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I’m a bit ‘over’ people using this Steve Jobs phrase, but I to like it’s simple implementation here by Japanese brand Publik.

Costiness= 3000 yen Buy it at Publik


Yet another t-shirt that I would wear with proud irony from this Japanese brand.

Costiness=3000 yen Buy it at Publik


“Shop Local” t-shirt by Publik

by Andy on June 26, 2013

I like this, but of course there is a certain irony in me wanting to wear a t-shirt from a Japanese company that implores me to ‘shop local’.

Costiness=3,000 yen Buy it at Publik.


Looks like Publik are on a bit of a run, releasing two text tees in as many days, and this time around I don’t have to get on my high horse to tell them why they’re entitled to their views but are also very wrong.

Costiness = 3,000 Yen Buy it at Publik


When I saw this new tee from Publik I presumed that this was a famous phrase, but my research/1 minute of Googling suggests otherwise. I had also presumed that it meant nuclear weapons, which I’d be totally on board with, but the design actually references nuclear power plants, which makes me a bit more uneasy. I can see how for a Japanese person the idea of not having nuclear power plants is attractive at the moment, but what does it get replaced with? The most obvious answer is coal, a fuel that definitely causes premature deaths due to emissions (120,000 a year in India alone, and 18,000 in the EU where we have stricter emissions regulations), I suppose there is also gas and renewable sources but I don’t know how feasible those are in Japan. The choice you’re looking at is guaranteed deaths by coal or potential risk of accidents and future storage issues with nuclear; think about Fukushima, that’s regarded as a disaster because the biggest tsunami and earthquake that Japan had seen in many, many years managed to damage one nuclear power plant, and it wasn’t even a new design of power plant.

Dammit, got on my soap box for a second there, I know that you guys don’t come to HYA to listen to my not particularly well informed views on energy policy in Japan. Still, it’s a bloody nice shirt if I can just think about it in terms of weapons.


Three lovely new t-shirts from Publik

by Andy on May 27, 2012

publik t-shirts

As usual I am impressed by the latest offerings from Publik.


publik polo shirt

Let’s be honest, if you think of polo shirts, you tend to think about guys wearing polos with a little embroidered horse on them, or if you’re in the UK/Europe it might be a crocodile (is Lacoste popular in the US? I can’t remember). That’s fine, but it’s normal, and if you’re visiting HYA chances are you don’t want to wear something normal, so these fun polo shirts from Japanese brand Publik are very welcome for those times when a t-shirt is too casual, but a shirt is too formal. With Publik being a fairly premium brand and Genevieve Gauckler and Sho Watanabe doing the design work it’s fair to say that we aren’t in bargain basement territory with these polos, but if you like them to the degree of $78ish then have at it.


publik t-shirts I haven’t checked out what Japanese label Publik have been doing for a while, and as you can probably tell from the image and gallery above they’ve been doing a lot and they’ve been doing it well. Big name artists make up the shirts above including YUYA, Sho Watanabe, Graham Stark, Goeff McFetridge, Fly Productions and Genieve Gauckler. Sure, they cost a pretty penny, but they are some of the finest shirts that I’ve seen for an awfully long time.


Spring sale on at Publik

by Andy on February 16, 2012

publik sale

My issue with Publik is usually that they have rather high prices for their t-shirts. Their tees are designed by some of the best in the world, and they’re produced in Japan, so it’s natural that they’re going to cost a bit more than usual, but since I’m a guy that talks about $10 tees every day I tend to forget that there’s a higher end sometimes. Still, I can’t complain about the prices of they’ve got 40% off their Spring stock, and up to 70% off in their clearance sale. The sale has been going on for a while already so things are getting a bit limited but there are still bargains to be had.


american typewriter t-shirt

“Mr. Bowness?”


“You’re a sucker for this whole ‘font name written in the font’ niche aren’t you?”

“Indeed I am.”

Costiness=$5145 Yen Buy it at Publik


“gill ultra bold.” t-shirt by Publik

by Andy on July 16, 2011

gill ultra bold t-shirt by publik

I am such a sucker for t-shirts that have the name of a font on them written in the named font.

Costiness=5145 yen, Buy it at Publik

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Sale on at Publik

by Andy on July 11, 2011

publik sale

The only problem that I’ve ever had with Publik is that their prices are higher than most of the brands that I write about, which is hardly surprising as they’re a Japanese brand that make tees created by famous designers, so they will have higher costs, but it is frustrating nevertheless. With this sale their prices are brought into a much more manageable range, huzzah!


binoculars t-shirt

The lady in the photo seriously needs to sort out her jeans, it’s appeared as if her flies are down for the past few tees I’ve posted from Publik.

Costiness=5145 Yen Buy it at Publik


Yes, it’s expensive, but it does look rather nice.

Costiness=7140 Yen ($85) Buy it at Publik (or at least look at the pictures)

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Big sale on at Publik

by Andy on December 9, 2010

publik sale

Publik make some seriously nice tees (amongst other things), but with them being a Japanese brand and them having some serious heavy-hitters of the design world creating shirts for them, they tend to be a bit on the pricey side, so this sale is very much welcome, not everything in the store is on sale, but quite a lot is, and with good savings too.


presidential suite by publik

Graniph are going to have to watch out, because the way Publik are going they’re going to become my favourite Japanese brand… actually, no, I don’t think that could happen, Graniph are just too special!

I really like the style of this tee, ad I know it’s anatomically correct… but do we really need to see that bull’s balls?

Costiness=Y5565 (not cheap!) Buy it at Publik

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Hi by Rinzen at Publik

by Andy on January 18, 2010

I think I might be going through something of a minimal phase at the moment, I keep finding great tees that are restrained graphically and I keep liking them a lot. This tee is no exception.

Costiness=5565Yen (about $61) Available from Publik (in limited sizes from what I can tell)


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