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I can’t remember the last time that I watched Power Rangers, it was almost certainly during the very first incarnation of the show, so I would assume that it has changed quite a lot since then, but the characters still look pretty recognisable on these shirts.

Dozens of talented artists have participated in this competition and we were delighted to receive particularly strong and enthusiastic support from the Power Rangers fan community; “Ranger Nation” definitely brought their A-game both to submission of artwork and spreading the word to rate up their favorites into the finalists. The results are ten outstanding designs that capture the excitement and spirit of this enduring action series; among the winners are our grand prize winner as well as Judges’ Pick awards chosen by Saban Entertainment vice president, Elie Dekel, and actor Paulie Schrier (“Bulk” from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!)

Pretty nice selection of designs (there are more winners than that, but I though 5 pics was enough), with the overall winner (collecting $1170) being my favourite, which works out rather nicely. The tees are $25 each and available now at WeLoveFine.

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Post image for Boardwalk Empire, Voter Apathy, Power Rangers and animals with facial hair this week at Busted Tees

Wow, that is one informative title!

I have to wonder about the Chalky/Boardwalk Empire shirt though, because the name/term Chalky is racist (this is possibly better known in the UK because of a character played by racist comedian Jim Davidson), and not everyone in the world has seen Boardwalk Empire so wouldn’t get the reference, which I can see upsetting a few people. I’m going to push the concept here, but if Chalky’s nickname was ‘the N-word’ would BustedTees have released a similar tee? My guess is no. I realise that I’m probably over-thinking this, but the design made me think.

Oh, and the Power Rangers lived in Angel Grove, so that’s the connection with that high school shirt.


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