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Earth Rise by Public Domain Clothing

by Andy on September 24, 2009


I know that there’s a name for this type of illusion, but I just can’t think what it is, help!

Costiness=$25 Available from Public Domain Clothing


Public Domain x DURKL

by Andy on October 1, 2008

Public Domain, who I’d like to think are amongst the most ‘Hollywood’ friends that HYA has got, have started to make some other friends, but not in the blog realm, they’re collaborating with other clothing labels, but they aren’t calling them collaborations, oh no, they aren’t merely collaborations, they are “Creative Alliances” which also sounds like something that needs Star Wars style music behind it.

To be completely honest, I’m not that excited by the t-shirt, I can see that they were going for an 80s look, but I think that they might have stuck a bit too much to the 80s aesthetic, damn them for being sticklers for authenticity! I think its the text that I don’t really like about it, which is weird because I actually quite like the font, maybe its just the colour palette. However, I am excited to see who they’ll be collaborating with next month and in the subsequent months after that. I can’t actually see it for sale on PDC’s or DURKL’s respective websites, so I don’t know where you can pick this up, but if I see it somewhere I’ll let you know, or I’ll forget, since that’s what usually happens.

Public Domain Clothing : DURKL



Holy 80s Batman!Seriously, have you ever seen a tee design that wasn’t made in the 80s that looked more 80s than this? I do have a little knit to pick though, the eye on the left (as we look at it) does seem to be a bit too far on the left, although I guess there could be a case of model boob distortion changing the way that the design appears.

Costiness=$21 Link


Mischa Barton likes Public Domain Clothing!

by Andy on January 23, 2008

mischa barton loves public domain clothing
Readers from back in the early days know I’m a big fan of The O.C., so when Toby from PDC dropped me a line to show off some pictures of Mischa ‘hey, isn’t she kind of English?’ Barton throwing some admiring glances towards their designs at the Sundance Film Festival, I couldn’t help but let you guys check her out too, even if Marissa Cooper was pretty much my least favourite character. Also, did you know she was in Notting Hill? As a child, playing a child actor, I guess that must have really stretched her talents!*I forgot to mention that for a short period only, if you buy one tee from their store they will pick out a second one and send it too you for free!*

Public Domain Clothing

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