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Daily News & Tees for December 9th

by Andy on December 9, 2011

clockwork orange t-shirt

Apparently this Clockwork Orange t-shirt is referencing something that’s popular on YouTube I’ve never heard of, and judging from the comments on TeeFury today it’s not something I need to know about.

‘Infant Mutant Ninja Turtles’ from Qwertee is a concept that you would have thought someone would have picked up on a long time ago, and yet I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

Quite a nice Inception-based shirt from Nowhere Bad today.

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Poketo make some really lovely stuff.

by Andy on November 9, 2011

poketo cool bike t-shirt

I was just looking around the Poketo store recently when I realised that they have got some really delightful clothes. I know I mentioned their winter release recently but I thought it was all scarves and non-tee stuff, but apparently I was wrong.


Daily Tee & News Roundup for November 2nd

by Andy on November 2, 2011

teefury mario dinosaur t-shirt

It took me reading the description to realise, but this TeeFury shirt is actually about Mario, not just a dinosaur wearing boots.

Well, that song is in your head now, thanks Qwertee.

Tilteed may not be releasing new designs at the moment but their back-catalgoue has a lot of really good shirts so I can handle it for a while.

Nice concept behind this Shirt.Woot design, and adorably style.

I don’t really understand why the Nyan cat became popular, but that’s usually the case with memes,but I do like this Doctor Who shirt at RIPT.

I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, but I can see how this crossover Star Wars shirt works very well at The Yetee.

Ahhh, one of those rare “Mexican folk art x He-Man” mashups at TeeMinus24

It’s 8-bit and I like it, good work 24tee.

I can’t help but feel there’s a reference that I’m missing in this shirt from Tee Raiders.

That area of empty space is still bothering me about this Loviu shirt.

Fair to say that this Catch of the Day Tee shirt is not for me.

A Better Tomorrow have still got loads of their shirts on sale for 19€

12 new shirts on sale at NoiseBot.

Poketo have released some fall items like ponchos, scarves and hats that look like bears.

I think that the infographic tells you everything you need to know about this CX.CITY sale.

Daily reading time store owners, enjoy 20+ Essential Resources for Improving Your SEO Skills!

Spend over $55 and get 20% off an free shipping ($8 off shipping for international folks) with the coupon code KNOWME at Karmaloop.


the warriors t-shirt

I’ve decided to add in little bits of extra news to these daily tee roundups that wouldn’t otherwise get posted (such as some sales and deals), let me know if you think this idea sucks or not.

I’ve never seen The Warriors, I must add it to my must watch list and then maybe get around to seeing it in 10 years. Cool design I don’t understand at TeeFury today.

Comic strips on a t-shirt? Very nice Tilteed.

Great artwork today at, and green/yellow is a classic colourway.

Delicious kawaii at Shirt.Woot today.

I’m fairly sure this Zoidberg/House mashup shirt was on RedBubble first, but it’s good to see it getting more exposure on RIPT.

I haven’t watched enough Firefly to understand what this OtherTees shirt is about.

24tee‘s shirt today doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, surely it’s impossible to race Tardis’ (Tardi?), actually, is there more than one Tardis, I’m not entirely sure how it works.

I don’t know how long Catch of the Day Tee (COTDT) have been running, but they’re new to me, and will be in the daily roundup from now on with their $10 t-shirts. This shirt was on another daily site recently (was it RIPT?), so clearly they’re in the pop culture market too, but hopefully they’ll have some more original designs in the future because it’s unfair for me to judge them based on a design I’ve already seen.

Nice and wearable shirt from Loviu today.

Poketo have knocked 50% off a few of their apparel offerings, which means tees down to $14, yes, that’s more than most of the shirts I’ve mentioned today, but since they’re usually $28 a piece it’s a decent deal (and there’s more than just tees available).

Johnny Cupcakes will be releasing his Halloween collection “There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix” at the London store on Saturday at 7:30, turn up dressed to scare and you might be able to snap up one of the hand-numbered t-shirts (3 designs limited to 200 pieces each). Expect a crowd, and possibly actual cupcakes.


poketo sale

Poketo have got a lot of good stuff so knocking their prices down definitely ups the ‘want’ factor. Naturally, with it being ‘up to 50% off’ not everything will be half price, but you’ll be able to pick up some bargains here and there. You’ve got until midnight on Sunday to get in on the action.


Coupon code for Mother’s Day at Poketo

by Andy on April 26, 2011

poketo coupon code

Poketo released some new apparel a few weeks ago that I’ll probably never get around to posting about, but this coupon code is a little more time sensitive so I thought I’d better mention it. They say it’s for (American) Mother’s Day, but I’m fiarly sure they won’t be checking up on you if you just want to buy yourself something. Use the coupon code ILOVEMOM from now until April 29th to receive 10% off your order.


poketo holiday sale

Poketo had a big warehouse sale at the weekend, which I was disappointed to find didn’t extend to their online operation. I totally understand why they’d do that, when you’re selling your tees super cheap you might not want the hassle of bagging them up and shipping them off when you’re barely making any profit per shirt, but they’re in the US and I’m not so I’m totally justified in being bitter!

Presumably quite a lot of other people felt the same way, so they’re having an online sale that will end tomorrow at midnight PST, with saving of up to 75%, and remember, they don’t just sell tees, so they’ve got plenty of other gift options to tempt you with.


poketo black friday offer

Good thing they have awesome tees (amongst other things) otherwise I’d have had to have another rant about how boring free shiping offers sound even if they’re actually pretty good.


“LA, I’m Yours” by Kitsune Noir for Poketo

by Andy on September 29, 2010

los angeles t-shirt

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t love Los Angeles when I visited, I got really burned on my first day there, we didn’t have a car to get around, and I broke my camera. I probably needed more time and less jetlag to like LA, however, this gorgeous t-shirt, I liked it the second I saw it.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Poketo


poketo t-shirt by cody hudson

Poketo, now there’s a company you can trust to make some damn fine looking t-shirts, and in no way is this design by Cody Hudson an exception. If you’re willing to live life a bit more on the edge, Poketo are offering grab bags at good prices, and for once, it’s actually cheaper if you’re a larger framed fellow.

If you are a size S, M, or L you can get 4 tees for $60 or 8 tees for $100, but if you’re a size XL it’s $45 for 4 and $80 for 8, time to stock up on doughnuts right, thin people? Of course, you don’t get to choose what you get so there is an element of risk, but if you like the Poketo catalogue then that risk is pretty minimal.

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Space Time by Mike Perry for Poketo!

by Andy on September 28, 2009

m-mike-shirt1 m-mike-shirt2

Ummmm, deep?

Costiness=$28 Available from Poketo!



Our chums over at Urban Retro have got some pretty decent deals going on at the moment; t-shirts are up to 70% off, Poketo and tinymeat wallets up to 50% off, gelaskins are up to 75% off, vinyl toys up to 70% off, and posters a mere 40% off. Of course, those high percentage savings are pretty rare in the store, but there are definitely bargains to be found.

If those savings aren’t enough for you, you can get 10% off your entire order by using the coupon code URBAN10, and 15% off gelakins by using the coupon code GELASKINS15. Both of these codes are valid until January 31st 2010, which is rather a long time away.


Nick Mannion MOD:1

The Urban Retro crew are clearly just waiting for the day when our robot slaves inevitably rise-up, stop riding bicycles for our amusment, and enslave the rest of us because they’ve been appeasing the robot world with so many fine, fine robot-based products in their store. They’ve added t-shirts by Dephect and Terratag, vinyl toys, iPod & iPhone gelaskins and even some Poketo wallets that all benefit from that extra touch of awesome that can only come from having a robot-based design.

Throughout the whole month of April you can get 15% off your order (that doesn’t necessarily have to involve robot products… I think) by using the coupon code LOVEROBOTS. There’s that number 15 again, this is getting kinda weird!

Check out their blog post all about the latest releases.

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