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Red Light: Blue Turtle Tees Review

by Carlos J. Morales on July 10, 2013

Before diving into the review, let me start by apologizing for this latish post. It amazes me how packages, in this day and age, can get lost in the system. Now that my sample from Blue Turtle Tees has escaped the United States Postal Matrix, we can finally sit down and discuss the contents of the package. Any guesses on what it could be? If this is your first time visiting Hide Your Arms, the answer is a t-shirt.

Blue Turtle Tees – a brand that was started between friends who are into art, music, photography, and self-expression. The concept sounds reasonable and a lot of potential can come from it. A wise man once said, a team of creative minds is better than one creative mind. Okay… I am not sure if anyone has said that exact quote, but it is not a far fetched idea. Keeping this concept in mind, Blue Turtle Tees comes off as incomplete. In other words, it is at its skeleton stage – a solid concept, but lacks meat on its bones. However, I am not here to review the brand or its identity, it all comes down to the t-shirt itself.


At first glance, you will notice the subtle red and white of the design on this navy blue shirt. The bright colors pop just enough to reel you in; the beauty of printing on dark color shirts. Another thing to note is that Blue Turtle Tees prints on American Apparel, so do not fret when thinking about the colors dulling after a few washes. The print quality also matches the thread quality; smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. All in all, I think the shirt does the Roxanne reference justice. To be honest, the only thing I could live without was the random use of their logo on the bottom-right side of the t-shirt. It felt out of place and did not improve the presentation by any means.


If there is anything to walk with, it is this: the t-shirt itself is a decent debut t-shirt from a young brand. Given the right series; this shirt would totally be worth the $24.99. However, the lack of website presentation and sub-par collection alienates this design. While I understand this is not a brand review, the price tag of a t-shirt should reflect the overall presentation of the brand thus making this offer a bit over priced. Blue Turtle Tees is young and probably full of wonderful ideas, if they continue to put out designs similar to this one they may attract more t-shirt wearers.




Well the title says it all, POW! Entertainment, founded by Stan Lee (yes THE Stan Lee, comic book icon) is teaming up with tee-a-day site,, to bring you limited edition merchandise! Even better, the series of designs will all be Stan Lee inspired and will be sold throughout the year of 2013 on! Another added bonus, these designs will be sold for only a 24-hour period – after that they are retired and never printed again. I say this is a bonus because that clearly means these designs will be so unique and limited, possibly making these some of the most rare Stan Lee collectables out there since they are only available for purchase in that 24-hour time… and who doesn’t like getting their hands on limited edition merchandise, especially ones featuring a legend like Stan!

The first of the twelve Stan Lee inspired tees to be produced at is this one pictured above appropriately titled Stan the Master designed by none other than Captain RibMan! This t-shirt is up for sale today, Friday, May 17th on, and ONLY for 24-hours you must remember. I do say, this is a great start to this series – I can’t wait to see what ShirtPunch and POW! Entertainment will bring us next!

I’ll leave you with this, a statement from the man himself, Stan Lee, about working with Shirtpunch, which also conveys the devotion he has to his fans:

“Comic and Entertainment fans are certainly the most passionate community when it comes to collecting high-quality limited edition merchandise of their favorite super heroes and movies. By partnering with ShirtPunch to offer flash designs, I feel I am creating something very special and unique for my fans that I think will set apart from other merchandise they may have but is incredibly accessible, affordable and fun to own.”

Keep in touch:
POW! Entertainment and
ShirtPunch: Official Website, Facebook, Twitter
Captain RibMan: Official Website, SHOP, Facebook, Twitter


One of the reasons why I started Hide Your Arms back in 2006 (which makes this blog pretty elderly in internet years) was because I was a student that had over-indulged somewhat during my three years of eating and drinking my way through Leicester and couldn’t find clothes in my size on the high street that looked good. I wasn’t massive, but I was a bit bigger than I am now, so I turned to the internet and shops in the US that offered 2XL and designs that I liked, so when there’s a site out there trying to make “plus size” people (what a horrible term) look better I’m all for it.

Fresh Brewed Tee have taken the ‘shirt of the day’ model and made it bigger, offering pop culture design in 2XL-6XL for guys and XL-4XL for ladies and no extra charges for the larger sizes. This week they have a couple of cereal box designs available that we have seen before at other daily sites. I’m not personally a big fan of cereal box tees, but each to their own. Tees are $16 or you can pick them up both for $30 saving yourself a couple of dollars.

HYA readers are a special bunch so you guys can get $1 off your order with the coupon code HYAFBT1 until April 6th at 11:59:59 (EST). That’s a very specific end point so you guys have no excuse if you miss using it!


Post image for T-shirt Review for Tee-a-Day Site – ShirtPunch!

It has been a while, but I am continuing on my reviews of the Tee-A-Day sites, this time with ShirtPunch! They offer a tee every 24 hours and each shirt begins it’s sale time at midnight EST – Eastern Standard Time. If you live in California, for example, it would change at 9pm. Living in the UK? The new tee goes live at 5am for you! I received my tees in a normal mailer, they were wrapped nicely in plastic inside the mailer, but what made it stand out was the Shirtpunch logo boldly presented on the front – adds a nice “punch” to the bag, don’t you think?

First up for review is an interesting tee and it took me a bit of curious questioning to understand the reference, but now that I understand it, I really like it! If you’re like me and not knowledgeable of classic video/computer games, then you might need some explanation. This tee is called A Better Tomorrow by Bob Mosquito and the t-shirt is essentially a cereal box design (probably figured that already), but what you might not know is it is also referring to Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle; a point-and-click 2D adventure game released on floppy disc or CDROM in 1993, wow I haven’t seen a floppy disc in ages. Well in the game the characters attempt to stop the evil Purple Tentacle (a sentient, disembodied tentacle) from taking over the world, sounds fun! I like that this reference is so obscure, yet the design is fun and interesting enough for a girl like me to enjoy.

This tee is actually printed on a Men’s Medium Black Gildan Softstyle and it obviously fits a lot larger than what I am used to. I still like to wear it though, it’s not uncomfortably too big, so why not? Print of A Better Tomorrow (and Scare-A-Lot, that tee’s next) are very good being as ShirtPunch prints using silk screening which always catches my eye for being a smooth and quality print. Not only that, but what I really like to see in a t-shirt company is a big print, and these prints are big! My only critique would be the tags – they are the original Gildan tags, and it would be nice to see a custom Shirtpunch sewn on tag or maybe a printed tag directly on the fabric.

I have a tee here a lot of you zombie fans would love, Scare-A-Lot by Truffleshuffle. It’s basically Care Bears in zombie land with a toxic rainbow, deadly little stars and hearts, and hideously cute bears staggering throughout the t-shirt. I especially love the blood (or ooze) flowing out of the one bear’s belly and the exposed ribcage on the other one – does add a bit of gruesomeness to the design! I am intrigued by the sweet, cheerful Care Bears that have been zombiefied; I like the juxtaposition.

This tee is printed on a Women’s Medium Black Gildan Softstyle which if given a Gildan, the Softstyle are the best for what they offer in my opinion. The fit is very good being the right length for me, feels good, and isn’t too tight. I don’t usually prefer this type of blank, but it is not a bad one in any means. (A really nice size chart is available for a more detailed description.) Shirtpunch also offers a variety of styles of apparel to get the design printed on – from tees to hoodies, as well as other things like posters, stickers, and buttons!

Overall Shirtpunch didn’t disappoint at all, they put out really nice quality tees, especially for only $10 a pop. Thanks to Jon (Buzatron) and all the folks at Shirtpunch for the opportunity to give a review of their tees. Thanks for reading!

Keep in touch with Shirtpunch: Facebook and Twitter


I have been a big fan of of Derek Eads for a while now. As a fellow artist who also produces pop culture themed pieces, his work is pretty exceptional. I often find myself being jealous and envious of his stuff. I especially enjoy these two Christmas sweater designs. They are just so well done. The first is Bill Murray themed and includes references to his most popular movies such as Ghostbusters and The Life Aquatic. The second is based off of the great Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. Christmas sweaters are usually terrible and embarrassing to wear, but I would proudly wear either of these.

They are both $42 on Society 6 and come in a variety of colors, as well as a plethora of other products like t-shirts and prints. You can also get $5 off anything in Derek Eads shop through Sunday night by using this link:

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Tidy Shirts: Skeletor x Misfits

by billpyle on October 19, 2012

I’m not the biggest fan of mash up shirts as I feel it has been done to death to the point where the mash ups don’t make any sense, but I thought this limited edition Skeletor x Misfits design by Tidy Ink was clever. I wish they had actual shots of the printed shirt as I’m pretty picky about bright colored shirts and prints, but seeing as its a pre-order item, its understandable to only have a mock up. Pre-orders will be printed and shipped on October 25th, and it costs £12.50.


Zen Monkey Studios – Opening Sale!

by Leah on July 6, 2012

Post image for Zen Monkey Studios – Opening Sale!

I am really liking what I see over at Zen Monkey Studios, so why not share it for you folks! Not only are they a brand new company for all of us to explore (yay), they are also having an Opening Sale on all their tees until tomorrow, July, 6th. Take a peek at their themed t-shirt bundles too – that’s a cool idea. Loving the style, loving the site, loving the zen of it all.

SALE prices on individual tees – $15
SALE on Bundles (of two tees) – $27
Buy ‘em here!

Keep in touch with Zen Monkey Studios: Facebook and Twitter


Top 5 t-shirts at RedBubble in February

by Andy on March 7, 2012

bill murray t-shirt

I got an e-mail from RedBubble that showed their top five best sellers in certain categories (t-shirts, posters, prints, that kind of thing) and I thought that it would be interesting to share with you. I don’t know what order they should be in, I just know that these are the top 5 according to RedBubble themselves. Predictably, all the designs have a pop culture reference in them in one way or another, proving that if you want to make money on RedBubble, art is nice but a reference will get you everywhere.

I’m kind of disappointed to see this Bill Murray t-shirt in the top 5, not because I don’t like it (who doesn’t love Bill Murray?) but because it’s just a LiveTrace of a photo and the designer admits that they don’t know who the original photographer is, and I think that if I were the photographer I’d like to at least be asked before one of my images was used on a t-shirt.

If I complained about the Bill Murray shirt then you won’t be surprised to find that I have similar qualms about this Breaking Bad inspired ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ t-shirt since it’s practically the same as the original design from the show with just a bit of distressing to it. It is a pretty cool logo though so I can see why people are buying it.

Pretty sure I’ve featured this “Time-y Wimey” Doctor Who design by Tom Trager before when it was on one of the daily sites, but clearly it has been popular on RedBubble as well.

Very nice Troy & Abed x Calvin & Hobbes mashup by MeganLara. I like this because the mashup isn’t just two random pop cultures items picked because they’re popular, but because they actually make sense together.

‘College of Winterhold’ is a design referencing Game of Thrones, and that’s about as much background as I can give you on it, but college style designs like this are always popular so it’s hardly surprising that this has made it to the top five for February.

I know that I often write about items on HYA that skirt the edges of copyright infringement quite frequently and don’t pull people up for it, but I feel that this case is slightly different to the usual since there haven’t been large enough changes to the images for it to be deemed fair use in my opinion. Let me know in the comments if you think my thoughts have missed the mark.


Daily Tee Roundup October 18th

by Andy on October 18, 2011

thundercats t-shirt

Shout out to my brother on his 30th birthday (fun fact, we were meant to be born on the same day… three years apart).

How odd that we’re seeing a resurgence in Thundercats t-shirts. I like this one from TeeFury.

I’m fairly sure that Tilteed have sold this design before, it’s still weird and I still like it.

Looks like we’ve got a Bioshock shirt from Nowhere Bad today, I only played the first game, but I did think it was very interesting. must really like bears, huh?

Am I the only one that sees something that looks a lot like this wolf shirt from Shirt.Woot when they look at the moon?

I totally missed the LOST reference on this shirt until it was mentioned in the comments on RIPT, and now it’s all I can see!

It’s very rare that I say I don’t like a shirt from The Yetee, and today isn’t a day that the streak will be broken, very nice shirt.

‘Colourful Gardener’ is on insaneetee at Uneetee today, $14.99 down from $26.99.

Two R2D2 shirts in one day? What is this, Christmas? Good work from 24tee (feels good to say that!).

Is Doctor Who really this popular? There seems to be as many Dr. Who shirts as Star Wars shirts at the moment, not that I’m complaining. TeeRaiders will hopefully grow their audience a bit with this shirt (and hoodie).


Four new shirts from BustedTees

by Andy on September 29, 2011

busted tees t-shirts

Oh good, a nyan cat t-shirt, thanks BustedTees.


“Who Melt” from bluebutter

by Andy on September 17, 2011

doctor who t-shirt

I hadn’t heard of bluebutter before, but they have got an awful lot of solid pop culture designs that I think you guys will enjoy checking out, their store is kind of like looking at a months worth of TeeFury designs.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at bluebutter


big bang theory t-shirt

I’m always surprised with how often I find something in the 80sTees catalogue that I like. Maybe I’m not so much of a t-shirt snob as I thought? Oh, and don’t worry about the shape of the tee, I’m 99% sure that it’s a mockup, especially as the details for the tee claim it to be tagless when the picture clearly shows a tag.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


scott pilgrim t-shirts

TV Store Online, who as you may be able to tell sell t-shirts based on TV shows and movies, have been granted the license to sell replica Scott Pilgrim t-shirts, huzzah!

I know a little bit about Scott Pilgrim t-shirts, and how hard it is/was to source replica shirts, so this is a welcome development, and I’ve been told that they will have the elusive 4.5 shirt in stock as soon as they get rights clearance.


604Republic (who are an advertiser on HYA) seem to be carving themselves a decent slice of the pop culture tee market, and how are they doing it? By producing interesting and funny designs, the sneaky bastards.

Frakking Puppets takes advantage of that massive overlap between the fans of Battlestar Galactica and the Muppets. I’ve still not gotten around to watching Battlestar Galactica, I’m told it’s fantastic and judging from the few episodes I’ve seen, it is, hopefully I can avoid finding out who the cylons are for a few years until I manage to hide myself away for a weekend and just watch the whole lot in a marathon.

Who watches the Empire? Tee nerd alert! 604Republic have managed to find a concept for a Star Wars tee that hasn’t been done a million times!

Lava Burn Ward, again with the Mario shirts, maybe I should write a Mario list one of these days?

The Drunken Clam t-shirt. It’s actually surprising how few tees there are about Family Guy considering how popular the show is. Also, even though this is a real tee, doesn’t this photo look somewhat like a mockup?

All the tees can be yours for $19.95 each.



I’m sure that if you keep an eye on the tee world then you will have seen exploded designs before, I’ve even featured a few of them in the past, but one thing that struck me as odd about them was that each t-shirt was alwyas featured on it’s own website, as in a website that only sold one t-shirt. That’s changed, and it is now possibly to get a plethora of geeky exploded tees from one site, which is an awful lot more convenient.

The Exploded Store


New From Negrete

by Andy on August 6, 2009


Good tees, free shipping (around the whole world!), what’s not to love?

Check out the rest of the collection after the break, the pics are nice and big, enjoy!

Negrete Clothing

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Simple Plan by Neil Gregory for Threadless

by Andy on February 24, 2009


I know, I know, it is the height of lame-ity to have two Threadless-based posts in a row, but you guys know me well enough by now that as soon as I see something space invaders related I have an uncontrollable urge to blog it in some way.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Threadless


New Tees from Chunk at Urban Retro

by Andy on January 14, 2009

Ahhh Chunk, are you ever going to stop subverting pop culture icons from my childhood?

Considering I would consider myself a fan of Chunk’s cheeky designs, I’m not particularly wowed by this latest collection that have become available at Urban Retro, something about their execution doesn’t seem quite right, but the concepts are all pretty solid.


James Lillis gets pop culture

by Andy on December 12, 2008

I think its fair to say that James Lillis, the designer of the tee above and a bunch of others in the gallery, has got his finger on the pulse of popular culture. The tee above is actually one of the all time most popular designs available on RedBubble, as is one of James’ other designs, so I guess its fair to say that James has the design skill that puts him a cut above other people that slap a pop culture reference onto a tee.

James’ tees can be found at both RedBubble, and MySoti.

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