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Peace & Ice Cream launch a new site

by Andy on January 25, 2012

peace & ice cream Peace and Ice Cream got in touch a few days ago to let me know that they launched a new site. Since I’d never heard of them before means that their having a new site means nothing to me, but their site does look good so well done to them, though it might be a good idea to change their homepage title from ‘Volusion Demo Store.’

They have some really cool designs, all very wearable, I especially like the style of their logo tee, it really fits with their aesthetic and seems to encapsulate the brand. I look at the designs, the people they got for the model shots (which are charmingly non-professional whilst still showing the tees well) and I just think, “these guys seem really nice, I wish I was friends with them.” If your website gives me that feeling, you’re doing pretty well in my bookblog.


Introducing Peace & Ice Cream, a t-shirt company devoted to inspiring people to do “what makes them happy.” Check out our brand new line of T-shirts, including some art and music inspired designs. Free shipping until Jan. 2012!

Andy: Thanks for the submission.

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