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T-shirt news for March 19th

by Andy on March 19, 2012

star wars t-shirt

So, I guess we could call this a Star Wars x Star Wars mashup at TeeFury?

Random shirts at Shirt.Woot for $6.66 today.

RIPT drop a Skyrim tee today.

Brilliant pirate typography shirt up at Qwertee.

Shirt Punch have a Sherlock Holmes tee that will make little sense to the vast majority of British viewers, which says a lot about the global popularity of the show.

There’s an alien invasion at Nowhere Bad.

Snake make an appearance at The Yetee.

I had to Google it, but this shirt at OtherTees references the high school attended by the Power Rangers.

When it comes to old school nerd tee designs it doesn’t get much older than this at 24tee.

TeeRaiders have a Supernatural referencing design for us.

Delightful shirt up at DBH today.

Lego gets some love at GraphicLab today.

Three fun new designs from Goodjoe.

Shirt Vegas have three new pop culture tees available this week as part of their pre-launch.

Made in the Now salute the thai billionaire who invented Red Bull who died at the weekend.

I’m fairly sure that this was the first ever tee that Tilteed offered and it’s back for another day.

Wrongwroks have released a military style shirt.

Miles To Go will release their Spring collection on Wednesday, and I’ll probably forget to mention it.

Speaking of MTG, here’s a speed run video of one of the new designs.

The Mancunianist is a new street-style blog focusing on Manchester.

TTG are running a big giveaway with Branded Baron.


Daily Tees & News for December 5th

by Andy on December 5, 2011

boardwalk empire t-shirt

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I did, during my snowboarding lesson at the dry slope it started to snow!

I can’t be the only person that feels kind of scared when this guy comes on screen during Boardwalk Empire, right? Definitely some fine acting going on there. TeeFury.

RIPT have a shirt that I’m sure will not anger any Star Wars or Star Trek fans.

Qwertee have dropped a Shining/Joker shirt for Jack Nicholson fans.

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An Unusual Pirate Sailing the Seas

by Bo on September 16, 2010

tilteed pirate dragon

Arrrrrrgh, mateys! There’s a new pirate exploring the waters, and he’s not one that you want to mess with! Not only is he non-human, but he’s the fiercest creature you’ll ever see searching for hidden treasures.

Pirate Dragon by Alex Solis (alexmdc) is the latest addition to the Tilteed catalog. Like other designs that you may have seen by Alex Solis, this illustration is highly detailed and 110% incredible.

You can pre-order Pirate Dragon at Tilteed for $12 until tomorrow (Friday, 9/17) at Noon Pacific Time. If you miss the pre-order period, you can still pick up your copy for $18!

[Andy: Thanks to Bo for this submission, and my apologies to all for the submissions form not working properly, teething problems!]

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Corsair Class by Omnitarian at Fair & Bare

by Andy on September 22, 2009

Corsair Class by Omnitarian - Fair & Bare T-Shirts_1253535375559

I don’t really know how I missed International Talk Like A Pirate Day, I’m young, I should know about these things, but I missed it. Still, you could always buy this tee and wear it next year.

Costiness=£16 Available from Fair & Bare


Fnar, fnar, fnar, my title is so clev-ar!



Stolen Donuts by Paul Shih

by Andy on October 22, 2008

I have no idea what its meant to mean, but its a pirate made out of donuts… stealing donuts, and that is almost certainly a good thing.

Costiness=$25 Visit Paul Shih’s site here, buy the t-shirt here


Pirate Jenny by a.mar.illo for A Better Tomorrow

Jenny doesn’t look particularly pirate-y to me, but that doesn’t stop me from liking this design by Sven Palmovski (aka a.mar.illo), if you don’t recognise the name, then you’ll probably recognise some of his designs from the myriad of t-shirt design competitions, keep an eye out and you’ll see him popping up rather often. Oh, and is it just me, or would this look really cool as a print?Costiness=€16 Link


Yarr, tis a fine hoodie

by Andy on March 17, 2006

How on earth did I manage to do about two months of posting without mentioning pirates once?


I don’t really get the whole pirate obsession that exists within eCommerce, even though I have been known to dress up as a pirate (complete with parrot) on occasion, but I do like thi.

Blackbird fashion is ran by the fabulously named Clarity Miller (look, I’m British, we don’t get all those cool American names like ‘Audio Science’ and ‘Pilot’), and whilst Blackbird is a mighty pirate-y name for a clothing label, there isn’t actually that much pirate schwag there, so if you’re looking to get kitted out for your next frat party or bar crawl, sorry.

I like the stitched on felt that’s been used to create the skull and cross bones, and for a change I actually like that something is one colour, if there were any more if would detract from the simple design.

Costiness=$45.00 URL here.

P.S. does that skull look a bit forlorn and depressed to you? I think it’s something in the eyes.

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Another Ghost Ship

by Andy on March 9, 2006


Quick post today, as I’m about to drive home to the country for a long weekend (have no fear, I’ll post on Friday).

Derek over at Enclothe gave me the heads up that they had new Ghost ship hoodies for sale at their store. I know I posted about the same item in the first few days of HiYAr, but now it’s available in Black, and the sizes go up to 2XL. And not to be big headed, but I think that might be a little something to do with my last post…. not really.

Costiness=$35 (same as the brown one) URL of hoody here.


Let it Enclothe you

by Andy on January 21, 2006

What Enclothe lacks in terms of range, they most certainly make us for in terms of design. This $35 hoody is based on their pirate loving Ghost ship tee that I’ve wanted to buy for ages, the detail of putting the ship on the back is real innovative, leaving the front simple (save for the anchor).

But again, no 2XL size, what’s the deal Enclothe?

Price: $35 Sizes: M-XL URL


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