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I like it when infographics make my life easier, I don’t haveto waste my time awkwardly trying to re-write the press release I got since you guys have almost all the info you need in the image right there. You’ve got until June 1st to pre-order the shirt, pre-ordering automatically enters you into the contest to win the custom Kid Robot Foomi designed by Reactor-88, but even if you don’t win the Foomi at least you can console yourself with a really cool t-shirt.

You can find more details about the contest here.

Costiness=$24.95 Buy it at Brand New Intention


Pre-order sale at Omunky

by Andy on April 10, 2013

A while back I told you about OMUNKY and their Kickstarter project to get the ‘Farm Series’ out the door. Well, that hasn’t quite worked out as hoped and Rick pulled the project before it ran out of time. T-shirt related Kickstarter projects are hard, sometimes you just can’t grab the inspiration of people to get them to commit to the pledge. I was impressed with the presentation of the Omunky project and felt that the pledge levels were well placed, so I can’t really work out what went wrong since I have seen some very poor tee projects be successful over there.

Undeterred, Omunky are going to release a pared-down selection of the farm series, with a pre-order sale going on now until 12 noon tomorrow (EST). The shirts would usually be $25 a piece but in this pre-order period you can pick one up for $18 including free shipping.


Post image for Purple and gold “Heart” t-shirt up for pre-order at Vaughn de Heart

RoyLyn has a new shirt up for pre-order inspired by the colours of the Lakers. There’s 20% off ($19.95) if you order before October 7th with free shipping in the U.S., which is nice.


Post image for Hoodie Pre-Order at Vaughan de Heart with 20% off until Sunday

Vaughan de Hart are offering 20% off the price of this hoodie if you place your order before 23/9, making it a rather reasonable $28.95, especially when you consider that includes free shipping in the US.


Post image for “Forza Italia” crew neck goes on pre-order at Vaughn de Heart

I rather like this design currently up for pre-order at Vaughn de Heart with 20% off until Friday (with free US shipping too), I imagine it will look pretty cool when it’s actually printed, but I am curious why they’re producing a sweatshirt with ‘Forza Italia’ on it when I don’t know if they have any real connection to Italy, though I should say this isn’t the first time they’ve released Italian-themed designs.


thought space apparel

Usually when I see that a brand I haven’t heard of previously has a Kickstarter project I get a little worried, because some people can look at it as a shortcut to popularity, and sometimes the expectations of the brand are wildly over ambitious, but thankfully that isn’t the case with Thought Space. They’re after $700 to help bring this collection of t-shirts into the world, with pledges generally coming to about $25 for a t-shirt and some extra goodies. Interestingly Thought Space are also allowing pre-orders on all the designs on their own website too, which I think is a pretty good idea, giving this brand the best chance to get off to a good start. Really nice artwork too.


winkyboo once upon a time

Calling all Pre-Orders!!  Winky Boo just threw up 3 brand new designs on pre-order over at their website.  This one is titled, “Once Upon A Time” and will be printed on a women’s cropped heather grey tee.  It’s on Pre-Order until June 29th for only $12.00 with Free Shipping!  The design is done by Gaunty , an incredible international artist who’s done work for some major indie clothing companies.  Looks like a really cute summer tee or year-round tee for that matter that could go with practically any outfit!  This design is timeless and you’ve definitely got to go read the product description, Winky Boo never disappoints in that department either!

Cost = $12.00    Buy It At Winky Boo 

*Full Dsiclosure: Amy runs WinkyBoo and is a writer at HYA.*


wolf t-shirt

Small Victory have got a few releases coming up in the next few weeks (always good to see a UK brand keeping busy) and this wolf design is the first of them. Available as both a t-shirt (£10) and a girls tunic (£12), no discount for picking them up on pre-order, but with prices that low you can hardly complain.


crazy go lucky pre-order

Mike over at Crazy Go Lucky got in touch to let me know that he just put a couple of shirts up for pre-order, and if you take the plunge early (up until March 14th) then you’ll be rewarded with a 10% discount and get the shirt for $18. They’re expected to ship in mid to late April, which probably feels like longer than it is since I keep thinking it’s still February.


Exploded Hoodies & Polos

by Andy on October 18, 2009


That title just gave me a great idea for a video… now I just need to work out how to blow hoodies and I’ll be a millionaire (an internet millionaire, not an actual millionaire).

The popular Exploded series has expanded from tees to putting a couple of designs on hoodies and polos. I’d like to see the DaVinci style hoodie have a much larger print, but it simply isn’t possible with the kangaroo pocket in the way, so there’s not much they could do about that, but the Exploded 128 design is much more accommodating of that size of print. Hoodies are $33 (+$7 shipping), polos $33 (+$5 shipping), and they will both start shipping on October 29th.


I got no arms! by Poseur Ink

by Andy on August 13, 2009


This design reminds me of that part in The Waterboy where Bobby says that crocodiles are angry because they’ve got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

Costiness=$16 Available on both pre-order and immediate sale (it’s a little confusing) from Poseur Ink


I’m really glad that this te doesn’t have a ‘real’ name, because it gave me the opportunity to give this post that utterly proposterous title which will surely result is some rather dodgy Google searches making their way to HYA.

Here’s a little blurb about the artist and when you can actually expect to see the tee:

Lotte Klaver’s drawings are characterized by simple lining and scarce use of India ink. A single ink blot becomes an innocent boy, a sensual woman or a pondering man. Maybe the drawings only look that way, or perhaps a deeper, darker truth exists beneath the surface. This uneasiness is what gives Lotte’s work its unique quality.

Lotte lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdam School of Arts. Her drawings blog is

Orders accepted until December 1st. All tees are individually numbered and all orders will be printed December 1st. Expect delivery the second week of December.

So, you’ve got 8 days to get your orders in, then its gone.

Costiness=$30 Men’s Link/Women’s Link


eeeewwwwwww, look at his nose!

On account of this 6 colour t-shirt being a bit of a beast to print up, Mustache and Friends have taken the unusual (for them) approach of putting it up for pre-order. If you place an order for it now you’ll receive $5 off the regular price, and a free 4-button pack, and free shipping in the US, and a soothing back massage from a team of squirrels (which item in this list isn’t true? The answer might surprise you).Costiness=$20 Link

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