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Post image for Blind Tiger Collective Pop Up Shop in Dublin from Dec. 21st

I like the Blind Tiger Collective, it’s such a great idea for groups of brands to band together to push their promotional efforts forward together, alone they are weak but together they are strong and all that. From December 21st the collective will have a pop-up shop in the heart of Dublin at the White Lady Art Gallery on Wellington Quay (I write as if I have any idea where that is, I’ve never even been to the Republic of Ireland, yet). On the launch night (December 20th) there will be a live art show, a DJ and free drinks, which sounds like it could combine for a fun time to be had by all.

The brands being featured at the pop-up shop are as follows:
Project A Apparel
Sick Studs
Secret Castle
Dog Eat Dog Clothing
Nine Lives
Grandpa Woolf
Black Sheep
Dead Weight Clothing


blind tiger collective

The Blind Tiger Collective is a really cool project spearheaded by Dualta Jones of Project A Apparel that is bringing together ten of Ireland’s finest indie brands to open a pop-up shop in Dublin in the run up to Christmas. They’ve written a really good press release, and it’s Saturday night, so I’m feeling lazy enough to just copy/paste that:

Hot on the tail of the collapse of the Celtic Tiger comes 10 Irish Designers as Blind Tiger Collective

The Blind Tiger Collective, a collection of 10 Irish clothing brands, are launching their pop-up shop on the 20th of December in the distinctive Dublin North Inner City.The pop-up will be open for 4 days until the 24th and will give customers a chance buy Irish this Christmas from independent designers.The collective consists of over 10 brands aiming to give the Irish shopper an opportunity to support their local designers and young businesses this Christmas and to do so with distinctive style and swagrrr.

The Blind Tiger Collective will spring to life on the 20th of December until the 24th at Little Green Gallery on Green Street and the temporary space will be retailing exclusive Irish Streetwear and accessories. In the run up to the launch, Dualta Jones, organiser of the event and co-owner of Project A Apparel decided he was tired of large foreign companies opening pop up stores to promote brands that were already saturating the market. He said “I decided that small Irish brands like my own need to come to together and help promote each other in a joint effort a stake a claim on our territory.”

There will be a wide variety of brands at the Blind Tiger Collective pop up like Turtlehead, Swallows and Daggers and LadyUmbrella, ranging from tattoo inspired hand drawn designs, skate apparel, street art and graffiti inspired work, showcasing the diversity of Irish design talent. A lot of the brands in the Blind Tiger Collective work on very limited print runs, some as low as 25 pieces, and when a design is finished its finished for good which guarantees exclusivity.

To celebrate the launch night and make the Blind Tiger pop up a bit more special, Galway based screen printer will be screen printing a unique “Blind Tiger Collective” tee. All good collectives need some good music and there will be a DJ for the launch as well as a range of free drinks to get the launch started. With a big push to buy Irish this Christmas and campaigns like “Irish Indie Xmas” getting a lot of attention maybe it’s time to forget the Celtic Tiger and listen to the roar of the Blind Tiger Collective.

“forget the Celtic Tiger and check out the swagrrr of the Blind Tiger Collective.” Follow the ambush at

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As you would imagine, I’m all for a project like this, and looking at the people that they’ve got involved it should be a big success as long as they can get enough people through the door. In the past I’ve made it clear that I have issues with the term pop-up shop, and I still do, but at least this seems to be a be an actual pop-up shop, as in a shop that will only be around for a couple of days, rather than when some fancy brand takes a corner of a hotel and calls it a pop-up shop.


Threadless NYC Pop-UP Shop Open This Week Only

by Andy on September 27, 2010

threadless pop up shop

I totally missed telling you guys about Threadless launching their book in Brooklyn last night, but there’s still a chance to check out their pop-up shop at 186 Orchard St. from now until Saturday (store open 12pm-8pm). There’s also events going on everyday so if you’re a Threadless fan then I’m sure you’ll want to go and have a look.


johnny cupcakes t-shirts Still sifting through the big backlogof e-mails that accumulated during my hoiday to Cornwall, which has resulted in this post about a bunch of Johnny Cupcakes tees that were released more than a week ago. If they actually were cupcakes they’d be well moldy by now, but thankfully they’re t-shirts, so they’re still fresh even if they aren’t covering much new ground for JC fans. Of interest in the mailout was this little paragraph:

-Future Plans include, but are not limited to; UK Pop-Up Shop, as well as some of the bigger
stops from the recent Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour. Random meet-ups. Secret collaborations.
Obscure events. Contests. Scavenger hunts. And a whole lot more.

A UK pop-up shop? Gas up the HYA jet!


airside pop up shop

Join us at Airside Studios, 339 Upper Street, Islington N1 0PB.

Friday 23rd April: 11am-8pm
Saturday 24th April: 11am-4pm

Airside Shop is clearing out all our old stock ahead of the forthcoming online shop re-launch, so head down to our studios on 23rd and 24th April for two days of music, chat and bargains galore.

It may be your last chance to get your hands on our current range of limited edition t-shirts and prints. T-shirts will be starting at £5, with prints going for as low as £10. Plus you can get copies of our book Airside by Airside, and other great Airside products at discount rates.

Airside: The Pop-Up Shop will also feature the reopening of the Airside Tattoo Parlour, and there will also be lucky dips, prize draws, cakes and refreshments – including our infamous Air-Cider.

So get on over to N1 for this not-to-be-missed live extravagansa. Oh, and bring cash.

Apparently the Airside crew suffered a major bit of hacking on their store a few months back (all customer details were safe, but they were sent spam), so they took the shop off their site as a safety precaution. During that time they decided to turn lemons into lemonade and redesign and relaunch the store, but to precipitate this event they apparently feel the need to clear out old stock which means some cheap tees for people in London, pity I’m missing out on it, if only I didn’t live 300 miles away!


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