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akomplice magic plant collection

Akomplice do seem to put out a lot of stuff, don’t the? Just last week we were talking about their hat and tees for Valentine’s and now here they are with a whole new collection featuring plants & patterns. There’s a lot of really wearable designs here, it’s not exactly the subject matter that you’d usually associate with a streetwear label but it works really well.

For their latest capsule collection, Akomplice takes a scientific field study approach with a botany twist in the form of the Magic Plant Series. Each item within the collection is individually hang-tagged with the botany handbook, illustrating the genus and species of each of these plants. The collection is comprised of t-shirts, crewneck pullovers, floral field jackets, 5-panel hats and even a skate deck. Each item is listed as either a stimulant, psychoactive, opiate or euphoria. The collection sports the same distinct floral print Akomplice used for their Holiday collaboration with X-Large, in a new, nice contrasting colorway. The floral print ranges from subtle accents on the contrast pocket tees to an all-over print on the field jacket, shorts and 5-panel cap. While floral print may be en vogue, Akomplice takes a novel approach to it as each of the flowers in the Magic Plant Series possess special chemical compounds. Akomplice constantly seeks to traverse the trail less traveled both literally and figuratively, a trait communicated thoughtfully through this distinct collection which could be described as hippy inspired street wear. All photographs were composed by British bred Farmer Dobbs.


Pweye Slim-fit tees for women [Submitted]

by Andy on September 4, 2012

Post image for Pweye Slim-fit tees for women [Submitted]

Eco-friendly duo from Cadiz, Pweye have added two more slimfit t-shirts to the range. The brand was released in January this year and features unique original designs on EarthPositive tees.

Andy: Cool looking tees printed on t-shirts that are actually good for the planet? I’m in! Important to note that they do sell t-shirts for guys too, but that the two tees pictured are newly available on slim-fit lady-shaped shirts.


Post image for 8-bit meets Islamic Patterns on T-shirts at Bridging the Gap

Rob from Bridging the Gap got in touch to let us know about the first two shirts that they’ve released in their “Eight Bit” series, which is inspired by Islamic geometirc patterns and ‘third generation computer games’, which I’m going to take as meaning “games from an era when you could become emotionally attached to 12 pixels.”

It’s certainly an interesting concept and I think it works really nicely, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next. The shirts are American Apparel printed with water-based inks, all orders will be shipped with a free and exclusive mix tape from Count Chocula (who I presume is a cool DJ I’ve not heard of), and the shirts are signed and numbered to show which of the limited edition of 60 pieces you received.


Post image for “Nanna’s Wallpaper” t-shirt by Our Kid Apparel

Yes, most of our Grandma’s have poor choice (to our tastes) when it comes to wallpaper, but I think that it can make for a pretty nifty patterned t-shirt. Our Kid are a new t-shirt brand coming from Sheffield here in the UK, and whilst their range isn’t massive at the moment they have got a few Tasty Tees so worth checking out.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Our Kid Apparel


Pale Horse Design – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on July 31, 2012

Pale Horse

I’m not sure what you would imagine seeing from a name called Pale Horse but I can assure you it will be unexpected and oh so marvelously colourful. I recently contacted Chris the super talented tour de force behind Pale Horse Design and asked if it would be cool to do a review. Quick of the mark Chris delivered me two t-shirts to review and hell I can’t be any more excited. [click to continue…]


Cool pocket tees from Heft

by Andy on March 3, 2012

heft pocket t-shirts

The humble pocket tee doesn’t really get a lot of love nowadays, possibly because everyone has worked out that the pocket isn’t particularly functional on a cotton t-shirt, but I quite like the idea of reinventing the item with the pocket being made the centre of attention. Heft is a new brand (only launched on Thursday) from one of the guys who works at UK streetwear giant Urban Industry, but it’s important to note that the two aren’t really connected, though Sean (Heft’s founder) will be using the Urban Industry shipping system to ensure that postage costs are kept low and secure, so customers will get the benefits of their system with the feel good factor of buying from a guy with a dream of selling t-shirts with cool patterned pockets on them.

The tees are £24.99 each and available now at Heft.


graph paper t-shirt by pop junkie

Pop Junkie, congrats, you’ve made a couple of mighty wearable tees right there. These shirts are a collaboration with an art blog called The Strange Attractor, which I’d never heard of before, but now very much recommend that you check out, there’s some beautiful stuff on there. The shirts are $24 each and available now.


“Astroid” t-shirt by Pattern & Shape

by Andy on January 22, 2011

pattern t-shirt

I’m going to presume that ‘astroid’ is an intentional misspelling.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Pattern & Shape

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LTD Tee by MWM

It’s fair to say that I wasn’t particularly enamoured with the box set that LTD Tee had for sale last week, but thankfully that isn’t the case this week, as this ‘vectorfunk’ design is much more pleasing to me, and you can even get 30% off the $24.99 regular price by using the coupon code ONEWEEK. As ever, you can pick up the package for a week, and it includes the t-shirt, an 8×10 archival print, the custom printed box, and some stickers too.


train t-shirts from seatshirt

Judging by that title, you’d think that these tees would be incredibly boring, but in reality they’re actually pretty cool, which is probably because Seatshirt scoured the planet looking for trainlines which didn’t have depressing patterns on their seats. The tees (there are three in the series) are, as the graphic suggests, are currently on pre-sale with 15% off, which is €28, not exactly the cheapest tee ever, but at least there’s a good concept behind it, they’re fairtrade certified, and printed on 100% organic cotton.

In case you’re thinking it, yes, I think I have written about this company before, but I can’t find it using the search, so it must have been a while.


Origin68 T-Shirt

My favourite bunch of tee selling Mancs, Origin68, recently rehashed their website, and mighty fine it looks too. They also released a couple of new tees, and this is one of them, looks good, right?

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Origin68


Space Invaders Cushions!

by Andy on September 29, 2009


You obviously can’t wear these, but my head pops up like a meerkat when I hear the words ‘space’ and ‘invaders’ said in very close proximity to one-another, and I know a lot of you are the same so there was no way I wasn’t going to give these cushions a quick mention. What you can’t tell from the picture above (but can see in the gallery), is that the actual aliens are made up of an alien pattern, further increasing the level of Space Invaders awesomeness in these cushions. It is $45 for a single patchwork cushion cover, so they aren’t particularly cheap, but I guess quite a lot of work goes into making a patchwork anything.

Costiness=$45 Available from VoodooRabbit’s Etsy store

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BAM by Tom Lovell for EIO Clothing

by Andy on September 18, 2009

Eio Clothing - Mens & Womens - Fashion & Clothing - Excess Is Ok_1253188347719

I don’t know who Tom Lovell is, but I now know that he can design a damn good looking t-shirt. It kind of reminds me of the Concrete Hermit Logo Pattern tee, and that is in no way a bad thing.

Costiness=£24.95 Available from EIO Clothing


EIO’s new website is AOK

by Andy on September 19, 2008

EIO Clothing, who you may well have noticed started advertising on HYA a couple of days ago (and isn’t it a pretty ad?), have just launched their freshly designed website. Considering they’re called ‘Excess is OK’ the website is pretty minimal, but I like it, everything is within easy reach and the look follows EIOs signature style.

They’ve also released a new collection of tees and hoodies that are very much worth a look.

EIO Clothing


The (Pattern) Battle is over at Allmightys

by Andy on August 26, 2008

Allmightys are rapidly turning into my favourite European design competition, they’ve got the quality, the community, the artists, and I just get a generally good feeling about them. Their latest themed competition was based around patterns. As you can probably tell from the gallery above, the winners were a pretty diverse bunch, branching off from what I’d consider a pattern by a few degrees, but still creating clever designs that are undeniably patterns. My pick ‘o the bunch is actually the Gold Prize winner of the contest, Slum, a great colourway and beautifully illustrated, bravo, darruda!



Das Monk are AOK

by Andy on July 8, 2008


Das Monk are a graphic t-shirt label based in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. It’s pretty hard to nail down exactly what their style is, because they’ve got a couple of designs like the one above, but they also have photo style design, comic book art, pattern, hand-drawn (I realise all designs are hand-drawn, but you know what I mean, right?), and even a tee that has a play around with some text. They’ve got a solid line-up of designs, quite a few of them are simpler than the one pictured above, AOK, and quite a few of them are in the shape de rigeur of a large rectangular print.I’m sure that when you heard that Das Monk were from Australia sky-high shipping prices crossed your mind, well, if you purchase two of their tees (which are all produced using 100% organic cotton) then you’ll get free shipping no matter where you are in the world.Das Monk


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