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One of the interesting things about Sevenly supporting a different charity each week is that it means we get to find out about causes that may have otherwise passed us by. This week they are raising money for the Sweet Nectar Society, a new organization that has brought together talented photographers in California to take photographs of children that are undergoing treatment for serious illnesses and injuries so provide their family with beautifully shot long lasting memories of their child. It’s not the kind of thing that you immediately think of when you think of charity, there’s no one in a lab trying to cure cancer, but it’s a service that would be really invaluable to those that receive it.


Post image for New AW’12 Lookbook from Street Casuals shows the delightful British seaside

The funny thing about this new lookbook from Street Casuals showing off their brands is meant to be a taste of ‘Winter by the sea’, which in Britain tends to be a fairly grim affair, especially since we had about one week of Summer this year, so they must have done the photoshoot in the past month or so and the sea still didn’t look that inviting. Cool clothes though!


seventyseven t-shirts

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to photo tees, but this latest collection from Seventyseven is a very fine example of the genre indeed. Each tee is priced at £25, and a few of the designs are also available as crew neck sweatshirts for £45, because Seventyseven clearly have as much faith in the British Summer as I do.

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joanna robb t-shirt

This is the latest tee from Vapour Clothing’s ongoing series of collaborative t-shirts featuring photographers and their work. This photo was chosen by Vapour from Joanna Robb’s portfolio and I think it makes for a pretty nifty tee.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Vapour Clothing


Four fun new shirts from Busted Tees

by Andy on April 7, 2012

busted tees

Pretty solid week from BustedTees, the Talkboy takes me back, the Greendale design is based on one of my favourite TV shows, the Slugworth shirt is based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the photography shirt is just delightful (and let’s me cram a mention of Rigu into this post).

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USB Flash t-shirt

Sorry that the roundup is so late today, I had to go and pick up my cousin at the airport, and the airport is kind of far away.

Does anyone really like USB flash drives enough to buy this shirt from TeeFury.
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dreamer camera strap

I’ve been talking about this new project quite openly on Twitter and Facebook over the past month or so, but things never really feel official until I’ve talked about them here on the main blog. Hide Your Arms is my passion, and it’s practically my job too, but when I say practically a job I mean that it doesn’t generate enough income to maintain my expensive lifestyle of eating one takeaway a week and swimming in cold lakes. Fortunately I like more than just t-shirts, so I thought it was time to do something else, and that’s where Rigu comes in.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what your camera looks like, the things that come with it tend to be grey or black or generally boring? I have, I have a white DSLR, clearly it’s a cry for attention, but looking at it made me wonder why there weren’t people out there selling colourful and interesting accessories for cameras. Why do we all accept that there are millions of t-shirts out there to suit your style but we have to stick with what Canon or Nikon put in the box as an afterthought?

So instead of thinking about it I did something about it, and I’ve opened a shop selling cool and colourful camera straps and a few other accessories. The selection isn’t massive at the moment but will be steadily growing over the next few months. In time I hope that Rigu will be able to offer straps and camera bags that have been designed in collaboration with artists. That’s something that’s never been done before (as far a I know), and I am looking into making it happen, it sure is exciting to be a pioneer.

I don’t want to go on about it too much but if you have questions then you know how to get in touch with me (contact form, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, comments on this post). I of course would love to receive any and all comments about this new venture of mine, I want/need it to be big, and to do that I will be needing help and support from others. Take a look around and let me know what you think. Please note that in spite of opening this shop HYA should not be effected too much, I still intend to post just as much as usual, I believe that I can balance the two.

Check out the main shop at Rigu.
Find it on Twitter.
Like it on Facebook.
Rigu is also sharing cool photos and news on Tumblr.


“Flash Camera! t-shirt by Dr. UEEE

by Andy on November 10, 2011

polaroid camera t-shirt

I like the design on this shirt by Spanish company Dr. UEEE, but I feel that they’ve tarnished the experience somewhat with the edition of that large registered symbol (I wonder whether their designs are actually registered trademarks) and also putting their name and a tagline underneath it. It cheapens the tee for me, if people like your shirt they will ask where you got it from, the name doesn’t need to be written on for all to see. It’s disappointing because I really do like the design (and the rest of their designs too), but it’s a total turn off for me.

Costiness=19€ Buy it at Dr. UEEE


photography t-shirt

Whilst I do have a keen interest in photography, my knowledge of the technical side of things is still fairly low, so I’m not entirely sure whether the ‘sunny 16 rule’ found on this shirt at RedBubble is accurate, but it is a cool shirt for photographers.

Costiness=£19.58 Buy it at RedBubble


Rick Nunn x Vapour Photo Series T-shirts

by Andy on September 16, 2011

rick nunn x vapour clothing

photo tees are big right now and I’m not surprised, I imagine that even some of my snaps would make for a good tee, but if you’re a tee brand it probably makes more sense to get someone who knows what they’re doing, such as Rick Nunn who produced the artwork on these tees.

Vapour Clothing have launched a ‘featured photographer series‘, which I presume to mean that there will be more photographers and more t-shirts being released in the future. Really cool shirts as I’m sure you can tell, although presumably if you don’t like Camden or the London Underground then you aren’t going to that excited about this release. Shirts are £25 a piece and available now.


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along t-shirt

Sorry I missed the daily tee roundup yesterday, I was at the Westmorland County Show (which is funny because Westmorland hasn’t been a county since before I was born), hopefully we didn’t miss any amazing shirts.

TeeFury are giving us a shirt based on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along today, I haven’t seen it so I have no idea what the shirt is about, but the design is pretty nice. $10 today only.

Today RIPT are selling a shirt called ‘Untitled Madness’ which sounds like the name an art student would give their piece when they can’t think of a good name for it. I’m not a fan of this shirt, it feels a bit generic in the way that it covers all the bases in terms of design elements; skull, birds, tree roots, random circles. There’s nothing wrong with liking all that stuff of course, but it’s not for me.

‘Cat-At loves you’ is one of the better shirts that Nowhere Bad have offered recently, really cute style. $12 for the shirt this weekend.

‘Princess Daiana’ is a very cool shirt from Loviu today, and I really like the way that it the colour palette is CMYK, that’s a nice touch. €12 for the rest of today then €22 in the catalogue.

‘Fish Fingers & Custard’ is on sale at Qwertee for the next couple of days. I presume that this is a Doctor Who reference to Amy Pond?

The Yetee have been impressing me with their releases, I don’t know much about them but they do seem to have cool designs, and that’s all I’m interested in really. This Star Fox shirt is available for $11 for the next 4 days.

‘Cell Division’, ha, you crack me up sometimes Shirt.Woot.

‘Pug and Play’ has a cool style to it, and I think that this Tilteed shirt might mark the first time I’ve featured designers from Hungary, so that’s a new thing. Shirt $12 for the next few hours, then it’s gone.

There’s a surprisingly large amount of Big Lebowski shirts out there really, I know it’s a cult film, but it gets a lot more t-shirt attention than I expected. You can pick up this shirt at TeeMinus24 for $13 today.


kim jongil hates Mondays

I feel a bit bad posting about anything to do with North Korea when people living there will never have the chance to use the internet, or see HYA because they live in such a closed off country ruled by a terrible dictator who will leave the country upon his death to another terrible dictator. But hey, Kim Jong-Il hates Mondays too, ha!

Costiness=SGD$32 Buy it at Less Than Positive


fluent flyers t-shirt

I got a white Pentax K-x for Christmas, so my interest in photography has been reawakened (which will hopefully rub off on HYA), though I’ve actually been reading Photojojo since it’s early days, and I found this shirt on their Tumblr. The tee comes from Fluent Flyers, who are new to me (probably because they only launched on Monday) but I’m glad I found them because they’ve got some seriously cool stuff in their shop, definitely worth checking out, I’ve bookmarked a few things already.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Fluent Flyers


The Photojojo Camera Strap Tee

by Andy on November 18, 2010

camera strap t-shirt

It feels to me as if Photojojo has moved away from its original aims and become far more of a shop nowadays, but it’s a cool shop that sells cool camera things, so I’ll let it slide… it’d be nice if the print went back around the neck though.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Photojojo


The Ugmonk Lookbook

by Andy on October 21, 2010

ugmonk lookbook

Normally, I wouldn’t mention a lookbook, but this one from HYA-faves Ugmonk is just too damned gorgeous not to share.

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get closer photography t-shirt

I really like the simplicity of this design, and the way that the style makes me smile and just ‘get’ the meaning behind the text.

Costiness=$35 Buy it at 2k by Gingham

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Crash photo t-shirt by CX City

by Andy on June 23, 2010

crash wave photo t-shirt by CX City

You all know that I’ve got something of a soft spot for photo tees, when they’re done well and printed correctly they can be stunning, though it doesn’t take much to turn a great photo tee into a terrible one. Thankfully, this effort from CX City is pretty damn sweet, they’ve picked a great photo.

Costiness=$22.95 Buy it at CX City


Camera Crackup by ReThink Clothing

by Andy on May 21, 2010

camera t-shirt

Personally, I’d be happier to see this tee without the ReThink text on the upper left, but the level of branding could be much worse, and I know that brands needs to get their name out there, and yes, I’m a total hypocrite about these things.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at ReThink Clothing

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Our buddies pver at Seventh.Ink clearly want to see more people wearing their tees. I can understand that, like I said last week, it feels damn good to see people wearing the HYA tee, even if the only people I’ve seen wearing it so far are people that I hang out with, so far I haven’t seen a random person wearing a HYA shirt, but rest assured, if and when I do, I will surely freak out and shower that random person with gifts.

To qualify for Seventh.Ink’s Photo Contest all you have to do is take a cool picture of yourself wearing at Seventh.Ink tee and post it to their Flickr Fan Group. If your picture is badass enough, here’s what you could be in line for:

Grand Prize
$100 coupon code to use in the Seventh.Ink Store
$50 iTunes Gift Card
Button Pack 1

Two Runners Up will each get
$20 Coupon Code to use in the Seventh.Ink Store
Button Pack 1

If you don’t own a Seventh.Ink tee yet you can use the coupon code photocontest to receive a 10% discount on your order, or if you’re looking a few inches below this post on the site you’ll see that it’s possible to get 15% off. The contest is live from now until July 31st.


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