mr Rocks entitled Symetricwolf. Both are a really good fit with tighter sleeves (check the pistols). However there is an odd line travelling down the centre of the wolf skulls face. This is either a msitake by printers or some lazy artworking.

Both t shirts are $20 from the DBH store. If you are shipping outside of USA, my advice is don’t get shafted for the faster delivery at $33 because I opted for the $11 2-3 week delivery and I received them in about a week.

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Black Stripes by Johnny Wombat

by Andy on January 16, 2010

This Argentinian brand don’t appear to have a store on their site (though they are in a few retail locations in their home country), which is a little frustrating because they have some really cool tees, perhaps if you e-mail them they’ll organise sending one out to you?

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Kiks Tyo x Manik Parka

by Andy on November 26, 2009




Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone reading this is going to part with $213 to buy this parka, but it does look mighty nice, doesn’t it?

Costiness=JPY18,900 (around $213) Available from Kiks Tyo (limited to 100 pieces)


Mescaleyes by Threyda

by Andy on November 3, 2009





Threyda are a new clothing line who look as if they’ve been doing this for years judging by how accomplished their designs look and the way that despite having a few different styles the tees are all brought together as what appears to be a pretty cohesive range. So, if you like the look of this tee, then it’s pretty likely that you’ll enjoy their other designs too. Also, from what I can tell, the tees come in boxes too, which is always fun for packaging fans.

Costiness=$29.95 For men, for women

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Space Invaders Cushions!

by Andy on September 29, 2009


You obviously can’t wear these, but my head pops up like a meerkat when I hear the words ‘space’ and ‘invaders’ said in very close proximity to one-another, and I know a lot of you are the same so there was no way I wasn’t going to give these cushions a quick mention. What you can’t tell from the picture above (but can see in the gallery), is that the actual aliens are made up of an alien pattern, further increasing the level of Space Invaders awesomeness in these cushions. It is $45 for a single patchwork cushion cover, so they aren’t particularly cheap, but I guess quite a lot of work goes into making a patchwork anything.

Costiness=$45 Available from VoodooRabbit’s Etsy store

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Avril Lavigne Out And About In Hollywood Avril Lavigne Out And About In Hollywood

I seemed to go through a phase of posting ‘Avril Lavigne wearing a hoodie looking pissed off at the paparazzi’ a while back but those posts tailed off when she ceased to release pop-pop-pop-punk tunes that I was embarrassed to enjoy listening to. I’ve got no idea who made the hoodie she’s so elegantly wearing, but I certainly do like the polka dot pattern on it.



If this particular hoodie doesn’t float your boat then make sure you check out the rest of the Electric Zombie store because there’s an awful lot of savings to be had on pretty much everything else. I’m not too hot on the ‘inside’ print (peep the gallery for that), but I like the way it contrasts in the hood with the black outer print. Actually, pretty much everything about this hoodie is done right. Contrast drawstring that matches up with the zipper, custom EZ zipper pull, and the print going all over the hood, it’s the trifecta of things I like to see when looking at a hoodie.

Costiness=$30 Available from Electric Zombie

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Dreamy Cloud Sweater at Fred Flare

by Andy on January 24, 2009


I thought I’d better point out that clouds don’t have to be sad all the time, and this lovely sweater seemed to be a pretty good opportunity to show that. You know what would be cool, if someone did the same thing, but instead of normal clouds, they made clouds that looked kinda like real things, like that game you play in the summer when you’ve got nothing better to do than lie on the grass (get a job, hippie!).

Costiness=$75 Buy this cloud sweater at Fred Flare

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I really like this design, the block of colour work really well against the black background, but I can’t help but think that in it’s present form it has the look of a t-shirt that you’d buy after a gig, you know what I mean?

I’d like to see the blocks taking up more real estate on the chest, so that the colour was a bit more dominant.

Costiness=$29.90 (on American Apparel, other options available) Buy it at MySoti

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Now that’s a long title!

I know that I’m showing you this hoodie with the ‘sketch’ side showing, but I actually prefer it with the black side showing and the sketch providing a nice bit of contrast on the hood lining, but I figured that it would look a bit boring in the picture, and the allover sketch print is really cool. It is a bit of a pity that the print is a pattern, I think this piece might have benefitted from being different all over and not having any repeating characters, it certainly would have been more interesting.

Details and inside-out in the gallery.

Costiness=£51.99 Buy the hoodie at Urban Retro

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P®LKAD©TS collection by Wrongwroks

by Andy on December 6, 2008

After an usually long amount of time between releases, Wrongwroks has dropped this great wind breaker, along with a matching backpack, tote bag, hat, and camera bag. Yes, you can cover your body from head to toe errr waist in polkadots!

I really like the look of all the items, but I don’t think I could quite pull off wearing them all at once. There’s lots of cool little touches on them, like the custom WR zippers, double thickness hood on the windbreaker (to help the hood stand up when you’re wearing it and not flap around), little ® and © symbols breaking up the pattern, and plenty of adjustable straps to keep everything tight.

I’ve put loads of more detailed shots into the gallery.

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Woodburners coat by Sitka from Hoodie People

by Andy on October 10, 2008

Okay, I’m going to try again with hoodie People (the people who sells hoodies), hopefully this time I’ll get the price right!

I love, love, love the brass clips closures that go over zip on this coat, they really add something to the overall look of this coat, I don’t know why, but I feel like the brass makes the coat seem as if would keep me warmer than if they weren’t there, enough though I know that makes no sense at all. The braided leather hood drawstring is a nice touch too.

Costiness=$143 (although when I bring it up in FireFox it tells me $72.14) Buy it at Hoodie People


The rest of the pics in this post are hidden behind a cut for reasons that will become obvious if you click through (hint: nipples), so if you’re at work it might not be a good idea to read the rest of this post… unless you work at Playboy.

If you can tear yourself away from the models, you’ll find that the clothes they’re almost wearing are actually pretty cool. This ‘micro collection’, as they’re calling it, was created by the French designer Akroe (site contains slowly flashing images; this post is filled with danger!), for the French label Six Pack.

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ZickZack by Yackfou

by Andy on August 7, 2008

Here’s a fun take on a pattern print from the Berliners at Yackfou, and as part of their summer sale season its reduced in price until August 12th. Every week they’re taking a couple of items from their store and putting them on sale, so check back each week if there’s something you’ve had your eye on but weren’t quite willing to part with your cash for.

Costiness=€39.90 hoodie Link


The Bandit hoodie by Cardboard Robot @ Karmaloop

See guys, I told you that I liked funnel hoodies!I’m not actually all that excited by the pattern on this piece, it kind of looks like you’ve already had it for years when you first get the parcel, and the way that they’ve tried to match up the two sides going across the zip is pretty lame, but for some reason I still like it overall. Possibly because if I were going to be a bandit, I probably would own an old hoodie, and I’d probably be too busy dealing with bandit related business to be concerned with the pattern not lining up across the zipper.

Costiness=$105 Link (here’s something new, you can get up to 20% off your order by using the rep code AS7594, amazing!)


Sleeper hoodie by Burton

I know I’ve written about the Burton Sleeper hoodie in the past, but when I on my trips to-and-from Hong Kong last month (and yes, I will stop mentioning it all the time… soon) and realised that the Sleeper hoodie might have eased the unpleasantness of 11+ hours in economy class (even with a new spare seat next to me). The problem I had with the original version was that it had a big outline of a plane on it, which I thought would look kinda silly when you were actually on a plane. This version has a load of passport stamps on it, which I guess I have the same problem with as the plane, but at least you’d actually need to be a lot closer to it to realise what the pattern is of.

For those who are unaware, the sleeper hoodie is cool because of this:

No more crying babies, stiff neck, lost tickets, swampy arm pits or annoying fluorescent lights in your face. Inflate the integrated neck pillow in the hood, pull down the hood¿s light shield, crank up your new age mix or pop in your ear plugs, then pop some sleeping pills. Next stop nirvana. Travel as you know it will never be the same.

* 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester with all over tonal passport print. – Interior Jersey Lining
* Removable, Inflatable Neck Pillow
* Snap Out Light Shield
* Removable Eye Mask
* New! Travel Toothbrush Included
* Change and Key’s Pocket
* Zippered, Internal Passport and Ticket Pocket
* Sound Pocket with Headphone Cable – Hidden Stash Pocket with Ear Plugs
* Cuff Thumb Holes
* Pit Zips
* Custom Zipper Pull

Awesome, right?

Costiness=$100 Link

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The Teleportation by Insight @ Karmaloop

by Andy on March 10, 2008

The teleportation hoody by Insight @ Karmaloop

I know that I’m 3 months too late, or about 9 months early, but when I look at this hoodie I’m immediately reminded of looking at Christmas lights strung around the tree. Obviously, that isn’t the look that Insight are going for, but with a fairly abstract design such as this, I don’t think that it really matters, what you think it represents that matters a lot more.Costiness=$60 Link (use rep code AS7594 for up to 20% off your order)


Gun Show by Rogue Status @ Mauve Online

by Andy on March 6, 2008

Gun Show hoody by Rogue Status @ Mauve Online

Okay, I know that this hoodie is ‘kinda’ expensive, but please consider that I’ve just got back from a city where it felt like there was a Chanel or Louis Vuitton store on every corner, and you can understand why I think this hoodie is pretty good value.

The colourway really appeals to me on this one, and the pattern is pretty cool too, I guess its one of those items that you’re either going to love or hate (guns are a turn off for a lot of people I’d guess), so there isn’t much point me babbling on about it.

Costiness=$170 Link

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The Pop Zip by CTRL @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 15, 2008

the pop zip hoodie by CTRL Clothing @ Karmaloop

I’ve mentioned CTRL a few times on the blog before, and whilst I don’t think that this is one of their strongest pieces, the patterns on the lettering are pretty cool, and this hoodie is currently (at time of writing) about $50 instead of $80, which certainly isn’t a saving to scoff at.

Costiness=$50.40 Link (use rep code AS7594 to get up to 20% off your order, even on sale items like this)


For the love of emo!

by Andy on March 24, 2006


She is actually wearing her heart(s) on her sleeve(s), on her sleeve(s)!Joking aside it’s cool to see Red Canary breaking away from the norm and producing something out of the ordinary. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hoody which had nothing on the torso and printed sleeves, but then again I have only been blogging hoodies for two months. The hearts are pixelated too, so it’s a bit retro too, I guess it might make you feel as if your arms are 1UP icons from a NES game, and by hugging someone you give them more life? Did I work out the meaning Red Canary? Was I even close?

They also do a sumo version which is arguably more of a design triumph, but writing about hearts is so much easier.

Costiness=$60 heart hoody here.


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