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Post image for A great new site and a great new contest winner from A Better Tomorrow

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the redesigned A Better Tomorrow for quite a while, and I’m glad to see I’m not disappointed now that it is live, and especially happy to see that they now have an English-language version of the site to go along with the fresh new site design which I feel removes a lot of the clutter and helps make the t-shirts more prominent and new designs easier to find.

Really nice new contest winning design to help launch the new site too, I’m sure you’ll agree.



I’ll let Michelle from TeeFury explain (again, this is lazy blogging because I’m on holiday at the moment):

It’s a huge overhaul of the look and coding, with a more streamlined interface and some neat additions to the function. Here are some of the coolest changes:

• Integration with Facebook Connect- plus a rad contest where we give a free tee to a handful of Facebook Connect users each day

• A new Submit section allows artists to quickly and easily enter their art into consideration for a future print

• New products! When checking out, you can add extra bonus products to your order- like the sticker pack we currently have available.

There’s also some other cool stuff, all of which is detailed in this forum post :)


This is the new Hide Your Arms… for now!

by Andy on January 25, 2010

Post image for This is the new Hide Your Arms… for now!

Those of you that read my Twitter will be well aware that over the past week and a bit I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of emotions trying to redesign the blog. I want to do everything myself, even though I have no real training in web design, and the only time I ever touch code is when I’m working on something for HYA, so I don’t get much practise. Due to this, I can’t make the site look like I want it to, but I know that over time I can tweak and improve the site until it reaches a point where I think it can be the best I can manage. However, that is going to take an awfully long time whilst I test things, whereas the site is just about where I want it to be as you see it now, so I thought I’d just let you see where I am right now, and then based on your feedback I’ll be able to align my aims with your expectations, and then hopefully this site can go on to bigger and better things.

Here’s what isn’t in the site quite yet:

Facebook Connect Integration
Thumbnails for all posts (for use in the popular posts, etc.)
Better Integrated Social Media Icons (they don’t look too great as-is, right?)
Lightbox-style galleries
Features Gallery where you guys can upload your own photos to
Message box for tee companies to add their coupon codes to
Integrated shop
A few typography and colour palette tweaks

It’s not a huge list of additions, but the web designers amongst you will probably be aware of why I ended up leaving these features out, because they’re a bit complicated, and whenever me and something complicated meet for dinner, I end up with a metaphorical drink in my face. In case you think I’m being a bit down about the redesign because I’ve had to compromise things a bit, I do like it, but I’m going to like it more, and so are you.

Oh, and after what has been a bit of a “me, me, me” week on HYA, we will be resuming normal service and doing the thing I’m here to do, let you know about some great clothes.



Finally, finally, finally, I can now link to products on the Terratag website now that they’ve had a redesign!

And even better, all of those items that I can now link to have got 10% off.


Holebrain gets redesigned

by Andy on November 15, 2009

Holebrain - Welcome_1258205306353

I wouldn’t usually cover this kind of thing for a brand that is as new as Holebrain, but it’s Sunday afternoon and I think I’ve made it pretty clear in the past that I like Holebrain, so any chance I get to mention them I’m going to take it. The site wasn’t exactly terrible before, but this new look should help them to grow a bit more, and I always like to see a blog being included on a t-shirt site because I love seeing all the background stuff and with a new brand especially it’s fun to see how their cotton-based adventure unfolds.



Storenvy have a good rep for printing tees within the indie community, by which I mean that people on Emptees rarely bitch about them, and from what I can tell their storefront hosting service is also held in high regard. A couple of days ago they released a new version of their site which aims to help those stores owners make more sales, and help make it easier for t-shirt buyers to find shirts across their network of stores. To put it basically, you can search what they sell, it’s that simple, I’d add more words to this sentence but they’d be superfluous.

Search isn’t the only new feature to be included in the new Storenvy site, they’ve also introduced a concept called ‘Markets‘ which groups together stores that have something in common (such as fine art, eco-friendly, or urban wear), it’s an idea I like and thin that as it evolves it would work well for people trying to discover new companies in the same vein as ones that they already like. The forum is likely to be a useful hub for store owners, though as you would imagine so soon after launch things are still a bit quiet around there.

In the past if someone asked me about a third-party storefront to run their brand from I would have immediately said Big Cartel, but Storenvy could be an option worth looking at for a lot of budding tee-preneurs.


Shirtcity have unleashed a new site.

by Andy on March 12, 2009


Shirtcity is all new.
Though no one gave us 10.000.000€*, we can continue and evolve. We gave our site a total makeover, rearranged the structure and added more functions. In short:

– The new look : eye-friendly and tidied up
– The new shop : Just buying t-shirts, no fussing about the designer
– The new T-shirt designs : Edit design colours, add text to designs
– The new design classification: easy to link, easy to access
– The new presentation: friendly faces instead of grey icons

They’re also giving away tees to people who blog about them, I’m not sure if I’ll be getting anything for writing this, maybe, so I may or may not be a shill for writing this, I guess we’ll find out at a later date.

*Meeoooow, saucer of milk, table two!


It looks all cool and stuff

Matt, the guy who used to write Torso the blog, and now runs Torso the clothing company, dropped me a line to let me know that the website had undergone a revamp, making it a lot easier to navigate around and generally pretty-fying it. That’s nice, but the ‘print meter’ is waaayyy more interesting:

Torso really is about putting profits back into producing more tees from talented artists, and so we’ve added a “print meter” under our menu that shows people relatively how close we are to having the money available to bring out a new design. It will be updated every day and will directly reflect profit and returns from sales that we can put towards awesome new stuff. Once the white marker is reached you can be sure we will have something on the go that we can hopefully release shortly.

I don’t really know if seeing a meter would encourage me to buy a tee, but I do think its a really cool idea, showing that buying a t-shirt can actually make a difference to a company is what separates small businesses like Torso from the big fish, and this is a great way of visualising that connection.



Bountee: New site preview and coupon codes

by Andy on April 11, 2008

Bountee/MySoti Preview

Remember when I got a mysterious e-mail that “definitely wasn’t from Bountee” which leaked some of their redesign? Well, I have an update on the situation… a screengrab of Bountee’s new site.

Two words: pretty, sexy.

More words: If you click on the thumbnail below and take a look at the entire screengrab rather than my teasing crop you’ll notice that along the top of the image is the word ‘MySoti‘, which stands for My Stuff On The Internet, which is a web 2.0 name if I’ve ever heard one!

From what I can tell MySoti seems to be the next evolution of Bountee, they describe it as “a place for you to create, share and sell your original artwork on the Internet”, or Bounteex1000=MySoti. If you go to right now you can add your e-mail to sign up for the beta. Along the top of the image it also says, ‘bibyu‘ and ‘byoodoo‘, both those domains link back to MySoti, so I don’t know what to make of that, perhaps they’re also acronym’s for new services, or maybe the Bountee crew were just having a bit of fun.

They’ve also got some coupon codes on the go to apologise for some downtime that occurred this week, one for 20% which will be active until April 20th, 80UNTEE, and one for 50% off which will remain alive for 27 hours and 44 minutes after this post goes live (so 12:44 GMT on April 12th) which is BOUN733. Enter either code into the ‘Gift Code’ box during the checkout to receive the discount.

Bountee/MySoti Preview Screengrab



Either way, there’s still resistance

by Andy on September 11, 2006

Iron-On Resistance, who I’ve written about before, have decided to change their name because people seemed to think that they were selling clothes with iron-on prints, when everything they sell is actually screenprinted in Tampa. Also, the name was a bit long, which is why they have changed their name to…

Resist Today

I like it, although to be completely honest I don’t really mind whats its called, as long as they continue producing their high quality designs.

So, update your bookmarks to


When I got the regular weekly newsletter from Threadless I was expecting the usual round of new designs and reprints, but the e-mail just kept going and going. They’ve added some new lines, redesigned the website (though there’s a distinct lack of web 2.0 ajax-ification), a new competition (with a massive amount of prizes), and there’s a sale on (do people ever buy Threadless shirts when they aren’t on sale?) until the 15th of June.

It’ll be interesting to see what people make of these changes, escpecially the Select range, which is more expensive ($25 a pop) than the usual offerings, though they are commissioned designs, Aiko is responsible for one of the designs.

Jungle Life has done a very thorough run-through of all the changes, check it out.


Still got a heartbeat

by Andy on May 8, 2006

Josh Spear (the self-proclaimed ‘pulse of cool’), has gone and re-designed and re-launched his globe-trotting blog. Josh highlights excellent design around the world, but seems to make it a bit more fun than other ‘cool blogs’ in the ‘sphere. Nice guy too, he’s gonna do a guest feature here at HYA when he finds the time.

Check it out.


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