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From what I understand, The Watchmen is basically the most important movie to ever be released ever, or am I misinterpreting hearing about it every 5 damned seconds on the internet? This t-shirt apparently has something to do with the movie, anyone care to enlighten me?

Also, NerdyShirts have a new site, a new blog, and a commercial (embedded below) which makes about as much sense to me as this t-shirt design does.

Costiness=$14.50 Buy it at NerdyShirts

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eeeewwwwwww, look at his nose!

On account of this 6 colour t-shirt being a bit of a beast to print up, Mustache and Friends have taken the unusual (for them) approach of putting it up for pre-order. If you place an order for it now you’ll receive $5 off the regular price, and a free 4-button pack, and free shipping in the US, and a soothing back massage from a team of squirrels (which item in this list isn’t true? The answer might surprise you).Costiness=$20 Link

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3 New Tees on Presale @ Waterloo

by Andy on March 17, 2008


Come on guys, lets dip our toes in the morally ambiguous water of me writing about my advertisers! The problem with writing about my advertisers is that I like what they do, so I’m not being a shill, but it does look kind of odd, I must admit.
Creem Milk Bottle by Robert Crumb

Waterloo, have returned to what I feel are their roots, tees about music and movies that were released before I was born. But as well know, being alive when it happened doesn’t mean you can’t care about it. A man walked on the moon (the freakin’ moon) twenty five years before I was born, but I still know it was important, then again, I was a history student, so I should understand the importance of the past. The three tees celebrate the Woodstock festival (by using its poster image), music magazine Creem (using Robert Crumb’s iconic milk bottle image), and John Lennon & Yoko Ono (JL and I have the same birthday, fun fact!). I think my favourite of the three is the Woodstock one, just for the simplicity and it not being a truly in-your-face reference to the festival, although I guess that the Creem one achieves that obliqueness too.
John Lennon & Yoko Ono kissing

All three are available for $22.95 on presale, which lasts until March 31st, when the price will be raised by 10%.



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