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$10 sale continues at Resist Today

by Andy on September 2, 2010

resist today clearance sale

I forgot that this super sale was going on at Resist Today. I suspected that sizes would be really limited since the sale has must have been running for more than a month now, but there’s still a decent selection in all sizes (you can also shop by size which makes it a bit easier). Have at it!


resist today clearance sale

$10? Hell yeah! Gotta love that graphic too, if you aren’t aware of who Resist Today are, that elephant right there will give you a pretty good idea of their style.


That title is ridiculously long, if I’m going to keep doing these deal posts I’m going to have to work out a different way of doing the titles.


10% off everything at Fullbleed for the rest of the month.


Snakes & Suits released a new line fairly recently, and now you can get 20% off it, and anything else in their store, by using the coupon code HOLIDAY2009.


Some tees for $15-18, wallets for $30 at Resist Today, and there’s a free tote bag for every order over $50.


For the rest of the month get 20% off at Skilla Fashion with the coupon code SKTHANKS.


LadyUmbrella aren’t quite ready for the spotlight yet (they haven’t opened their store), but they do have a cool tee (women’s sizes only) that is discounted for pre-sale.

Hoodies for Women at - Womens Hoodies - Girls Hoodies - Hoody - Hoodie - Women's Urban, Streetwear, Surf, Skate, Designer Hoodies (hoody) and Sweatshirts_1260535188800

25% off everything that isn’t already discounted at with the coupon code newsletter.

Imperfect Articles - Store_1260535984389

Free shipping (internationally too!) at Imperfect Articles until December 20th.


You guys are smart so I’m sure you’ll be able to manage the French in this post, especially since Grafitee are giving away 25 shirts.


Free shipping at Bernos for the rest of the month.


All tees €20 at French label Dandycore.

Print Brigade — Home_1260536793588

20% off from now until Christmas with the coupon code xmas at Print Brigade.


Fall Sale Now On At Resist Today

by Andy on October 3, 2009


The ysay they’re having a Fall Sale, but the page doesn’t explain what’s on sale or what has been discounted from any of the items, still, Resist Today make beautiful products, so they’re worth looking at either way.



It’s not the cheapest tee in the world, but damn is it pretty. This tee is women’s only, sorry fellas.

Costiness=$29 (obviously) Buy it at Resist Today


3 new tees at Resist Today

by Andy on December 2, 2008

Its been a while since I heard anything new from them, but Resist Today have come back into our soulless, empty lives with a trio of beautiful, nature-inspired designs.

[click to continue…]



If the title and graphic weren’t enough, I’m going to tell you as well, Resist Today (Iron-On Resistance to those of us that are old skool) are holding a summer sale in which t-shirts are $15 and wallets are $29. I can’t remember how much their tees usually are, but I think they were probably $20+ so this does represent a pretty decent deal.They’re also running a bit of a design competition, where you remix their artwork (they’re giving you really high quality files to work with, one of them is 50MB), and if they like it a lot then it’ll be printed up and they’ll split the profits 50/50.

Resist Today


Either way, there’s still resistance

by Andy on September 11, 2006

Iron-On Resistance, who I’ve written about before, have decided to change their name because people seemed to think that they were selling clothes with iron-on prints, when everything they sell is actually screenprinted in Tampa. Also, the name was a bit long, which is why they have changed their name to…

Resist Today

I like it, although to be completely honest I don’t really mind whats its called, as long as they continue producing their high quality designs.

So, update your bookmarks to


Updates on a weekend? I spoil you!

Josh & Dave from Iron-On Resistance got in touch to say that they’re having a clearance/sale on a load of stuff in their store.

The clearance is on products that are in their Sauver line, all of that line can be found on this page, but not necessarily everything on that page will be clearance prices. Their hoodie is down to $22 from $40 (if I remember correctly), and I really like this tee that has a graffiti stencil style to it.

Oh yeah, and their bags and wallets/purses (not that I’d carry a purse) look incredible.


Red Labor (sic), White Shirt

by Andy on April 4, 2006


In keeping with the weeks theme of branching out into new style of clothing (3/4 length long-sleeve, tee) and now a dress shirt. Josh over at Iron-on Resistance pointed me towards his site, which I’d seen a couple of months back, but I forgot to mention on here.

I quite enjoy wearing a dress shirt over a t-shirt when I go for a night out, so this meticulously detailed shirt really stood out for me. Maybe I’m really susceptible to advertising, but their description (“You’ll love it”) is pretty darned accurate.

If you get the chance take a look around the rest of the store, the wallets are really cool, it might be worth me changing my $1 New Found Glory wallet for something a bit more respectable.

Costiness=$100 URL here (only 4 made, so if you want it, get it).


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