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Two new shirts from Prestigious

by Andy on August 18, 2011

this is prestigious t-shirts

Couple of new shirts from Prestigious for you to enjoy here. They’ve used the ‘handmade by human beings’ slogan before but not in this style. That shirt in particular is limited to just 50 pieces total and is hand-numbered to reflect that. I prefer the grey shirt of the two though, it’s a really nicely done design.

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prestigious t-shirt

I think it would be good if they made a companion piece to this that said “days are cool, nights are hot” seems like it might go over well with a few folks. This shirt is currently on pre-order, and I get the feeling that they won’t be printing many more than the pre-orders, so if you want it you’re going to have to take a chance on not seeing the real thing before ordering.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Prestigious

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Hoodies available at Prestigious Now

by Andy on June 21, 2010

prestigious grey hoody

That ‘now’ in the title suggests that this is a new product, in reality it was released about a month ago, but it is still available ‘now’, and it still looks pretty cool.

Costiness=$48 Buy it at This Is Prestigious

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Treeline by Prestigious

by Andy on March 16, 2010

photo t-shirt by Prestigious

Prestigious have put out a really strong new line recently, the whole thing is very wearable, but I think that this one is my favourite of the bunch, probably because of my soft spot for photo tees is about as tough as warm butter.

Costiness=$22 Ladies/Gentlemen

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