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A hoodie with ears on it!

by Andy on November 19, 2009


Even though the chances of me wearing this are slim to none (and not just because this is in womens sizes), I still get a little bit giddy when I see a hoodie that has ears on it that isn’t for kids, I think it’s because I know that an adult shouldn’t really be wearing something quite so silly, even Karmaloop‘s usually mirthless model can’t help but smile at this piece.

Costiness=$45 Paul Frank Hoodie available from Karmaloop

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This hoodie is very cool, and has that typical Paul Frank cheekiness about it. You know how you want to listen to music when you’re wandering around, but you have to mess around with the cable from the headphones so that it isn’t dangling around, well this hoodies solves those issues by having a headphone jack in the pocket and earbuds at the end of the drawstrings. My first thought when I saw this was “how do you wash it?” It says on the product page that the hoodie is ‘machine washable’ so clearly that’s been taken into consideration. I doubt that you’ll be getting the same sound quality out of these earbuds as with a pair of badass Skullcandy ones like mine, but come on, the headphones are in the drawstrings, how cool is that!?

Coatiness=$36 Available from


I’ll be blunt

by Andy on February 16, 2006

1328021BLKzoom1I’m sure posting an item by a big-name designer is kinda counter-productive for the blog’s ideology, but I call ‘em like I see ‘em, so todays designer is… Paul Frank.

Name checked by Kaitlin ‘is definitely 14‘ & Marissa ‘how much more crap could happen in her life’ Cooper in the O.C. a couple of weeks back, he’s probably now experiencing a Death Cab-esque indie backlash (whilst sitting in a hot tub full of money), but I don’t really mind, because that hoody over there looks good.

I may be a strat kind of a guy, but I’d allow myself to wear a bass, it has that really simple hand-drawn style to it, kind of like wearing an idea rather than a product.

Costiness= $58 from Karmaloop, use the voucher code ICE to get free shipping in the U.S. ($5 off shipping for international orders). $58 ain’t that bad, I dunno what Kaitlin was on about saying they couldn’t afford it, they’ll be living with Dr Roberts in a couple of weeks anyway!

*EDIT* more money-saving goodness, get a $10 gift voucher for joining their mailing-list.


Picked this morning

by Andy on February 1, 2006

Jamespo posted about Fresh Cotton earlier this month and I do like what they have on offer there, buuuut, their site is flash, so I can’t offer you any pictorial goodness to distract you from my obscure and excessive use of commas, and brackets (they’re in, like, every sentence). From what I can tell, Fresh cotton is based in Holland, since it’s Dutch/English language, and they have their own line of products, but they also sell products by other designers, such as Soul Rebel and On the Moon. They also do some more mainstream labels (D&G, Paul Frank, Pornstar). Their prices are on the less desirable side of my costiness-o-meter, but as their F.A.Q says, life in Britain is expensive, so you’d would be making a saving overall.

The Seth Cohen set should click their way to the mens sweat and purchase the squirrel sweater immediately (what’s the deal with Seth smoking weed anyway, what a random plot fork).


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