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Toughmuck: To Fold Or Not To Fold

by Carlos J. Morales on March 14, 2013

Let me start by saying I am not much of a poker player, but I am known to gamble every now and then – life is what you make of it. Toughmuck is a brand that focuses on that notion. In their eyes life is a game filled with highs and lows, so we must learn how to make the right decisions when playing. The term muck means to fold, so the idea of a toughmuck is knowing when to let things go even when it is hard to do so.


When I opened my package, I found a note and a logo shirt – simple enough, right?   I will be honest with you, I am sucker when it comes to baseball  script. While some reviewers may say it is safe and over done design, I think it is clean and effective. Now let’s talk a little bit more about the t-shirt, shall we? Normally, I would start off by focusing on the overall fit – however, I was sent a medium due to sales. While I was a bit bummed, at least we can see Toughmuck is off to a good start with their brand! The quality of material did feel comfortable – perfect for sweating when life hands you the worst cards possible.  If quality doesn’t sell you on this shirt, maybe the subtle branding will.  I appreciate that the people behind Toughmuck understand less is more.


Overall, this is a classic looking t-shirt. With that being said, it is still hard to tell if people without a poker playing background would relate to Toughmuck. Their message is noble one that speaks to a certain audience and I would like to see them develop their brand a bit more.





Villainplanet – a new poker themed brand

by Andy on September 2, 2011

poker t-shirt

When I think of t-shirt brands that are targeting poker players my expectations are generally not very high, I feel like most poker shirts are aimed at bros rather than the design crowd. Thankfully Villainplanet don’t fall into that crowd, which is possibly due to them being a European brand, and I don’t think that they really have ‘Bros’ on the continent. I’m getting a hint of a Johnny Cupcakes vibe off that black shirt because of the phrase and the style of lettering, I don’t feel like it goes too far over the edge rip territory, but there may have been some inspiration there. All three of their launch shirts are priced at €19.99 and are available now.


The King Is Dead! Long Live the King!

by Andy on August 13, 2008

Bristol-based Lhome have released a new design, and its a bit of a departure from what they’ve done in the past. Its good to see Kieran attempting new things with his designs, especially when the designs come out looking good! The oversized print works really well, and I think that keeping it as a one-colour print was a good idea too, if he’d coloured it in like a traditional playing card then it might have started to get a bit messy.

Costiness=£22 Tee Link


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