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pixel t-shirt

This probably isn’t a piece of design that Yanmos had to agonise over for months, but it certainly looks cool, and I’d like to wear it.

Costiness=$24.57 Buy it at MySoti

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Three New Shirts at Snorg Tees this week

by Andy on September 20, 2011

classic blunders 8-bit snorg t-shirt

As part of my current drive to cover as much news in the t-shirt world as possible, I’m going to try and get on top of what Snorg are doing, and I’m kicking that off by showing you their 3 latest offerings. I’m not amazed by any of them, but one is clearly head-and-shoulders above the rest, care to take a guess which one I think that is?

All three are on sale at $14.95 this week, after which they will become the $19.95 like most other regular snorg tees.


“Snack Attack” t-shirt by Meat Bun

by Andy on August 2, 2011

japanese meat bun t-shirt

At the time of writing this shirt was available in sizes S, XL, and XXL, and it’s probably even more limited now, but there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to post a shirt this ridiculous. Can you imainge the stares yu’d get walking down the street wearing this? Fantastic.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Meat Bun


the dude abides big lebowski t-shirt

I’m fairly sure that I’ve posted this t-shirt before, but I think it’s worth looking at again, especially with HYAs growth over recent months.

Costiness=$23.91 Buy it at MySoti

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milk t-shirt

One of the major problems with me bookmarking stuff and then coming back to it months later (I just have far too much stuff to publish) is that when I get back to them sometimes they are sold out. This is one of those unfortunate cases, as the shirt is sold out in all but size medium.

Costiness=299 SEK Buy it at Tshirt Store


street fighter t-shirt

Do you remember the 90s? Do you play video games? If so, you’ll probably like this tee.

Costiness=£23.96 Buy it at MySoti

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blackberry messenger t-shirt

My man Glynn over at Sturban Clothing sure can pick ‘em. If you told me, a card-carrying member of the iPhone brigade, that I’d be posting a tee about Blackberry Messenger, and thinking it was cool, I’d be shocked, shocked!

Not particularly cheap, but when it comes to streetwear I always brace myself for sticker-shock nowadays.

Costiness=£27.50 Buy it at Sturban Clothing


meat bun pixel art t-shirt

There are basically no words to describe this t-shirt, but if you’ve ever been to Japan you’ll probably look at it and think “yeah, that’s about right.”

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Meat Bun (weren’t they closed a short while back?)


Space In Vader by Super Combo

by Andy on August 10, 2009

Star Wars x Space Invaders T-shirt

Ever since finishing that epic Star Wars t-shirt list I keep finding more Star Wars tees, but I’m not inclined to write another huge list about them at the moment (don’t worry, there are more large lists on the way). Anyway, yes, Star Wars and Space Invaders became friends, nervously held hands, then some sexy stuff happened, and 9 months later they had a beautiful t-shirt together.

Costiness=£14.99 Available from Super Combo



I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a fan of the eBoy collective, possibly because it would be a strange thing to keep secret, it’s not like we’re talking about the music of Avirl Lavigne… which, umm, I sooo not a fan of… ahem.

So, you’d probably think that I’d be all over this… all over (the front) tee, especially as it is a collaboration with Beautiful/Decay, and yet, I’m not particularly enamored with it, I think that all the different elements clash a bit and result in a slightly messy looking tee.

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide, and it can be found at the eBoy store for €30, or B/Ds store for $30. [via C’est La Vie]

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“Raining Rainbows” by Baroke Clothing

by Andy on January 13, 2009


Oh look, another post that wouldn’t have happened with the excellent work of a tee blogger that isn’t me!

Baroke Clothing have a strong lineup of tees, I’ve included some of the others in the gallery, but I think I might like this one best out of the range, though the bear with laser beams coming out of its eyes is a damn good tee (yeah, now you’re gonna click through).

Costiness=$25 Buy the tee at Baroke Clothing

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Concrete Hermit x eBoy Limited Edition t-shirt

I was really excited to hear that Concrete Hermit were going to continue releasing a t-shirt to go with their exhibitions when I found out that eBoy was coming to town.I’m in the middle of cooking dinner so here’s an excerpt of the press release to give you the details:

To coincide with the launch of eBoy’s current exhibition Concrete Hermit have produced a special limited edition of 100 T-shirts. Hand screen-printed in London these t-shirts show a detail from eBoy’s colour rich panoramic cityscape of Los Angeles. A series of prints and other products including a unique pure wool blanket have also been produced to mark the occasion and will be available exclusively from Concrete Hermit. The exhibition runs from 9th May – 30th June. Concrete Hermit Gallery, 5a Club Row, London, E1 6JX. Open 10am – 6pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Costiness=£25 Link

CH also have a pretty wide range of eBoy’s city prints for £12, and a very limited edition (just 10 available) blanket for £180.


Lost in the City by @ LaFraise

by Andy on March 28, 2008

Lost in the City by Whiff Focker @ LaFraise

Considering that I have a massive eBoy poster (incidentally, May 9th – June 30th, they’re exhibiting @ Concrete Hermit) on the wall behind my laptop, I was more than a little bit excited seeing a pixel art style t-shirt being a winner in the Vice Magazine x laFraise competition.
Lost in the City by Whiff Focker @ LaFraise (close up)

Striclty speaking, it isn’t all that pixelly, but the style is certainly suggestive of it, and that’s good enough for me. Beyond that, Whiff Focker has come up with a pretty stunning design and paired it up with a really interesting colour palette. If you want to see the design as a whole (the LaFraise product pics are cool, but you can’t really grasp the feel of the design), then here’s a link to a nice big jpeg that shows you the whole thing.

Costiness=€22 Link

In other LaFraise news, Jouni, their EU blogger, has announced that he’ll be leaving that post soon (perhaps today, I can’t remember), I haven’t actually had any direct contact with him, but he always made getting LaFraise news a lot more interesting and its a pity to see him go.


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