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Springleap do print-on-demand now

by Andy on November 13, 2012

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It’s amazing that in just the past 10 years or so that print-on-demand technology has come so far that it is no a viable option for brands wanted to produce high quality t-shirts and print onto just about any colour of t-shirt too (it used to be that printing onto a dark t-shirt was practically impossible). South African design competition Springleap have decided to make the switch over to POD from traditional screenprinting, and in the process that means that they will be able to offer almost all of their back catalogue at any one time (they can print them when they’re ordered so there’s no need to keep stock on hand of older design which aren’t as popular). Initially they’re offering a limited range of designs in POD format and just printed on black, white, and melange (whatever colour that is), but I can only assume that this range will expand over time. You can also get 10% off anything in store at the moment with the coupon code demand2010 for an unknown amount of time.

I get the impression that this means they will stop selling screenprinted shirts soon, which is a bit of a pity since it’s still very hard to match that quality level, but as I say, POD has come on leaps and bounds so hopefully there won’t be much of a difference.


scream ghostbusters t-shirt

Do any of you guys actually buy t-shirts specifically with Halloween in mind, such as this shirt by McNasty at RedBubble, or are you more into traditional costumes that are a bit more extravagant?

Costiness=£15.57 Buy it at RedBubble


Galaxy Machine is a new brand for futuristic space styles.

On the Galaxy Machine website you can choose premade designs from the shop or create your own with a sophisticated Designer App. Probably one of the most advanced T-Shirt setup applications there is. For example you can choose glow in the dark print or halogen effect.
This project begun last week so expect more designs in the coming days :)
Also soon there will be a US based shop system + delivery.

Andy: The on Earth is halogen effect printing?

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“T-shirt 1.5″ by YCollective

by Andy on September 1, 2011

not sure how to describe this shirt, SEO be damned

I spotted this shirt in one of Rumplo’s newsletters a while back (did anyone else spot the HYA logo shirt in the last newsletter?), it’s funny how cutting up a photo and just showing part of it can result in a shirt that looks so good. Definitely check out the rest of the YCollective site too, lots of good stuff going on there.

Costinss=£16 Buy it at YCollective [Rumplo page]


doctor who house mashup t-shirt

I don’t watch House and I don’t watch Doctor Who, I’m a fraud!

Costiness=$23.40 Buy it at MySoti

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zombie orange t-shirt

When I first looked at this shirt I saw a pumpkin and thought that laFraise were starting things a bit early for Halloween, but it’s actually a zombified orange sucking on a recently deceased orange… which is definitely not something that would happen on Halloween.

LaFraise have also added three more designs to their ‘Unlimited’ range (shorthand for shirts that are being reprinted by POD technology), all of which can be seen in the gallery. Strangely, in the shop there is no way to differentiate the regular winners from the Unlimited reprints, you’d have thought that LaFraise would want to indiciate which is which since they use different printing techniques (and I’m pretty sure most people would prefer a screenprint to even the most cutting edge of POD technology).


bird t-shirt

The new tee from laFraise this week is nice, but not too exciting, it definitely fits with their style though and I’m sure it would be pretty wearable, but the new shirt isn’t the most interesting thing happening at LaFraise at the moment.

They’ve just introduced ‘LaFraise Unlimited’, which is a fancy way of saying that everything in their back catalogue will be made available via print-on-demand (which makes sense as they are owned by Spreadshirt), although rather confusingly they will only be making designs available when they’ve had enough requests for a reprint, which reduces the ‘on demand’ aspect somewhat, but it is still a cool way of making some of their older designs available that aren’t quite popular enough to require a full reprint.


A Google +1 shirt already?

by Andy on July 14, 2011

Google +1 T-shirt

Yes, this is a very simple shirt, but I think it gets the idea across, and the gold print raised a good point for me, Spreadshirt is a great option for people that want silver and gold foil prints on their shirts but don’t want to splash out on a full order of 30+ shirts. I think that the HYA logo outline would look very cool as a t-shirt and in the HYA shop, but I don’t think that there would be that much demand for it, so I could just get Spreadshirt to print one for me, a super-exclusive HYA shirt if you will. Beyond that I could even use Spreadshirt as a test-bed for experimental designs that I thought were interesting but didn’t think would fit with the stuff that’s in the shop. I’m surprised that it isn’t a technique used by more artists and brands.

Actually, is the print on this shirt even foil? I’m not too sure now, it might b a regular print. Still, my point stands!

Costiness=$14 Buy it at Dadako’s Spreadshirt Store


t-shirt blogger advice

Print-on-demand service Fibers have put together a really good guide telling their t-shirt designers (though the advice applies to anyone) about the best practises that they can use when contacting t-shirt bloggers to get their designs written about by guys like me.

The main takeaways are very sensible; have a good promo picture, write clearly and plainly making things simple for the blogger, offer them an incentive like a coupon code or maybe a free t-shirt, and don’t expect them to respond immediately, or perhaps even at all.

I should have something comprehensive like this myself and I’ll think about putting something together because I think it would be very useful. Of course, it needs to be read for it to be useful and in my experience with the submissions I receive most people just do what they want anyway and don’t necessarily follow any of the instructions on a site (my number one request is that people address me by name and it often isn’t met, so I know people are just sending out a form e-mail, and if they don’t give me that shred of respect why should I bother with their pitch?), but hopefully this information will get through to a few people.

Guide to Submitting Designs to t-shirt blogs


Friendly Ghosts by Muttley at MySoti

by Andy on May 20, 2010

friendly ghosts t-shirt

Y’all know that I love negative space on a tee, and using negative space to create a ghost sounds like a great concept to me. I like this design and I’d be happy wearing it, but when I look at this tee I think to myself… kids shirt, right? How good would this be as a kid’s shirt?

Costiness=£17.33 Buy it at MySoti

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Glade by Yanmos at MySoti

by Andy on April 18, 2010

yanmos t-shirt

I don’t really know why it’s called Glade (I’m pretty sure Yanmos reads the blog so he might chip in in the comments), but whatever the reason, this is one damn cool tee in one of my favourite colourways too.

Costiness=£17.15 Buy it at MySoti


Couch Potato Hoodie by Dressperate

by Andy on April 17, 2010

couch potato hoodie by dressperate

Part of me thinks that I’d actually prefer to see this design without the text printed negatively on the couch, but then it wouldn’t be a couch potato design, it’d just be a hoodie with a couch on it, but then again I’d be pretty happy with both those options. Printing is filled by Spreadshirt, so when you click through you have the option to purchase from either the US or EU. If you feel the need to really know where that shirt is printed, check out my tour of the Spreadshirt Factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Costiness=$34.90 Buy it Dressperate


point click apparel

POD (Print-On-Demand) companies have been around for a while, and they are a great idea, but it’s always hard to tell if what you put on the screen is going to look any good when it’s in your hands, so thankfully Point Click Apparel has arrived to make that choice easier. Site creator MJ (whose well known in tee-circles) has tested several of the major POD players, giving a good critique of each of them, and crucially she is testing them all with the same prints. She gets a regular print done, and a photo print (since all of them print using DTG, which is the easiest way to make a full colour print) and then tells us what she thinks of them. Here’s a list of who she’s tested so far:


It’s a really useful resource, I’ve always hoped someone would do something like this, I’d have done it but I’m far too lazy. So, if you’re using a POD for your printing needs, check it out, because there may well be a better option out there for you.


helvetica t-shirt

Because there simply aren’t enough Helvetica based t-shirts in the world.

Costiness=£23.64 Buy it at MySoti

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cat t-shirt

As the first commenter on the MySoti page says “who wouldn’t want a tidal wave of cats on a shirt?” For one, I know I sure do.

Costiness=£14.29 Buy it at MySoti


It’s Raining by cmarts at MySoti

by Andy on February 17, 2010

rain t-shirt

Ahhhh, the old ‘umbrella in the rain’ design that we’ve all seen a bajillion times before but still like.

Costiness=$17.99 Buy it at MySoti



Artybuzz are a British company that will print and sell your art as tees and ‘hangable’ prints (obviously you can hang a tee, but I think you all understand the differentiation I’m making here). You could say that they sound an awful lot like MySoti and RedBubble, as all three companies offer roughly the same service – POD tees and art prints – and if you look at the Artybuzz and RedBubble homepages you could easily say that they look pretty similar too.

Much like I don’t feel that there is really a problem with new t-shirt design contests opening every few weeks (just because Threadless & DBH are huge doesn’t mean there’s no room for others), I don’t have a problem with there being new POD companies springing up, from a consumer point of view the extra choice can only be a good thing. I haven’t yet had any e-mails or links sent to me from artists asking me to check out their Artybuzz page yet, but they are quite a new company so I think that as artists find out about them they’ll grow because they seem to offer a good service at good prices. It would be nice if they had some examples of physical artwork and tees that they’ve printed out on the site, because that will always be how sites like this will be judged, on the quality of their products, and if you’re proud of what you produce you should be showing it off for every visitor to see.

At the moment I think it is more of an art site than a tee site, there is some lovely art on there, but with them being fairly new it’s hard to tell where they’ll be heading in the future, so whilst they don’t look quite as polished as their POD brethren yet, hopefully they can bring in enough talent to the community to reach that tipping point where they can bust out and really grow.


The Revenge of Phobos by Maroof at MySoti

by Andy on January 9, 2010

I saw this tee on Rumplo and I was thinking to myself “I like this, quite a lot, but that type treatment down the bottom isn’t really doing it for me.” Clearly Maroof felt the same way, becayse when I clicked through to the MySoti shop page, the text had magically disappeared, wunderbar!

Costiness=£14.18 ($20ish?) Available from MySoti


Traveling by Yanmos at MySoti

by Andy on January 7, 2010



MySoti relaunched a couple of days ago with a prettier site that aims to be better for both designers and buyers alike. It looks good, and I don’t realy have much more to say about it, because really, as an end-user it looking good and working properly is all that I’m interested in (yes, this is a naive view from someone that have spent about 4 years looking at tee sites as a quasi-professional). One of the real issues that people worried about with MySoti was getting their shirts in time because the wait was often far too long (more than a month?); I know they aren’t as big of a company as Spreadshirt, but Spreadshirt have proved that it’s possible for a print-on-demand company to print tees and deliver them in a timely fashion and hopefully now that Christmas madness has passed MySoti will be able to achieve that too.

Also, this is a damn sweet tee from Yanmos.

Costiness=£14.51 Available from MySoti


Pulp Fiction Quotes on T-Shirts, I like it

by Andy on November 6, 2009


Like Pulp Fiction? Yes. Like typography? Yes. Like t-shirts? You could say that. Like Zazzle stores? Ummm…

Jarratt Moody’s Pulp Fiction Tees [via JoshSpear]


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