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tshirt laundry

Whenever I see t-shirts about Breaking Bad it makes me feel like I should be watching the show because I know it’s excellent but just don’t have the time to fit it in with all the other things I already have to watch. When did TV become so stressful?

Fairly average bunch at Tshirt Laundry, but if any of them take your fancy then they’re all $14 this week going up to $18 after that.


zombie yoda star wars t-shirt

I’d completely forgotten that Darkwing Duck existed until I saw this t-shirt from Tshirt Laundry. Decent slew of releases from them this week, Zombie Yoda is my favourite.


snorg tees model calendar

Let’s be honest, the girls of Snorg are not an unattractive bunch of models, and someone over there clearly realised that, and has created a calendar featuring them. One clever thing about the calendar is that each month of the calendar will give you a new coupon code to use on the site. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Nice bunch of shirts this week at snorgtees, I think my favourite of the bunch is the ‘instant human, just add coffee’ design, which is strange since I don’t drink coffee.


Puns Not Guns by the Punning Man

by Andy on July 14, 2010

Puns Not Guns t-shirt by the Punning Man

You all know that I enjoy a good pun, and when the pun itself is about puns, well, that will tickle me just right.

Costiness=£9 Buy it at the Punning Man

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If I were to run a sale on my theoretical t-shirt site, I probably wouldn’t say that I’m having a ‘midnight madness’ sale and then actually have it run for an entire day, which, may I remind you, includes more time than just midnight. Why not just give this sale a name that makes sense? Maybe if all the tees were $12 instead of $13 it would make sense since it would relate to 12 o’clock, but I just don’t see why they have this theme. I know it simply doesn’t matter what they call the sale, it just matters that they’re having a sale with some cheap tees, but when you see as many press releases and sales as I do the stupid little things can really get to you.

Busted Tees Midnight Madness Sale, Coming June 23rd


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