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Dead Mouse: Right on Trend

by Andy on March 21, 2013

Big photo tees are hot in the UK right now, and it’s easy to see why, they look cool and are a lot easier to get right with the improvements in printing technology over the past few years. Dead Mouse tees don’t just sell tees with attractive women on them (not that I don’t enjoy looking at them), but also have some interesting shirts with vintage comic style designs and also the ever popular Mexican-style skull (there’s a proper name for it, but I can’t remember the term, so it’s possible that I’m being unintentionally racist by describing a design style as Mexican). It’s a really solid foundation for the brand to be launching from and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

As an added bonus there’s also free UK deliver on all orders as standard, so you’re saving a few quid there and it’s nice to know that what you see is what you pay on these £24.95 t-shirts.


seventyseven t-shirts

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to photo tees, but this latest collection from Seventyseven is a very fine example of the genre indeed. Each tee is priced at £25, and a few of the designs are also available as crew neck sweatshirts for £45, because Seventyseven clearly have as much faith in the British Summer as I do.

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Rick Nunn x Vapour Photo Series T-shirts

by Andy on September 16, 2011

rick nunn x vapour clothing

photo tees are big right now and I’m not surprised, I imagine that even some of my snaps would make for a good tee, but if you’re a tee brand it probably makes more sense to get someone who knows what they’re doing, such as Rick Nunn who produced the artwork on these tees.

Vapour Clothing have launched a ‘featured photographer series‘, which I presume to mean that there will be more photographers and more t-shirts being released in the future. Really cool shirts as I’m sure you can tell, although presumably if you don’t like Camden or the London Underground then you aren’t going to that excited about this release. Shirts are £25 a piece and available now.


the shining movie t-shirt

I have no idea why they’ve added the glasses to this picture (they are added, right?), but I think it gives the shirt a twist that makes you give it a second look, and it’s a pretty good image for a tee to start with. That mockup is a little bit shady though, show us the real thing!

Costiness=£19.99 Buy it at Zest Clothing


Limerence – really, really cool tees

by Andy on January 6, 2011

limerence photo t-shirt

It’s pretty rare that a t-shirt company stops me in my tracks (whatever that means, I sit at a desk about 10 hours a day), but Limerence did just that when I saw their designs. When I said a few posts back that I thought 2011 would be the year of the photo tee I was kind of joking, but just a few hours later my prophecy is coming true!*

Sure, they’ve got four shirts in the store, one is a logo shirt (a nice logo shirt, but still), and one is the name set onto photos which is cool though still a bit logo-y for my liking, but the other two are utterly stunning, I’m almost considering bookmarking the Addictive Love for a ‘best of 2011′ post that I will inevitably ‘forget’ to write next December when the lure of mince pies and mulled wine becomes too great. The shirts themselves are produced in the US, but I’m not sure what brand of blank is being used, I do know that the inks are eco-friendly though, so this shirt doesn’t melt the ice caps quite as much as many others do.

For a bit of background, Limerence is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is also known as where all those Amish folks come from. Doug, the guy behind Limerence sources all the material for his designs from vintage managzines like a 1950s copy of LIFE or his parents yearbooks, or newspaper clipping, basically anything from before 1974. I’m not really sure where that puts him in terms of copyright law and I’m not going to pretend to have any idea about that kind of thing, but hopefully the images have been manipulated enough for them to be okay in the eyes of the law. It’s funny how willing people are to accept possible copyright infringement when cool tees are involved!

Their website could do with a bit more to it though, it’s just a Big Cartel storefront at the moment. There’s not really anything wrong with that, but they’ve clearly done a photoshoot, and Doug can clearly write judging by the e-mail he sent me, so why not pad out the site a bit more?

*2011 will also be the year of me getting a Ferrari and penthouse apartment in New York, in that case.

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Crash photo t-shirt by CX City

by Andy on June 23, 2010

crash wave photo t-shirt by CX City

You all know that I’ve got something of a soft spot for photo tees, when they’re done well and printed correctly they can be stunning, though it doesn’t take much to turn a great photo tee into a terrible one. Thankfully, this effort from CX City is pretty damn sweet, they’ve picked a great photo.

Costiness=$22.95 Buy it at CX City


Oh Snap! Photo t-shirts on sale

Tees knocked down from $30 to $19.50. I know that $19.50 isn’t particularly cheap for a t-shirt, but Oh Snap! make some damn good looking tees, so just be glad that you can get one for $10.50 off. The sale is described as ‘making room for vol. 3′ so who knows when it’s going to end. I sure don’t!


A couple of my friends from Philly recently shipped over a bottle of ROOT, Art in the Age‘s organic liquor, which they cleverly described as a candle to avoid getting caught by customs, so I thought I’d see if there was anything new happening tee-wise with AITA. I don’t really know if this tee is new, but I certainly like it, and I haven’t posted a photo-tee in a long time.

Costiness=$34 Buy it at Art in the Age


enjoy yourself t-shirt

Cheer Up! Clothing are a new company to me, in fact they might just be new in general, but they’ve got a lot of cool tees (and jumpers) that made the process of picking a tee to post pretty tough, so you’ll want to click on through and check out the rest of the site. What put this tee over the top for me was the the fact that it’s a photo tee, and they turn me as weak as I was on Tuesday night after climbing this mountain.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Cheer Up! Clothing


Treeline by Prestigious

by Andy on March 16, 2010

photo t-shirt by Prestigious

Prestigious have put out a really strong new line recently, the whole thing is very wearable, but I think that this one is my favourite of the bunch, probably because of my soft spot for photo tees is about as tough as warm butter.

Costiness=$22 Ladies/Gentlemen

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fixed gear bike cycling t-shirts

I can see why people are so passionate about their fixies, but at the same time, gears… they do make things quite a lot easier…

Costiness=€30 Buy it at Aurora Collective

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Centerfold by Frank & Jan

by Andy on January 14, 2010

I haven’t got a clue what the text says, but this tee is achingly cool, I love it, the only thing that would stop me from wearing it would be if the text said “the dude wearing this is a total tool.” Actually, I’d just say I was wearing it ironically and I’d probably be able to get away with it.

Costiness=$24 Available from Frank & Jan [via Fat Seagull]


Rocky, Running by Local Celebrity

by Andy on November 20, 2009


I will grant you that this is a fairly standard design, there’s not really much to a still from a film and a logo, but there’s something about Rocky that makes me feel like it should just be given a pass, and even though it isn’t the kind of shirt that the ‘t-shirt guy’ should be wearing (being a ‘t-shirt guy’ is a lot like indie music, if everyone understands your shirts, there’s no point wearing them) I like it. Also, I was folding some Local Celebrity tees a couple of days ago and I was amazed at how soft they were and how well they’d stood up to multiple washes.

Oh, and just because I pretty much have to mention this, one of the times I visited the Rocky Steps/Steps up to the Art Museum, there was a guy in the full Rocky outift running up the steps. It. Was. Awesome.

Costiness=$30 ($24 for A-List members) Available from Local Celebrity


Not the Teeth! by Arkaik Clothing

by Andy on October 4, 2009


This design is absolutely fantastic, it’s almost insulting that I can’t spend more time talking about how much I like it. If you’re looking for a discount code, and why the hell wouldn’t you be, use FML to get 20% off your order.

Costiness=$24.99 Available from Arkaik Clothing


Teen Dream by Another Enemy at 80s Purple

by Andy on October 1, 2009


I’m a sucker for photo tees (done right) and cute girls, this tee is like crack for me.

Costiness=$21 Available from 80s Purple [via Rumplo]


UFO T-Shirt by Sixpack France

by Andy on September 9, 2009


I must be on a bit of a photo tees kick at the moment because they’ve certainly been getting posted more often than usual, but when they look this damn good who am I to resist? (do I smell a photo tee list coming on?)

Costiness=€33.50 Available from Sixpack [via Rumplo]


Downtown LA by Obey at Karmaloop

by Andy on September 9, 2009

downtown la womens tee by obey JOTBDLA-DCHAzoom2

How long has it been since I mentioned something from Karmaloop? Obviously, we could find that out pretty easy with a search, or the Karmaloop categorym or just clicking on the Karmaloop tag at the bottom of this post, but that would ruin my rhetorical question pointing out how long it had been since I mentioned the streetwear powerhouse. Ahhh, overanalysing stuff never ruins it.

Seriously, how ridiculously large is L.A. and how hard is it to get around when you don’t have a car? And how much do you get burned when you walk around LA without sunscreen on for a day? The answer to all those questions, as I found when I was there, is a lot.

Costiness=$44 Available from Karmaloop

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Dandelions by Rakes & Strays

by Andy on September 8, 2009

Rakes & Strays™ - Dandelions - Mens - Rakes and Strays represents a sympathy with the past; of tailored garments, distressed materials and hand-drawn and painted works of art_1252338505018

I think I might have fallen a little bit in love with Rakes & Strays, the new sister brand to EIO Clothing. They’ve got some of the most beautiful photo tees I’ve ever seen ever, ever, and because I know the EIO crew are behind it, I know the quality is going to be up there with the best of them. If Dandelions aren’t really your thing but you’re still after a photo tee, may I recommend Heavens Below, are pretty much anything else in their shop. Some designs are also available with a V-neck for those of you with bodies chiseled from granite, and all the designs are available in sizes for the ladies.

Costiness=£29.95 Available from Rakes & Strays (damn, I’ve just noticed it’s sold out in all but size small, but make sure you click through and check out some other designs)

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The Sighting by IronSpider Clothing

by Andy on July 28, 2009


I was so, so ready to fall in love with this tee to the point of actually paying for it (which is a severe rarity at this point considering how many people are willing to clothe me with samples, thanks all!)… and then I saw the text at the top left.

The text, for me, simply isn’t necessary. I actually quite like the font that they’ve used, it’s pretty cool, but it really takes something away from what is otherwise a very strong design.

Costiness=$20/$23 Mens/Womens



This is the 3rd time this week that I’ve mentioned Threadless, sorry Thread-haters, but I’ve got a photo-tee itch that the above tee has done a very good job of scratching. I do really like the shirt, in the same way that I like all meaningless tees that look as if they have deep meaning, but it seems a little odd that the bumper sticker isn’t a really bumper sticker, it’s photoshopped, right?

Costiness=$25 Buy it at the Select Series subsite of Threadless

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