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Not a submission but their press release says everything that I want to:

BearChamp Limited Edition Tee by JC Rivera

Based on JC Rivera’s numerous BearChamp customs and original creations, outsmART originals is proud to release this original design as part of our Designer Series Collection. Out of the ring and onto your back, this fighter will be screen printed on grey American Apparel Fine Jersey t-shirts and available for both men and women.

Shipping in Mid-April for only $20.00, reserve yours today and support this brute as he goes on to become the heavy weight champ of the world (or the woods)…

The problem with this being a pre-order is that I reckon this would be a great shirt when printed and the kind of thing that I’d like to wear, but just seeing it as this flat image makes it appeal less to me. It’s unavoidable for a company that releases everything as a pre-order, but it makes me wonder if they’re missing out on sales from people that want to see the print before committing.


ancient alien t-shirt

Check out the newest tee to come from ATI Clothing, Ancient Alien! The first design for their summer line has hit the site and it’s now available for PREORDER and is available in tees, tanks and raglans! Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping after your preorder is complete!

Andy: Can’t say that I’m impressed by this submission unfortunately, maybe it will look better in reality but there’s just nothing about it which charms me in the mock up. I suppose that there’s nothing really wrong with the circular design, but it looks far too large and the text of their name doesn’t seem to really fit with the style of the design. I really wish I had something positive to say about this submission because I don’t like to provide criticism without a few rays of hope, ummm, at least the website looks pretty nice!

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Post image for Cheap pre-orders at Small Victory, get in early and save

I told you I’d try and remember to post when Small Victory put their new goods on pre-order, and I’ve only gone and done it!

I’m not really a fan of the t-shirt with the big design on the back (though strangely I like it that way on the hoodie) but I do like the two designs that they’re using in this release, and the prices are nice too, £10 for a tee, £16 for a crewneck, and £20 for a hoodie. Presumably those prices will rise when the products are released.


prestigious t-shirt

I think it would be good if they made a companion piece to this that said “days are cool, nights are hot” seems like it might go over well with a few folks. This shirt is currently on pre-order, and I get the feeling that they won’t be printing many more than the pre-orders, so if you want it you’re going to have to take a chance on not seeing the real thing before ordering.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Prestigious

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our work is never done t-shirt

This shirt is only up for today on pre-order at $16, then it will be down for a couple of weeks until it goes on sale at full price (whatever that might be), so if you love it, best get buying right now.

Costiness=$16 Buy it at Awaken Clothing


Smack is a Vampire by dreXel for tasty tees

by Andy on September 15, 2008

It’s been a while since I heard anything from the Tasty Tees crew, so its quite a coincidence that their latest tee has been designed by someone called dreXel, and apparently there is a university in my soon-ish to be adopted hometown of Philadelphia called Drexel. What are the chances!

This design is going to be a limited edition affair, with pre-orders lasting until the end of the month, after which point you won’t be able to make an order for this tee as it is going to be pre-order only. The tees will all be printed up at the end of September/start of October and then hopefully will be shipped in the first week of October.

It’s available in a men’s crew tee, women’s crew tee, and a women’s scoop tee, all printed onto Alternative apparel blanks, and all $30 a pop.


Lots of stuff going on at Mediocore clothing

by Andy on September 12, 2008

Four things:

1) It’s end of summer party time! And you know what that means, everyone gets a free pair of 80s style sunglasses in their order, obviously! You can even pick the colour (see one of the gallery pictures for available options), just leave a comment when making the order via paypal. This offer lasts until 21/9. To see a picture of my looking douche-y wearing the previously mentioned sunglasses, click here.

2) The ongoing contest in which you could win Shark Week & TMNT DVDs and TMNT action figures is coming to a close (also on 21/9), I think that you are automatically entered if you make an order in the store.

3) coupon codes! I think that HIDEYOURARMS might work, but I can’t remember if that’s the code for 10% off. The code AWESOME will definitely get you 10% off though.

4) There are three new designs (Soakers n’ Skulls, Doodle Bolt on aqua, and Doodle Bolt on gold) that are on pre-order, hopefully shipping in early October.

Mediocore Clothing

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La Dolce Vita by a.mar.illo for Wooshka

by Andy on August 22, 2008

Wooshka have been doing pre-releases of new designs recently, allowing members to get the jump on the public for fresh tees, and get a pretty nifty discount at the same time. This tee, for example is $14 on pre-order, and will got up to its normal price of $20 at some point in the future (I’m not sure when the pre-order period ends). Pretty nice tee too, and yet another print for design competition regular Sven Palmowski (also known as a.mar.illo).

Costiness=$14 (for now) Pre-order it here


mustard_no3.jpg fancy_mustachio2.jpg peoples_condiment1.jpg

The FB crew have gone condiment crazy in their latest release of three designs, and also got in on the latest tee meme of putting mustaches in places where they wouldn’t usually be found (apparently they’ve been putting mustaches on bears for ages). I take exception to their anti-mustard stance though, as I have only really come to love the yellow stuff over the past few months (its revolutionised my breakfast pastrami bagel!), but other than that I’m pretty darned impressed with these designs. I really like how they’re pushing themselves by using ‘fuzzy suede ink’ and metallic ink on the bear design tee, you all know I love it when people use different printing methods and whilst I’m always a fan of metallic ink, I’m particularly impressed by the fuzzy suede being used because it makes sense and fits with the design rather than just because they could.

The three tees are on preorder now for $20 rather than the usual $24 until June 1st, and the tees will ship on June 16th. If that’s a bit much for you, how does 15% off sound? Good, right? Well, just input the coupon code HYA into the appropriate box at the bottom of the first page of the checkout and press ‘recalculate’ and the discount will be applied. You might not actually have to press recalculate, but that was how I checked it so maybe that’s how you should do it too. Oh, and this code works on any shirts in their shop, not just the pre-order ones.

Fantastic Bonanza


Of Friends and Salad by Glarkware

by Andy on March 7, 2008

Of Salad and Friends by Glarkware

Let’s file this under ‘I’m really sorry I didn’t post this one earlier’, because I’m afraid that it was a limited edition pre-order (until Feb. 29th) and won’t be going on general sale, so we’ve all missed our chance. I thought it was still worth a look, even if it was just so that I could evoke a few Simpsons memories for you guys (conga line!). But hey, at least we get the treat of Glarkware‘s typically enjoyable blurbage:

Planning the menu for a dinner party these days is like walking through a minefield. Chances are that your guest list will include someone with severe food allergies; someone on an exotically restricted diet; a vegetarian; a vegan; someone who only eats raw; someone who only eats organic; and someone who keeps kosher. The odds that everyone will be able to partake of every dish are extremely slim. But lest you try to please the entire group with one lowest-common-denominator meal, don’t forget: you don’t win friends with salad.

Costiness=$20 Link

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