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It’s always perplexing when people send me an e-mail about their brand when they don’t have anything on sale. Why would you want me to write about you when no one can buy your stuff?

Preferred Classics are also a brand who do not yet have a store, admittedly their mockups look fairly cool, but why not start promoting yourself in October when they will be on sale? Well, I assume they want to have some fans and momentum behind their launch which is why they have already kicked off a big, big competition.

They are giving away a t-shirt to a person from every state in the US, and that person will be the first to e-mail them from that state. The ‘pioneer’ will receive a logo t-shirt and a bunch of other goodies (when they’re printed, presumably). A quick count shows that there are still 19 states left on the map that haven’t had a winner yet, so I suggest you run over there now and fill in the contact form, what have you got to lose?

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