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I’d like to think that HYA is one of the few places on the internet where I can switch between writing about environmental issues in one post and then move onto douchebags and their popped collars in the next.

On April 29, 2008 our boy Rex Vanderwoodsen set the Planet Douche World Record for the most popped collars worn at the same time by an individual. He did wear 23 Attus polos, popped all 23 collars, and he did take home the GOLDEN PIG AWARD.

I’m presuming that this isn’t actually a world record, but its still a funny little promo for their polos. Karl over at Tcritic is offering a $100 Threadless gift certificate to anyone that can beat the mark of 23, check out this blog post for more details and get your entries in quick since the competition will probably be closing today.

Attus Apparel: Planet Douche (oh, and it appears that Attus have gone green too!)

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