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Connect With Magnet Apparel

by Carlos J. Morales on November 9, 2012

Magnet Apparel is an Arizona based brand that focuses on connectivity. I personally love when brands realize the importance of building a community. The creative minds behind Magnet Apparel plan to achieve greatness through the connective spirit of today’s youth through bold design and product innovation – sounds like a splendid idea. Right?

What really grabs my attention is the QR code on every shirt. Apparently, a customer is able to scan the code, set up a profile, and link a social networking site of their choice (Twitter, Facebook, etc).  Needless to say, I am drawn to this concept and the ideas behind Magnet Apparel.


Daily Tees & News for December 19th

by Andy on December 19, 2011

80s movies t-shirt

Sorry about the intermittent service on HYA recently, our wireless router failed last week, I ordered another on rush delivery from Amazon and when it arrived it wouldn’t work, and our backup router is quite old and a little flakey which doesn’t help things. There is another router on the way from Amazon though, so hopefully all of this will be sorted out before I go on my traditional Christmas break.

Wow, there really were a lot of iconic movies released in 1985, cool shirt from TeeFury.

Harry Potter shirt at Qwertee.
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doctor who t-shirt

Both really nicely produced shirts from the 604Republic crew. Naturally, I had to check out the QR code, upon scanning it brought up the cryptic text of “H U R M …” Well it was cryptic to me, I’m sure that dedicated Watchmen fans are well aware that’s what Rorschach says when he is deep in thought.


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