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There’s not really much I need to say about this one, no coupon needed to get free worldwide shipping at Phenum Clothing until June 15th, they’re a pretty premium label when it comes to shirt prices so it’s good to see them offering any kind of discount.


A couple of cool new tees from Phenum

by Andy on April 28, 2013

Sure, I don’t understand them, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to wear them.

They’re limited to 50 pieces each and are €30 at Phenum now.


When I see that Phenum have released something new I usually have high hopes and as usual they’ve delivered with some lovely artwork by Fred Quemener on this black tee. My French isn’t perfect, but I am fairly sure that this shirt was made in Spain and printed in France, good to see it all been done locally, and is limited to 100 pieces, which I think goes towards explaining the premium €35 price tag.


tete d'oeuf t-shirt by phenum

I don’t really understand “TÊTEDOEUF by BREST BREST BREST” but I do like it.

Costiness=€30 Buy it at Phenum


A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

by Andy on September 25, 2012

Post image for A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

Very nice, very nice indeed. Limited to 100 pieces and available for €30 each.



A couple of new shirts from PHENÜM

by Andy on February 20, 2012

PHENÜM t-shirts

My favourite of these two recent releases from Phenum is that logo shirt, I know that style is a little played out at the moment since it feels like everyone is doing it, but they have at least put a little twist on it and it’s a look that works (otherwise people wouldn’t be doing it). Logo tee is 28€ and the face tee, made in collaboration with artists Fred Quemener is 30€, a little more than I’d like to see but as someone who has driven through France many times I realise that clothing in France isn’t cheap.


pokemon t-shirt

I hope you guys all enjoyed Christmas and the New Year, it was a great break for me not thinking about t-shirts (much) and enjoying guilt-free eating. Good luck to everyone in 2012!

TeeFury have a Pokemon t-shirt that I don’t understand.

RIPT drop a Harry Potter-insipred shirt.
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