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This is the info sent to me by RedBubble.

Oh yes, it’s here… International Bacon Day (yes thats a real thing)! Redbubble wanted to celebrate this meaty holiday with some delicious savings for you and your shoppers to enjoy! Get 15% off T-Shirts from August 31st through September 2nd! Check out the details below!

Offer: 15% off T-Shirts
Starts: August 31st, 2013
Ends: September 2nd, 2013

Something tells me that it’s not actually a ‘real thing’, it’s just part of the Internet’s obsession with bacon, but that could just me being cynical. Then again, I don’t care what reason RedBubble need to find to justify having a coupon code that works on all their tees, maybe they just didn’t want to go with the crowd by calling it a Labor Day sale.


I’ve not got a precise time that this code is going to expire, but I reckon it’s got about 23 hours left. Just to be safe, if you’re going to buy anything from RedBubble with this 15% off coupon code do it sooner (aka before the end of Wednesday) rather than later.

Use the coupon code CHEERSTOYOU to get 15% off site-wide at RedBubble.


POD site RedBubble have created a coupon code for 10% off t-shirts that is supposedly for nerdy and retro shirts to be worn at Comic-Con, but in reality it will work on any shirt design and you don’t need to be going to the giant nerd gathering to enjoy the savings.

Use the coupon code COMICTEES13 from now until June 13th at 11pm (PT) to receive your 10% discount.


RedBubble coupon codes that apply to clothes can be a bit of a rarity, so this is a great opportunity to pick up designs you’ve been holding out on for a while. Apparently the coupon is to celebrate the definitely-not-a-marketing-invented ‘Geek Pride Day’, I couldn’t give a damn why they have it, I’m just happy that you can get 10% off tees and hoodies.

Use the coupon code FORTHEGEEKS13 to save 10% on all RedBubble apparel items from now until May 26th. I don’t know what time zone they work in, so better play it safe and order early guys.


One of the main things that I have against all the mashups I see at the daily sites is that the two pieces of subject matter don’t need to be in the same design. Honestly, I can’t think of a reason why The Dude has been transplanted into the world of Scott Pilgrim but I still think this is cool, which makes me a total hypocrite but I’m okay with that.

Costiness=£16.88 Buy it at RB


1. “The Girl Who Waited” is an interesting design because it occupies both the #1 and #2 design at RedBubble this week, as it is a collaboration between the frequently posted Megan Lara and the less frequented posted Harry Gordon, who have both posted the design on their respective accounts. So you can buy it from Megan or Harry, your choice.

2. “Workaholics – DEMAMP CAMP” is probably something to do with a movie I haven’t seen.

3. “Owl” is probably the worst t-shirt that I’ve ever seen in the top 10, it is just awful… but I suspect this is another case of people using RedBubble as a printing service for some kind of of event. Even so…

4. “Vintage Michelangelo” – Fair play to harebrained, this is nice work and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it at the daily sites soon.

5. “Dark Types – Faint Attacks” – Good thing that Kari Fry tagged this shirt otherwise I wouldn’t have known that it was something to do with Pokemon.

6. “YOU ONLY YOLO ONCE – Workaholics” – This must be another reference to the movie Workaholics, otherwise this design needs to burn in a fiery pit.

7. “LNK” – Drew Wise drops a nice Game Boy design.

8. “Flatbush Zombies” – This is an unofficial design for a hip hop crew that I’ve never heard of because I’m not cool.

9. “Flight Club (Galaxy)” – It was about damn time that we had a Flight of the Navigators tee.

10. “Push My Buttons” – This picture swept the internet recently with it’s combination of laughter and boobs (yeah, now you clicked the link), so this guy is cashing in on that with a keyboard design.

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I wrote and scheduled a post about this image above wondering how on Earth someone had made this and not have put it on a POD site, and then after I read through more of the comments where I found on Reddit it turns out that it is on RedBubble already, so all is right with the world after all.

Costiness=£16.73 Buy it from Han Zhao @ RB


Another week in which I question how and why certain shirts are popular in the face of all the other talent being displayed at RedBubble. It’s top 10s like this that make me think I could be a superstar designer. On the plus side, at least there isn’t a massive amount of plagiarism going on this week.

1. “Ominous Pineapple” is a design that doesn’t make sense to me, the artwork is pretty good, but I couldn’t work out why it was #1 this week. Then I looked up ‘thecampingtree’ since it was a tag on the design. It’s some guy that has 48 million views on YoutTube for machinima videos. I’m in the wrong business.

2. “I am a Giddy Goat” is a design I’d seen earlier this week and I’m not surprised that is has become popular, as Lego designs seem to be a trend at the moment and The IT Crowd will always be good.

3. “My Little Baloon [sic]” is acute design that I think might be inspired by Skyrim, as most Skyrim designs I’ve seen have ears/horns like that.

4. This is the same guy as #1, why people would want to buy the logo shirt of a ‘YouTube star’ is beyond me, but market forces are clearly at work.

5. “Item Unlocked – The Chesty Cloth” – I get the joke, but I can’t really imagine people wearing it.

6. “Coastal” is simple but really nice, good for you S. Raja!

7. “The Exiles” is a shirt based on an online game called ‘Path of Exile’ that I’ve never heard of. It’s interesting how people can create things based on niches I’ve never heard of and make a success of them, makes you wonder what untapped pop culture resources there are out there that HYA isn’t covering.

8. This (probably instagrammed) photo design has 57 comments on it which I think is the real reason why it’s in the top 10, because I can’t imagine that many people are buying a design based around the designers daughter getting here hair done on her 22nd birthday.

9. This design references a new song (called ‘Started from the Bottom’ as you’d imagine) by Drake.

10. “Glasses” is a nice piece of artwork but I don’t like the way that it sits on the shirt.


Top 10 tees at RedBubble this week

by Andy on February 15, 2013

Time for our weekly look at the ‘top 10′ as determined by RedBubble. Please note that these are not the top 10 sellers of the week, which would be something interesting to see, but rather based on an algorithm that is influenced by views, comments and favourites, and as such can be quite easily manipulated, which is why we see lots of awful shirts in this list.

1. This is #1, this, this awful t-shirt design that makes a mockery of people that actually have talent and skill. I know it’s based on a meme, but that’s still no reason for it to be popular.

2. Fair bet that this design is these guys using Redbubble as the POD for their event.

3. I’ve got not complaints about this Hobbit design.

4. We saw this Studio Ghibli inspired character select design by Drew Wise at one of the daily sites earlier this week, and I’m not surprised to see it in the top 10.

5. I’ve never knitted anything in my life, but this wool scarf design is still pretty neat to me.

6. I’m sure we’ll be seeing ‘Invader Time‘ on the daily sites soon, because that’s where silly mashups that don’t really make sense end up.

7. “A portion of proceeds from any apparel or sticker sale of this design will be donated to Grateful Heads, a charity that makes and distributes tie dye hats for individuals who have lost their hair due to treatment for various cancers.” Best Grateful Dead related charity name ever.

8. Who would have thought that a bowl of raspberries could make for a popular t-shirt?

9. It flew right over my head, but about this is a Starcraft t-shirt, so I imagine that philtomato can expect a million orders from South Korea in the next week.

10. Here’s another design that you’d not expect to become a popular t-shirt, but it has 25 comments which I assume rocketed it up the charts.


Time for another roundup of the top 10 ‘most popular’ designs at POD printer RedBubble this week. I’m quite surprised just how much the return of Fall Out Boy has influenced this weeks chart, I didn’t realise that they were that big. It’s also quite concerning to see the amount of copyright infringement going on in the popular page this week, is it my moral burden to start reporting items that very clearly shouldn’t be in there?

1. “I choo – choo choose you!” by Guts n’ Gore – this is what I’m talking about, this is just a copy of Ralph Wiggum’s design, it’s hardly surprising that it’s popular in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, but it just shouldn’t be available.

2. Megan Lara makes an appearance (as usual) in the top 10 with this Aliens design.

3. I had to look this one up, this definitely copyright infringing design (and Disney tend to come down hard on this kind of thing) is for a marathon (and a half) that apparently takes place around Walt Disney World in Florida.

4. We featured this one earlier in the week so I am totally claiming responsibility for the popularity of this Grateful Dead x Dead Kennedys logo mashup shirt.

5. Apparently this shirt is based on a a song called “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham that I’ve never heard of before.

6. Ugh, kids have too much money these days if they’re buying this shirt.

7. Well, at least this shirt has a little bit more style to it… but come on!

8. If this Star Trek shirt can get on the popular list, then maybe someone like me with no talent should go into t-shirt design.

9. “Michael Nesmith in his Monkeeman get-up, going to save the day! Or, at least, call someone ugly.” You know what, I can’t find anything to complain about with this Monkees shirt… but I still don’t want to wear it.

10. Apparently there are less than 50 orange-bellied parrots left in the wild in Australia, buying this shirt will result in a donation going to a charity that is trying to save the most endangered bird in Australia.


Time to take another look at the top 10 most popular t-shirts at POD company RedBubble this week. It’s interesting to see that the entire top 10 is different from last week.

1. “Allez Les Toon Army” is a t-shirt making reference to how my beloved NUFC have signed 5 French players (and one Swiss who I suspect will speak French) during the transfer window.

2. “The Last Update!” is a shirt that I don’t understand that may be about a game called Sly Fox… but I really have no idea.

3. “Derpy in a box” is one for the Bronies.

4. “Mario Kombat II” is really nicely done and I suspect we’ll be seeing it on ‘tee of the day’ sites soon.

5. “I Choo Choo Choose You…” is an unlicensed (presumably) copy of Ralph Wiggum’s card to Lisa in The Simpsons.

6. “Zelda is the girl” is a concept we have seen elsewhere before.

7. “Max Keiser (Bye Y’all)” another shirt that I don’t understand, from what I can tell Max Keiser is some kind of financial journalist who must have a bit of a fan club.

8. “Elite, Elite!” is a great Doctor Who design.

9. “Hey Puddin” is a lovely Harley Quinn design in art nouveau stye.

10. “They say NOTHING beats a good belly laugh” it’s a picture of a cat on a t-shirt… is this really all it takes to have a popular tee these days?


Post image for ‘Sea Frenemies’ by geekchictees at Redbubble

Very nice to see geekchic do something that doesn’t involve a pop culture mashup because it’s clear that he has talent when it comes to this kind of thing. Lovely shirt.

Costiness=£16.67 Buy ‘Sea Frenemies’ here


I’m going to be starting a new weekly regular feature on the site taking a look at the top 10 most popular t-shirts on RedBubble each week. I’m aiming to post this every Friday but there may be a couple of days each way depending on my schedule (because we all know I’m a very busy and important man). Expect to see lots of TV and movie references that I won’t understand and will be berated about in the comments.

1. “I’m not saying I’m Batman…” by kevinlartees – It’s a fun idea, but the execution isn’t perfect, the text changes size a lot and the gaps between each line (I’ve forgotten the technical term for that) are a bit uneven as well. This is proof that the art doesn’t have to be perfect to create a popular shirt at RedBubble.

2. “Just As Sane As I Am” by MeganLara – a gorgeous art nouveau style Harry Potter shirt from Megan Lara.

3. “DOTA 2 Heroes” by MoazTheFreeman – it shows just how much I am out of the gaming world now that I didn’t even know Defence of the Ancients was a thing, and that DOTA2 was the second version of it.

4. “Sherlock Comic by harebrained – very nice Sherlock Holmes style comic cover.

5. “On sugar mountain’…” by Valerie Anne Kelly – you know how I often say “different strokes for different folks? This is definitely one of those times, I certainly wouldn’t wear it, but we all know someone, probably an aunt, that would wear it, and love it.

6. “Slayer of the Vampyres” by Tom Trager – Buffy meets Saul Bass with excellent effect.

7. “Do You Hear The People Sing?” by TheGhostParty – if there was ever going to be a Les Mis shirt in the top 10 now would be the time for it.

8. “Good Game, I Hate You, Good Game.” by Lindsay Fulda – I have no idea what this is or why it’s popular, but I assume that it has nothing to do with the BBCs octogenarian presenter Bruce Forsyth, enlightenment in the comments, please!

9. “You Can’t Take The Sky From Me” by JenSnow – we’ve seen this quote from Serenity before in different ways, but I really like the type works on this design.

10. “Gandalf’s Eagle Transport Service” by Tom Trager – Tom Trager with two items in the top 10 this week, this time with a parody ad of Gandalf’s Eagle Transport.

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Post image for Coupon code for 15% off everything at RedBubble until Wednesday

Use coupon code NEWTHINGS13 to get 15% off everything at RedBubble until January 9th.


Post image for 20% off Gift Certificates up until Christmas Eve, it’s like buying free money!

Most shops can’t offer guaranteed Christmas delivery now, so it’s not surprising that gift certificates are starting to be pushed harder by stores.

RedBubble are offering a 20% discount on gift certificates with the coupon code GIFTCARD12 from now until 11:59 (PST) on Christmas Eve, so if you can’t decide on a gift for someone, or you’re just a Red Bubble fan that knows they’ll spend money there, this is decent way to get more bang for your buck.


Post image for 20% off T-shirts & Hoodies at RedBubble for Cyber Monday

Use coupon code CYBERTEES to get your savings at RedBubble.


15% off everything at RedBubble today only

by Andy on November 23, 2012

Post image for 15% off everything at RedBubble today only

TGIBF gets you 15% off at RedBubble today.


Post image for Cool, arty iPhone 5 cases at RedBubble now, 95,000 design already available

Well this was certainly quicker than I expected, print-on-demand company RedBubble have added iPhone 5 cases to their product lineup and already have 95,000 different designs available, so it’s fair to presume that you’ll find something there that you’ll like. They don’t seem to be particularly cheap at £25 each, but then again I have no idea what the quality is like, and why wouldn’t you spend £25 on protecting a phone worth hundreds of pounds?


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