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Post image for No Love City – Assassins (T-Shirt Release)

To celebrate the impending return of Derrick Rose ‘The Windy City Assassin’ back to the active roster of the Chicago Bulls, No Love City is announcing a new shirt.  The No Love City Assassins shirt is a team logo style design that was created by Jon of Ink Park

The shirt is now available at No Love City’s online store

Assassins Promo



*Okay, maybe they don’t go that far, but the designs certainly do pop.

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Kiks Tyo’s Autumn Range

by Andy on October 21, 2008

It’s not too often that I come out and say I don’t like a tee (usually because I only write about things I like), but I feel I’ve done that more than once with Kiks Tyo, and usually with fair reason in my opinion, but I really like a lot of the long-sleeve options that they’re offering with the Fall/Autumn collection.

Kiks Tyo


Vintage Vantage get fresh, kinda modern

by Andy on September 11, 2008

Y’know, you leave a company alone for a few months and the next time you check in they’ve gone and had a facelift, its like when you see a girl you know from high school that has become almost inexplicably hot (not that Vintage Vantage was an uggo to start with). They’ve also got a load of new tees for you to enjoy (only a few of which are in the above gallery), some of which don’t seem all that vintage in their style, although perhaps ‘vintage’ style has pervaded society so completely that their designs are vintage, and I just can’t tell anymore.

Vintage Vantage


To me, the character design on Tokyo Massacre is pretty cute, yes, she’s holding a chainsaw, but at the same time, its a pretty cute style. Maybe I’m starting to get a bit dark if I think that anyone wielding a chainsaw can be cute, please shout at me if the blog starts getting too gothy (“dudes, this glow in the glow in the dark tee would go great with my pentagram necklace, ring, and belt buckle!”).

The second design that Akumu Ink released this month looks like someone decided to put a chess board on your chest with a razor blade, and even gothy old Andy thinks that this may well be a little dark, but I do quite like it. The tee is called Shukketsu, any chance a Japanese speaker in the audience could enlighten us?

Oh, and they promise they’ll have hoodies on sale next month, huzzah!

Akumu Ink


laLatest from laFraise

by Andy on September 3, 2008

laFraise are managing to keep things hot over in Europe even if the weather insists upon being distinctly depressing and unsunny. The gallery has a few of their latest releases in it.


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Four new tees to Enclothe yourself with

by Andy on September 3, 2008

Enclothe released four new designs (well, three new and one reworking of a classic) a couple of days ago, one of which, the green one, Digfoot, was created by Sven Pamlowski, known to many as a.mar.illo. All four tees are pretty cool, not following any specific kind of theme or style, which is something I like about Enclothe, they print what they like, not what they think will sell well… although chances are these will sell well anyway!


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It’s winter already? Are you… Ceer!us?

by Andy on August 28, 2008

Wow, I mean really, wow, it takes a special kind of person (me!) to write a post title that bad.

Ceer!us Apparel’s winter line has been made available, and to be completely honest I’m not all that excited by it (although this, this, and this are pretty cool… huh, I guess I do like it!), but I really love the photoshoot that they’ve done to promote the new range.

Ceer!us Apparel

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New Shirts and website from FFee Clothing

by Andy on August 26, 2008

FFee Clothing have released eight new designs, shown above in the gallery, and redesigned their website, not shown above, but it does look really cool, they’ve got lots of hand-drawn text and illustrations mixed with photos, and… and… well, just go take a look yourself, its a treat for your eyes.

Their new packaging looks pretty gorgeous, so if you weren’t quite sure whether to make a purchase then that might be the tipping point for you.

FFee Clothing


Wow, I guess that the global enconomic downturn is really starting to bite, Threadless‘ famous $10 sales have gone up in price to the staggeringly wallet-emptying mark of $12 per t-shirt. Crazy right? Such price gouging shall not be tolerated!

They’ve also got 18 new designs and 18 reprints this week, oh Threadless, you truly are spoiling us.


*Does anyone know if the sales also run in the Chicago store? I’m not heading there or anything like that, just curious.


Last week’s winners from laFraise

by Andy on August 4, 2008

Damned good week of competition winners from laFraise, wouldn’t you say?

In other Strawberry-based news, you can get €5 off any of the Popdeck x laFraise shirts by using the imaginative coupon code of POPDECK, and they’re continuing their summer sale on the last page of their shop by cutting the prices by a whopping 50%, which is a discount not to be sniffed at, if indeed to you sniff at a discount.



6 new tees from Camiseteria

by Andy on July 30, 2008

You know who people don’t talk about enough? Camiseteria. I know that their site being written in Portuguese is something of a hurdle for us mono-linguists (hint: look at the link URLs, they’re written in English), but if you haven’t checked them out before click on through and marvel at some really pretty darned awesome t-shirts from this Brazilian design contest.


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Here’s a surprising change in direction, RandomShirts, whose back catalogue largely consists of single-colour pun-based tees, have released their summer line, and there’s not a pun amongst the bunch!

In fact, they seem to have gone for a self-motivation theme, but I would suspect that its ironic self-motivation, so that’s alright. When I look at the designs, I can’t help but be reminded of Vintage Vantage, is anyone else getting that feeling? I guess that’s just because they’re both retro-styled, and the way that the characters look like they’re straight out of a 70s school textbook.

In another change for RandomShirts, the new designs are being printed on American Apparel tees.


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Akumu Ink Never Say Die

by Andy on July 9, 2008

Akumu Ink Never Say Die

Akumu Ink have taken things in a different direction for their latest design, putting a lighter twist on their usual dark designs by employing a cartoony style. I really like the way that the cute design and dark subject matter come together to create some weird kind of balance.

Me, I’d have made the skull in the speech bubble bigger, but you know what I’m like when it comes to oversize printing, so I guess that might not be to everyone’s taste. As ever, this tee is printed by Joey and Dora in Montreal on an American Apparel tee.

Costiness=$21 Tee Link (also available in other colours)



Beautiful/Decay, who I hear more about for their clothes than their magazine nowadays (then again, I would, wouldn’t I?) have released five new designs (4 tees & 1 necklace), all collaborations with artists who have weird names like Sentimental Soycheese and ToothJuice. I’ve picked the tee above for the post picture because I thought it was a fantastic example of a logo tee. It’s such a good example of a logo tee ‘done right’ that I think that I’m going to start tagging good logo tees as such.Check out all the new goodies at B/Ds pages on the Indie Merch Store

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Earlier this week when I posted those queue pics of crazed JC fans and attached what I thought was the Summer releases…. I was wrong, the latest round of tees are now available though, I promise!Johnny Cupcakes


Johnny Cupcakes

No cupcakes, what the hell were they thinking?!I think this is the first time that HYA has ever had someone actually do a bit of reporting that isn’t me. I found out that Huzzah Goods were going to be taking a peak at the line snaking out of 279 Newbury Street, asked if they could snap a few pictures, they said they could, and they did. My God I love the internet.

I’ve always thought that my coverage of Johnny Cupcakes was a bit excessive, I do mention them/him quite a lot, but apparently my interest in JC is nothing compared to the dedication of the people that actually camped outside of the store a couple of days before they were even released. Seriously, they spent two days on a pavement just to buy a t-shirt that was limited to 100 pieces.

Click on through for a load of pictures of the line, and an image that I roughly photoshopped of most of the summer range, which is available right now from, minus the in-store exclusives, obviously.

[click to continue…]



Straight from the J-man himself:

I’m releasing 15-20 or so, fresh out of the oven, new t-shirt designs in my Boston, Newbury Street shop THIS SATURDAY June 21st at 3pm.

Also, there will be 2 in store exclusives that you can only get in Boston. One of the in store exclusive shirts is going to be numbered up to 100. Once that one design is gone, it will be gone forever. First come, first serve. I already know that some die hard people will be camping out for this Saturday’s release, starting tonight(seriously). So get there early if you want to own one of the numbered, limited edition, exclusive shirt(s).

See you there THIS SATURDAY!

***Oh Yeah, FREE real cupcakes and Fiji Water with every purchase.

It’s about time they offered some real cupcakes for a change, now people who don’t know what JC is won’t feel so embarrassed when they walk into a store called Johnny Cupcakes and actually expecting there to be baked treats in there.

Johnny Cupcakes



Remember that hoodie with the stripes on that I mentioned towards the end of April? Turns out they weren’t stripes, they were arrows, and now those arrows have found themselves one fresh new colours and styles.

Check them out in the Ucon shop.

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Even more new tees from Wrongwroks

by Andy on June 18, 2008

Evil Spongebob t-shirt beethoven-1.jpg 6-11-1.jpg

Okay, I think this should be the last in what feels like a flurry or Wrongwroks posts for a while now (they can’t have more up their sleeves, can they?). All three tees are currently available in Wrongwroks ‘Stuff‘ section.

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