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Voy-Voy Makes Business Fun [Hands on Review]

by Heather Abbott on September 3, 2012

New York t-shirt brand Voy-Voy is making casual menswear fun while contributing to our global society.

Finally, an indie brand has taken the popular printed pocket t-shirt to a new and exciting level. The difference? Voy-Voy’s shirt pocketing (not the topped on pocket itself, but the inside) is printed, so it works as a colorful surprise detail, but also as a pocket square – just pull the pocket lining outward and style!

For every Voy-Voy product sold, 10% of the sale is invested in micro-lending projects around the world. Micro-lending like the kind Voy-Voy is practicing can help build profitable small businesses for low-income people and can even help send kids to college. So, while you’re purchasing your rad t-shirt, you’re helping someone else in the world afford something, too – and that something could be life-changing.

As for the shirts themselves, the designs are simple and clean. A single-screen print can go a long way, and the touch of upper class in the embroidered logo and the printed pocket lining easily takes this style from streetwear to menswear.

The prints are made of environmentally neutral dyes, which means they cut down on the amount of toxic effluent that results from the synthetic dye process. The shirts are also sewn with hand-selected Peruvian cotton which proves to be more lightweight and breathable while still remaining more durable than other alternatives.

Overall, the product and shipment from Voy-Voy is top-shelf. They even included a personal note and a few stickers – a total win on my scoreboard of personal branding.

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Printmonkey Review

by Mr Four Fingers on August 22, 2012


Awhile ago I received an e-mail from Andy about checking Printmonkey out at their t-shirt launch in London. Between then and now I have eventually got round to posting this review. I had taken photos at the launch night but somehow they made their way off my computer (considering I have deleted my iTunes library before). [click to continue…]

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Zazzle Custom T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on August 20, 2012

Amy in her Custom Zazzle Tee

I had the pleasure of being offered to do my very own custom t-shirt on a few weeks ago and I was delighted to oblige.  For those of you unaware, Zazzle offers a variety of products from cards, postage, buttons, key-chains, mugs, pillows, napkins, pet tags (etc. etc. etc.).  I am honestly unsure how new the Custom T-shirt feature is on Zazzle but they offer screen printing and custom embroidery, no minimums, no set-up fees, 24 hour or less turnaround and t-shirts starting at $14.95.

I’m going to get right down to it.  I played around with the custom t-shirt feature for a while on their website.  You have the option of uploading your own artwork or photography OR creating your own custom text.  You get the choice of a variety of shirts, but not enough variety in my opinion.  The styles of blank shirts to choose from are scarce and a bit out-dated.  Zazzle has chosen some really basic blanks to work with, which I guess is fine for this additional custom t-shirt option on their website, but t-shirts are tricky.  It’s not like selecting a blank mug or key-chain, this is something I’m putting on my body and I’m assuming you’d want me to WANT to wear.  That aside, the pricing on the blanks themselves is quite ridiculous.  Being a clothing business owner myself and working with screen printing companies and wholesale companies; having years of work experience in the fashion industry, I can say that the pricing on Zazzle’s website for a blank alone starting at $14.95 is way too high.  That’s the price on a very basic unisex style t-shirt.  Move on over to a bit more trendy woman’s style and it’s already up to $19.95 (without my design even on it yet).

So let’s go to the “Customize It” area of the website after I’ve selected my style and color blank.  They’ve made their design area in an easy format so even the least computer savvy can figure it out, which is really nice and user friendly (see above photograph).  They give you several views of the shirt on a model and the color options for your shirt style are available at the bottom in case you want to check out how your design looks in a different shade.  They even give you the ability to switch styles of t-shirts while designing if perhaps your design just isn’t fitting properly on the one you chose.  This is all very nice.

My first attempt at customizing was I wanted to place a small photograph on the front of the shirt and do one word of text on the back.  Before I even checked the pricing (Zazzle had given me a $25.00 gift certificate to test this out) I played around with my image and text and couldn’t seem to get my photo to fit or crop right.  It appears the sizing area they give you to print on the front is very limited and thus left me with the only option of switching my entire concept because it was stretching and cropping my image weirdly.  After that idea failed, I decided maybe I should look at the pricing to make sure before I finish my design that I’m still within the $25.00 mark.  Well, color me stupid, adding the additional 1 word of text on the back added $5.00 more to the price.  Maybe I forgot to mention I had chosen a simple women’s bella white t-shirt (the only decent option for a girl) and it was $19.95 blank.  Let’s do the math people, this brought me to $24.95!  Ok, so I’m under $25, right?  What about shipping, I thought?  Maybe Zazzle comped that for me?  Nope.

After a much needed break from frustration I went back and started fresh.  Chose a Bella Ladies Fitted Tank in White which was $18.95. Let me interject that Zazzle should really redo their model shots.  The photos of the shirts on the models are not accurate at all.  The tank I received is extra long, the tank in the photo on the website is very short and boxy looking (nothing like what I received).  The product I received is actually very nice quality – but the photo does not show or demonstrate that which is why I was turned off to selecting it in the first place (see image below compared to photo of me wearing it).

I understand that they’ve tried to make the whole custom t-shirt feature area as simple as possible, but as I mentioned the styles aren’t flattering (or at least the photos of the styles aren’t making them look flattering), the color choices are definitely not appealing and you are very limited on where you can place your images or text.  If you were looking to have a lot of text, it’s not going to happen unless you want it real small.  The area that they allow text to go to, is not any lower then the middle of the shirt.  I have to give them props though for having a pretty wide variety of text styles which I had a ball playing around with.

With choosing the tank I placed 1 word of text on the front, now that I knew what I was working with (I still wasn’t happy I had to change my entire order) and then I went to checkout.  Lo and behold, another problem.  Apparently you cannot use a gift certificate without having an account and logging in (not so user friendly).  I did not know this until I contacted Zazzle, asked why it wouldn’t accept my gift certificate and they told me I needed to register for free to create an account (which personally, and I’m sure most of you can agree, I don’t like having to do if I feel it’s going to be a 1 time order).  So for a basic white tank with 1 simple word of text on the front plus shipping the cost got me to a couple cents under $25.00.  Very costly I’d say, and probably not something I’d be willing to do again unless they lower their pricing.

The truth is the truth though and the product came out superb!!  It arrived and it was a quality garment (Bella is top quality for women) and it was the perfect style tank.  Again, you wouldn’t know this by looking at the images which isn’t helpful because that is why the images of the models in the tees are there, for you to see how it fits and looks.  Well, here’s what mine looks like:

Chief is a nickname my grandfather was given and ironically people I work with started calling me it without having known that.  Couldn’t help but make a tee with my “title”!!

Note: The tank is pretty long that the bottom is cut out of the photo.  The image of me wearing it, I actually have it scrunched up a little because the tank is a bit see-through.

Zazzle, you definitely had some good qualities about your Custom T-Shirt Feature and some mishaps that I think are easily fixable.  Regardless, if you make the customizing and ordering process a little more delightful and easier, your product is already outstanding in the end! Best of luck to you & thank you much for allowing me to take the time to review your website & shirts!!


Post image for Teetsy T-shirt Review – Six Fun Tees You Don’t Want to Miss!

So, you can’t tell me that you don’t jump up and down when you see a new package of tees on your doorstep! Well maybe you don’t jump up and down like me, but I am sure you get a big smile on your face. This time my smile (and jumps) were extra big when Teetsy landed at my feet. First of all, it was a hefty package (SIX tees were nicely packed in there) and before I could even open it up, I noticed the sweet, hand-drawn details on the mailer – how cute is that? After anxiously taking photos, I pulled open the package to reveal the six tees – so nicely packed up, tied together in individual bundles, with the hang-tags placed in a way that could be seen as soon as you looked at each wrapped up tee. Not only are the hang-tags nicely designed with the fun logo prominently placed on each – that captured my attention immediately – but when you flip it over, the name of the tee and a message is handwritten on each one! Some might prefer typed/printed text rather than an actual handwritten message, but I prefer the latter; I find it to be a very personable touch to any brand, so thank you for that, Teetsy!

Let’s start to review the tees, shall we? The first is titled Arthel, designed by Jason Wyatt Frederick, (take a peek at his sketchbook!) Next we have The Plan and lastly, Three Stripes, both designed by owner of Teetsy himself, Scott Marvel! All three of these tees are obviously a women’s fit and they are all printed on blanks by Bella. (For you men out there, the men’s tees are printed on Anvil Organic). Arthel is on a very pretty leaf green blank and depicts a favorite of mine and classic bluegrass musician, Doc Watson, who sad to say, recently passed away. This illustration is nicely draw with a portrait of “Doc” placed on top of lyrics to his melancholy song, “St. James Hospital”. This is used as a perfect background to the illustration and it pays homage to this legend in the best of ways.

This next t-shirt is, like I said before, printed on a Bella fine jersey for us girls and on Anvil for the boys. The Plan, is one of those tees that has me puzzled and it also has me cringing at the thought of a pulled tooth, but that’s probably what it’s intended to do to the viewer – make them curious and slightly frightened! I think this design is appropriately set on a red tee – giving me the essence of blood, perfect to add to the cringing.

Next, Three Stripes, is printed on a deep heather fine jersey and I can’t say this t-shirt attracts my taste in design, being as it’s very simple and the print doesn’t pop out as much as I would prefer, but it’s three horizontal, painterly stripes are interesting of course. As for the fit of these tees, they all fit tight, which makes me think they run a little small, but they aren’t uncomfortable at all. In fact they are soft and they don’t become see-through like some of the tighter tees I own. The print is nicely done, as you can see from the up-close photos I took for you (click the photos, please, you must see the print closer and bigger to see the quality!) My only complaint is that in person the print on the Three Stripes tee is very hard to see so from a distance it looks just like a plain dark t-shirt, but maybe it’s intended to be a surprise to the viewer as they get closer to you!

Next to show you are these two tees; first Bill’s, and the second is titled Lonly and BOTH, once again, are designed by the owner, Scott Marvel. It’s nice to see an owner of a brand designing a majority of the products in their shop! These hand-screened tees are on Anvil fine jersey blanks, though Lonly is on the Anvil Organic for those who are interested. When I look at Bill’s, well… it just makes me hungry with it’s diner-style menu board placed smack in the middle of the tee with splashes of red spotted throughout. Give me a grilled cheese please!

As for Lonly, it makes me opposite of lonely, indeed. With his big, hairy grin and lopsided eyes, he makes me genuinely smile. I like the scratchy texture of his fur and the vertical lines of the trees in the background give this tee an interesting pattern for your eyes to gaze upon. When I tried these tees on, I noticed they are a bit shorter on me than most tees – shorter and wider and the sleeves are larger. So in general, the Anvil blanks are a good fit, but don’t fit quite as well as the Bella from the first three tees. The print quality is nice and soft to the touch – I can tell they were printed with love by Teetsy.

Okay! One last tee to throw at you readers! This one is probably my favorite out of the bunch, so let’s save the best for last, hm? This one, Nun Rabbit, is illustrated by Carolyn Figel (go take a look at her work, it’s fun) and this tee is, once again, hand-screened with love, I can tell. The thing is, this tee is really fun and it speaks to me. Why?: 1.) I love the quirky design having a nun with giant, sharp teeth and bunny ears – it gets noticed, that’s for sure. 2.) It’s printed on a lovely lavender blank (one of my favorite colors) and 3.) It’s printed on an American Apparel fine jersey tee – yet another favorite of mine. Oh and Teetsy states on their site that for this print you can “custom order any damn color you want it on!” So that’s another plus, huh? Also, if you’ve read my reviews before, you know I love the fit and quality of American Apparel blanks, so I am sure you already know what I am going to say: it’s comfy and it’s a great fit all over, A+!

Teetsy has a good selection of designs, as well as a good range of different blanks and colors. Also, being a fan of poster art, I want to make sure all you HYA readers not only take a look at the tees they offer, but also the prints available in the shop – here’s a couple of my favorites:

Before I go, I want to thank you Teetsy for letting me review your tees, and especially such a great number of them! Also, thanks to all the HYA readers, we appreciate you greatly!

Keep in touch with Teetsy: Facebook, Twitter


Post image for Vespertine Machine – T-shirts and Tanks Review!

Coming home from a long day of exhausting, sugary work at the bakery, I am worn out and craving something to brighten my day, and what happened? I hopelessly sway up to the front door, but, alas, my eyes light up when I saw Vespertine Machine peering back at me! Before I can even open the door, I am ripping open the mailer… excitedly pulling each piece out, one by one. Each product is wrapped in plastic, which is always a very nice, professional touch, but not only that, each bag is marked with a Vespertine logo sticker. After removing all the apparel, taking photos of the packaging, and admiring the tees and tanks, I then notice there’s more – the package also has a business card and stickers thrown in, and you know how much I like that stuff.

The first I want to show you is this cute tank – Midnight Mischief is it’s name and it’s designed by Mike Shea. This cute design features little raccoons having some mischievous fun, it just makes me smile. You can almost see the toilet paper as it is flying over and over the Police car and the eggs splattering on the side. This design makes me want to go out and cause some trouble (just kidding!) I know, I know, what is the print and fit like? Well it’s printed on a white American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey Cotton tank top. It is a longer length tank on me, which I am fond of, and fits me well, except in the chest area where it puckers at the straps of the tank (meaning a bustier girl may fit this tank a lot better!) The tank, since it is white, is a bit see through, but not enough to make me not want to wear it, but enough for me to notice. I also can’t forget to point out the print is very good: even, soft, not thick at all and that goes for all the other three pieces in this review as well.  Oh and another interesting add on, this being the Vespertine logo printed on the back of each tee. I love when brands add their logo to the tee somewhere that isn’t overpowering to the design… it was a pleasant surprise when I flipped each tee over, of course!

My next to review is a cropped tee titled The Social Network designed by Matthew Wade and, it’s hard to see in the photos, but it is printed on a crème colored blank, which is oh so appealing. The design is pretty stunning as well, it’s especially nice up close with it’s very thin lines and gorgeous mark making. The blank itself is another American Apparel 50/50, which means it’s very, very soft – soft and flows on the body and just feels really good. It fits loose, but it’s obviously meant to be over-sized and loose to accent the style and the art on the tee – giving it an indie feeling. I am not a huge fan of cropped tees on me, but I am a fan of the art on this one, so my only recommendation would be to offer this lovely design on a tee or tank for those of us not in favor of wearing cropped tops so willingly!

The next tee I want to present to you is one titled Medication Nation, designed, once again, by Mike Shea. As for the design, I really dig it. It’s simple, yet the pills sporadically placed to form a figure is quite intriguing, as well as the fade at the bottom of the figure – it’s somewhat eerie seeing the figure disappearing as your eyes move down the tee, and that is what attracts me. The very first thing I noticed was how soft the blank is – I knew it had to be a good one. I immediately checked the tag, and yes, a good one; it’s printed on a silver American Apparel 50/50, which is probably one of my favorite blanks to wear because of it’s softness and it just feels good all around. The fit is good, being a unisex size small, it fits me a little bigger than I am used to, having longer sleeves and longer length, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it. (Though the funny thing is, my sister swiped this one from me she liked it so much – it fits her really well!)

Last of the review is another tank top, this one designed by Mikey Buchanan is titled Sleep When You’re Dead. I want to express how much I love this design; I love the message, the graphics, the blank color, the details – it all works really well together. The design not only features nice contrast in the design and an interesting typeface, but I also like how Vespertine Machine is placed below the design, which not only gives credit to the brand, but it also balances the art. This one is like the other tank, it’s printed on American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey, but this one is printed on a gray/silver blank, which compliments the design really well. Again, this tank fits me like the other tank – a good fit, but a little baggy near the top. I must mention, when I received this tank, it was a bit stained, possibly spent too long in the dryer at the printers. After contacting Vespertine, a new tank was sent out to me without any hardship or aggravation! Also, we’ve asked Vespertine Machine about the condition of the rest of the tanks and they have checked them and they don’t have the same problem, so nothing to worry about. I mean, we all know, accidents can happen! It’s the way they are dealt with that counts, and Vespertine was easy and professional.

Thanks to you, Vespertine Machine for giving me the opportunity to review your products (I’m wearing Sleep When You’re Dead, right this second!) And of course, thanks to all of the HYA readers out there!

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life in plastiq iphone case review

Time for something a little bit different from the usual cotton-based items that we see on HYA, iPhone cases. You may be cocking an eyebrow and wondering if I chose to take this review just because I wanted a new case for my beloved iPhone, but there’s actually a lot more crossover here than you would think. Much like t-shirts, a few companies dominate the iPhone case marketplace, and many of those cases tend to be utilitarian and not particularly inspiring when it comes to design, which is why it’s good that there are people out there like Life in Plastiq who are making really interesting cases with attractive and arty designs on them. And yeah, I thought it would be cool to have something to jazz up my phone!

Life in Plastiq are hunting out designers that they like (often designers from the t-shirt world, they have a couple of Threadless alumni in their catalogue), but they do also operate a design competition to find new talent and designs to go on their cases. Winning designers are paid $200 upfront and then 15% off sales up to a cap of $1,500. With the success of design competitions in the clothing world it’s hardly surprising that someone has seen a gap in the market with a design contest for iPhone cases since they are perfectly sized for artwork and as something that people carry around with them just about 24/7 they are something that people want to customise to express themselves.

The cases themselves add little bulk to the phone, made of a hard plastic that I think it would take a decent amount of effort to break when off your phone (I did bend one with my hands but it just felt wrong to try and break it, and it did spring right back into shape), if it’s on your phone I don’t see any way in which it could break. Fitment is nice and tight, there’s no small gaps at any point around the edges, which means it does a good job of not letting dust in, after a couple of weeks in my pocket when I switched from one case to the other there wasn’t much dust back there, much less than with my Griffin case. The dock connector isn’t obstructed, and nor is the headphone jack in the top, which is a problem I had with the case for the GoPano, which was a bit annoying that every time I wanted to use my headphones (and the only time I do that is the gym or in my car, and the gym is a fairly high risk area for phone droppage), so it’s good that this case doesn’t require removal for any normal usage of the phone.

If you want something that will make for a shockproof you have to go up to a much larger case but that is of course going to be something to consider with any case of this style which doesn’t add too much to the form factor of the phone. Personally, I feel that it provides enough protection, I’m a bit clumsy and have dropped it on the wooden floor in my house a couple of times and whilst my heart was in my mouth there was not visible damage to the phone and it’s still working fine, which is all you can hope for from a case as far as I can tell. With the cases being high gloss they can get small scratches on them. After a couple of weeks with mine in my pocket (the same pocket as my keys) it has developed some small scratches. You have to look for them, and they aren’t deep at all, but it’s worth mentioning that over time that they could become noticeable on the sparser designs, the patterned designs will show up any scratches much less. This isn’t an issue that’s specific to LiP cases, very few cases are scratch resistant, and of course the case is there so that it gets scratched and not your expensive iPhone.

The designs are completely subjective, different strokes for different folks and all that, but I think that if you’re the kind of person to visit and read Hide Your Arms then you would find something to like amongst the designs which are available at the moment. Hopefully that speaks a lot of the quality of artists they’ve been attracting in these early days and is something that they can maintain as the move along.

Price wise you are looking at $19 for a case, and that includes free worldwide shipping, which I think is about right considering that with every sale there is money going to the artist, and I do like that connection that when you buy something you support an independent artist even though you’re buying from a larger company (not that Life in Plastiq are huge, but you know what I mean). However, at the moment they’re actually running a massive sale which they just extended to July 8th, in which everything in store is half price, so you can have an artist designed case for your iPhone 4/4S for $9.50 all in, which seems like a pretty great deal to me.


Motivate Clothing T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on July 3, 2012

Motivate Clothing Company

I was so excited when I got home from work a couple nights ago as my mom places all my mail on my work desk and I was pleasantly surprised to find amongst all my bills was a pretty package from Motivate Clothing Company.  Still fairly new to blogging on here, this will be my very first review and this is the perfect company for me to start with!

Let me begin with the customized poly-bag mailer that Motivate’s clothing arrived in, was not only sophisticated but simple and classy.  A slick black bag with a gold circle logo yet with a handwritten return address label.  Though you’d assume that if a company is spending the money for custom mailers they’d splurge for a custom return label – yet I have to say it was a nice personal touch.  Owning my own clothing company I actually do the opposite – no custom mailer but a custom return label.  Hey, personally I think either way balances the scale nicely!

I had no idea what shirt I was getting but I had secretly mentioned to Andy that I was kind of obsessed with the Fingerstache T-shirt off their website.  Well what do you know, I ripped open the package and I guess a little birdie squealed on me or it was fate, because exactly what I wanted was inside!!

I reached in and grabbed what items were floating around and what I ended up pulling out totally made me laugh.  Alongside a small zip baggie of custom buttons was a small baggie of Warheads!! Yes, the candy!  I burst into laughter because well as a second job aside from running my own business I am a Nanny.  A few days ago I confiscated a HUGE bag of Warheads from the kids to which I had absolutely no idea where they got them from and they had no idea I took them away and hid them with my own stash of food.  So when I pulled out a small baggie of Warheads, it was just too ironic and I couldn’t help but chuckle.  Needless to say aside from the buttons and candy there was also a lot of stickers and business cards.  I’m not sure how I feel about a bag of candy placed in with my clothing item.  I mean if they send that out with all the orders, I’d just worry that if the package sits too long in a hot area, those things melt.  Even though they have them in a small ziplock bag, I’d still be concerned that it’d melt, leak and/or ruin the stickers or even worse, the clothing.

I really do enjoy when a company takes the time to include a little hand-written note in the package.  It really adds to the charm and appeal of an indie brand.  Of course Motivate Clothing didn’t disappoint and sent me a small hand-written note with an awesome discount code that I predict I’ll be using in the near future!  It was a nice touch as well as throwing in the clothing companies business card and the owner’s personal business card.  I’m not sure if this is done in every package or was just for me but Cory (the owner/designer/creative director at Motivate) has some pretty rad business cards!! (Check them out in the above photo ie: Witty Walrus haha)

My only reservation about the little extras companies include in a package is ‘less is more’.  Again, I’m not sure if some of these items were thrown in just for me being that I blog and am a fellow business owner and were for my personal keeping or they’re included in every package but I mean I would have been satisfied with 1 or 2 stickers; 5 might have been over-doing it.  Then again, who can ever have enough stickers, right?

Now onto the design, Fingerstache!  Motivate Clothing Company donates 10% of proceeds from each different shirt to a particular cause.  I really love this about them and think it makes shopping a bit more fun knowing that you’ll be somehow contributing to a meaningful cause meanwhile having a keepsake that you can wear.

Fingerstache’s proceeds (10%) are donated to Movember.  Movember is where men usually don’t shave for the whole month of November to raise funds and awareness for men’s health; specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.  Having been unaware (because I didn’t read their website description when I first noticed the shirt saying how much I liked it) what this particular design stands for, after reading the hang-tag on my shirt that Motivate so cleverly includes, I was very very pleased.  Some of these particular heath issues and cancers hit close to home for me which made this shirt that much more meaningful to me!

I like buying t-shirts that have an incredible product description or that have a really great/deep meaning so this is a definite 2 thumbs-up for me for Motivate donating to such great causes.  Check out their website to see what other causes they donate to and which shirt belongs to which!!  Very inspiring and motivational (pun intended).

Overall the t-shirt was super-soft and the design simple yet creative.  I’m not sure if it bothers me or I like the fact that the hand on the shirt reminds me of those clip-art directional hands.  You know what I’m talking about.  Either way this design is meant to be simple with the emphasis on the stache on the finger and I thoroughly enjoy it.  The shirt is a dark grey and the print is a lighter grey.  Looking on their website the shirt looks black which may be slightly confusing for some because they don’t have an actual product photograph up.  I have to say though the one thing that I was a bit sad about was that this is a unisex fit t-shirt and I love the design so much that I wish it were on a women’s fit for myself so I would be more willing to wear it on a daily basis.  I wear a lot of t-shirts to work and out and about but only if they fit me nicely and usually unisex ones I save for when I’m at home lounging or sleeping.  Even though it’s a small it fits me pretty large and I’m sort of hoping if I wash it once or twice I’ll shrink it enough to want to wear out – though it’ll never fit like an actual women’s t-shirt fits, so that’s a bummer and really the only downfall.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Motivate Clothing Co. and what they come out with next and more importantly what cause it’ll be for.  Their shirts are only $20.00 and are top quality!  I love what they’re doing and will be ordering from them in the future hopefully for myself if they produce some women’s cuts :) !!  Be sure to check out their website  for a shirt that may inspire or hit close to home for you.

Thanks for the awesome tee & goodies Motivate!!

Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter as well – I know I will be!


Post image for Triangle Motif: Mulga T-shirt Series Review!

Triangle Motif, a brand all the way in lovely Sydney, Australia, was kind enough to send on over to me three tees from their Mulga Series – and I must say, these tees are spectacular. Should I just end the review there? No no, I have just way too much to say about this brand!

I heard the doorbell ring and of course I ran to the door only to hear a “smack!” I think the mailman literally rang the doorbell and without a second thought he threw my package on the front step and once I opened up the door he was already in his truck, racing away. I tell you this story, because I then looked down to see that my Triangle Motif package had been ripped and a bit of a tee was popping out. I can’t be sure, but either the mailman is too rough OR the packaging needs to be a bit thicker, just in case someone rudely and roughly handles the mailer when they are in a bad mood or in a rush, because, let’s face it, it happens.

Inside were three tees, as well as stickers with the Triangle Motif website boldly (and quite largely) printed! I pulled out the t-shirts and at first glance, I was very confused because the tees looked to be three times my size, but that was my fault – I was unclear of the fit of these tees, they are meant to be longer and have a lower neckline – an indie fit blank from a brand called As Colour which is always experimenting with different cuts and styles. So what did I do next? I tried them all on of course! They are very, very soft blanks and the long fit, being part of the style, is something I felt really good in from the very start (I want more!) The print is perfect, consistent, and soft – all the best qualities when it comes down to it! (Remember to click the photos to see a bigger, closer, more detailed image.)

The first of the three is titled, Blue Blood, which I am wearing (very happily) at the top of the review. What I really like about this design is the overall expression of the character; he looks rich and proud of it, but he also looks a bit deranged, (and the deranged part is what I like best.) The black print on white certainly pops out creating a lovely contrast and the elegant lines that create his face remind me of the contour of muscles you would see in some sort of medical book, which is intriguing, needless to say. My eyes go straight to those lines, that are almost organic unlike the other details on the design. These vine-like lines lead my eyes to the other fine details, as well as the bigger details – you can’t beat a top hat, a bow-tie and a monocle! Another plus to this design is the Mulga logo printed inconspicuously on the shoulder of the character – it’s there faintly, but it’s not too blatant to take away from the composition. One last detail, and of course if you know me and my reviews, then you know I have to point out that Triangle Motif has custom sewn on tags on each of these tees, displaying their logo and the size, can’t beat that.

This next tee is simply called, The Captain, and with his nautical hat, pipe, and massive beard, this Captain obviously brings a smile to my face (how couldn’t he?) Once again, the print is black and bold against the white and like in the other designs, the use of the lines to form a face is just brilliant. Oh, and we can’t forget about the beard, it is mesmerizing; it’s a teardrop shape duplicated over and over to form a gorgeous, detailed texture that practically takes up a good portion of the design, which is not a bad thing at all. I also appreciate how the whole Mulga Series incorporates the same details, but in a different way each time to form a distinct character. This makes the series unified, but each design has it’s own emotion attached to it. Another unifying feature to the series is the Mulga logo that appears on each tee, but this time it is placed sweetly on a charming, little cloud.

This last one, Afroman, is even hairier than The Captain! Once again, that’s surely not to be taken as a bad thing – that hair brings a lot of detail to the overall design. This character feels like he is moving, with the waving lines in his face to the spirally hairs on his head, he’s coming to life. He fits in quite nicely with the other two characters in the Mulga series, though he has less solid black features on him (hat or pipe or monocle) he still brings a lot to the series, that’s for sure.

I can’t forget about the artist, can I? I must point out that these three tees were designed by Joel Moore, also known as Mulga, hence the name of the series! I took a peek at his work, it’s certainly fun to look at and, as you can tell from my review, I am a BIG fan now. Keep in touch with Mulga on Twitter, Facebook, and his Blog!

So, I think I have made it clear that I adore Triangle Motif and I would go out of my way to recommend them. The brand is unique with it’s unusual style of blanks, with a cut that gives it that indie vibe that compliments the art so well. Not only that, I find that the professional details of the brand insist I be attracted to them… obviously along with those details, the artwork is what captivates me the most – I love art, what can I say?

Thanks Triangle Motif!

Keep up with Triangle Motif: Facebook, Tumblr, Website

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Post image for Ekozania: Where Art and Style Collide – T-shirt and Tank Review!

Ekozania arrived on my doorstep, two tees and a tank to be exact, and of course I was more than happy to review such a generous package of samples. First of all, they all came individually wrapped in plastic, so they felt nice and new as I opened up each tee. Another fine touch was the stickers holding the plastic packaging together with Ekozania’s logo, as well as shirt size clearly printed. Printing your logo places that are memorable is a good touch in my opinion. Once the package was opened, I was greeted by a number of stickers, as well as a personal note to me, and if you know me, you know these personal touches are the way to get on my good side!

I couldn’t wait any longer, and tried on this first tee titled, Purple Bird. It’s an image that’s made simply by the use of the the word “Ekozania” over and over to form a bird. It didn’t strike me as something I would want to wear (at first), until I actually put the tee on and I felt quite good in it. The fit is nice and tight, but not too tight. I think I am mainly attracted to it’s fitted look and v-neck which makes it very feminine and sometimes I do want to feel more feminine while wearing tees – it’s the best of both worlds.

Next the tank top, Wake. Build. DESTROY. Repeat, is a lovely tank that I wear very often (and it’s pictured on me at the very top of the review, don’t I look happy?) It is a nice fit and with it’s metallic text, it adds an element that appeals to me. Plus I am a sucker for tanks, especially since I live near the beach – they’re perfect for those hot, summer days; perfect and cute. Like I said, I love the fit and it’s still in great condition even after a couple washes, but the print is a little inconsistent in places, yet nothing I would be upset about – if anything, it adds to the design.

The last of Ekozania’s samples to review is this white tee titled, Sunglasses, with it’s focus being a pair of simple sunglasses, hence the name obviously. I like the simple silhouette of the sunglasses, but all in all this tee does not captivate me like the other two do. I think it’s a bit too simple for my tastes. Also I usually fit in a small tee quite nicely, but this one is a bit too tight for my liking (as you can tell by my messy hair, it was a struggle putting it on!) Also being as it is a white tee and tight, it’s obviously a bit see-through as well, so keep that in mind. I do love the discrete placement of “Ekozania” on the arm of the sunglasses, nice touch there!

One thing I would have liked to have seen with this brand is a tag; either a hanging logo tag, a custom printed tag or sewn on tag, something to make Ekozania stand out amongst the others. It also adds a bit of personality to the branding and adds a professional touch to the brand, in my opinion. I think I have said this every single review – the tiny details make a brand unforgettable to me.

Overall, I do find myself liking and wearing the tank and the Purple Bird tee quite a lot, so thanks for the opportunity to review your products, Ekozania!

Keep in touch with Ekozania: Shop, Facebook, Twitter

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Post image for Victory Clothing T-shirt Review – Four Tees That Took Me By Surprise!

I received a generous package of samples from Victory Clothing – I picked it up off my doorstep and was immediately happy (indeed it was heavy!) First of all, Victory Clothing packed up their products very nicely in a regular envelope, and the tees were also packaged in plastic, which is a good touch. I would love to have seen a logo or some sort of custom printed envelope since I am a fan of that sort of thing, but Victory Clothing didn’t disappoint – they added some logo stickers and a postcard/business card to the package, as well as a personal note which always perks my attention.

All of Victory Clothing’s designs are nicely executed with complex, multi-layered arrangements and fine details within compositions that are energetic, somewhat eerie, but also are full of life. Honestly, this sort of design and style usually does not appeal to me, but after trying on each of Victory Clothing’s tees, I forgot all about that, and was surprised when I started becoming really attached to them, especially the fitted, women’s tees, because they feel really, really good on me and I have been wearing them constantly (and getting compliments!)

Blue Rose (shown below) is the first tee I tried on and it fits amazingly; the v-neck adds a lot of femininity to the tee, which I yearn for since I don’t own many v-neck tees that have good art on them. Also the design is placed in a attractive way that hugs the body just right, and it’s hard not to notice the beautiful aqua blue color with the black print and white highlights, and looking close-up one can see it’s printed evenly and is nothing but quality. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the custom printed tag (on each and every tee) which screams professionalism and I also find it a nice touch that Victory Clothing cleverly places their logo amongst most of their designs and it’s refreshing to see that it doesn’t take away from the overall art.

This next tee, Sword of Victory pictured below, fits me, but it’s a bit big on me because obviously it’s a Men’s tee. I am not a big fan of skulls and swords or a mix of both, but I can see several others being charmed by it, especially with it’s grungy, dark style. The print is well done; soft and not too thick and I would also like to point out that this design is printed quite big, utilizing the space on the t-shirt area to it’s full potential.

Only Live Once, shown below and on me at the very top of the review, took me by surprise! At first glance, I did not think I would like this particular style t-shirt, but once it was on me, I didn’t want to take it off. With it’s ostentatious style, (which usually doesn’t appeal to me – remember I am picky), it instantly became one of my favorites, which like I said, was a big surprise to me. I am particularly taken by it’s unusual burnout style blank, I don’t own a single one like it (until now), and it fits me just the way I like; I know a lot of females would agree with me if they slipped this particular tee on. Again, this one is printed quite nicely and the textured pink blank combined with yellow, white, and black ink mesh really well together – it’s a wild style, yet adding the pink makes it pretty and feminine as well!

This last tee, Roman, is on a heather gray blank and it’s super soft and comfy, plus it’s printed very nicely (like I have said plenty of times before in this review!) I do quite like how the placement of the design is pushed to one side, it creates appeal to the viewer and even without color, the artist creates an interesting piece of art AND once again, this print like most of Victory’s is BIG BIG BIG!

So how would I sum up Victory Clothing? The tees are quality in print and fit, with designs that appeal to the those who are a bit adventurous and looking for tees that radiate a lively, but somewhat edgy style. Overall, I like Victory Clothing and will be keeping an eye out for what’s to come (and I will keep each and every one of you updated too, no doubt about that!)

ALSO, Geoff at Victory Clothing, was kind enough to offer a discount to all you Hide Your Arms readers – Put in code, “LeahHideYourArms” at checkout in the store to receive 15% off your order! Thanks a lot, Geoff, we definitely appreciate that!

Keep in touch with Victory Clothing: Facebook, Twitter, Shop


Colus – Review of Hunter and Wise Owl

by Mr Four Fingers on May 7, 2012

Colus - Hunter

I’m thankful for being part of Hide Your Arms because every so often I’m introduced to a new brand that impresses me and Colus is one of those very brands. As soon as I saw Colus Hunter design (above) I could feel some deep rhythm stir inside me, something raw and totally awesome. Ok maybe a bit heavy but let me just say that Colus has got skills and has instantly become one of my favourite designers.

I received the t-shirts in a bespoke white envelope with enigmatic eye symbol printing in black . The eye symbol is a device used by Colus used to represent morality. Packaging is the first impression and it’s always good to see the effort. This ‘morality’eye design can also be purchased as a t-shirt called ‘We Are What We Do’. Layered inside the envelope were my two -t-shirts Hunter and Wise Owl (sealed separately) and a mission statement card nicely printed up with a personal note written on the back. I’m a firm believer in personal touches.

Both designs are single colour screen prints on American Apparel so make sure you follow the care instructions properly to get the most from the fabric. We were taking the photographs at night and the flash was popping off the t-shirt making it look intensely white. The designs in the Colus range are simple and bold, Hunter being particularly striking. If you don’t like attention then this t-shirt is not for you.

The fit of Hunter on me is great and the soft fabric feels really good. Craig, featured wearing Wise Owl, says it fits well and being an American Apparel white t-shirt it’s slightly on the thin side as you could see his tattoo faintly. All t-shirts are printed on American Apparel.

I had a good time reviewing Colus t-shirts and focused on being as non-biased as possible which was easy because the product is pretty good. You can purchase one of these t-shirts over at his online store for $26 and you can even check out his latest jewellery release.



Post image for New T-shirt Review – TshirtBordello’s Star Trek Tees: Clever, Funny and with Quality!

First of all, am I a Trekkie? Ah, probably not, but I am a fan and do watch Star Trek – I very much enjoy it when I am in that certain type of sci-fi (nerdy) mood. I would like to classify myself more so as a lover of the old school, classic Star Trek, and with that said, I pick Kirk. (So maybe I am a Trekkie…) So enough about me, let’s talk about the TWO Star Trek themed tees I received to review from the funny t-shirt brand, TshirtBordello!

I can’t say I am a huge fan of parody tees or pop-culture tees, I tend to be a bit picky, but I am definitely outnumbered when it comes to others in that way – most everyone loves a good laugh and especially if you can wear it! I think these two tees are very clever; one being a play on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians to mimic the race of Cardassians in Star Trek: The Next Generation… I believe that’s when the Cardassians are first introduced… Anyway, I definitely am not a fan of the Kardashians, (why are they famous again?), but of course this design is a cute and clever way to incorporate the two and most Star Trek fans would immediately get the reference. The second tee is my favorite of the two, mainly because Bones, or Leonard McCoy, is my favorite character and I just enjoy the classics, can’t help it. Plus, TshirtBordello adds a clever spin to the tee adding the text “The Real McCoy”, which is just perfect if you know his character!

After giggling at the designs for a few moments (in a good way), I then put on the tees, they both feel great – there’s no doubt about that because they are printed on super soft American Apparel blanks. I would like to note that TshirtBordello prints all their women’s tees on 100% cotton American Apparel, while the men’s tees are printed on 100% cotton Gildan. No offense to Gildan, but I am very happy to be a female right now; I prefer American Apparel blanks – they seem to always fit me just right and have never failed me. As for the actual print, it’s nice! Soft, not thick at all, and I appreciate that everything at TshirtBordello is screen-printed which, let’s face it, is the best way.

Taking a peek or two at the site, TshirtBordello has a good range of funny, nerdy, and parody tees and also makes available a few t-shirts on the artsy side, so there’s something for everyone. Another good thing, the prices are not high at all, ranging from $14.99 to $15.99, which is reasonable for the variety of designs offered along with the nice blank and print quality. I would like to also add that the site is easy to navigate and is very personable by adding funny captions and descriptions of the tees, while being very informative, all at the same time – I like personality in a company, especially one that offers so much, makes you feel at home when looking for the perfect tee and I can see that quality in TshirtBordello.

Overall, I recommend TshirtBordello to all those who love funny, nerdy, pop-culture tees, but who also appreciate a nice quality blank and print. If that’s you, then this is certainly the place for you to go!

Keep in touch with TshirtBordello: Facebook, Twitter, Shop


Post image for T-Shirt Review of Catalyst from Fullbleed and Happy Birthday, Rob!

Fullbleed is a well known name around the t-shirt community and everywhere for that matter, and if you haven’t heard of Rob Dobi, the man behind Fullbleed, and the wonderful tees he creates, then you’re really missing out. Extremely happy (and lucky) was I to be the one to receive a tee to review, The Catalyst, one of nine new tees from Fullbleed’s Series 12 now available – Liam, one of  HYA’s very own, blogged about the new line, take a peek if you haven’t already! Another fun fact, it’s Rob Dobi’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you Rob, and shouldn’t you be the one getting presents, instead of me – this tee is a gift, that’s for sure, and it lives in my favorite t-shirt pile from now on.

So, when the tee arrived, I ripped open the package, took out the t-shirt and just admired – the usual routine, but with this tee, a lot of things jumped out to me as special (it’s like Fullbleed knew exactly what I like.) I was eager to put it on; super soft, vintage black, tri-blend, what’s not to love? But before I put it on, I did admire it up close and personal – it smells very nice (I might be odd, but that’s always a plus to me), the print, even up close, is flawless and the ink is quite soft right out of the package. I then put it on and it fit like a dream… like most tri-blends, it moves with you and never feels stiff or uncomfortable. I love it when a tee company makes tri-blends available, because I know quite a few other t-shirt collectors/fans that would agree that tri-blends are their preferred blank. Fullbleed definitely is one of those companies – offering tri-blends, as well as 50/50s, which are almost as good, in my opinion. A nice added touch is the custom tag silk-screened directly on the tee; printed boldly and clearly is the logo, the size of the tee, how to care for it, website, all the basics while adding “Garment made and printed sweatshop free in the USA”, which is a lovely bit of information for the customer that cares.

Not only do I find the fit and print to be spot on, I grow more and more attached to the actual design. Nothing is more gorgeous to me than a black tee with a combined blue and red design – those colors on the dark background pop and become bright and beautiful… but the center of attention has to be the burst of white. Thoughtfully placed within the design, it’s sparks of light reflect to reveal the figure welding to create the glow, who quite possibly could be the “catalyst” as the title suggests or maybe more as I am not quite familiar with welding, but from what I know it can be dangerous. I feel as though my eyes go straight to the figure, working hard to create a stunning, burst of light, then my eyes expand to the lovely explosions that are reminiscent of fireworks – it’s as though I can see them still exploding and this is just a snapshot of something immense that is taking place. I admire the message that such a dangerous and challenging action such as welding, can create something rewarding and gorgeous and, not only that, I admire the shape that the sparks and the composition are making as a whole; it almost results into a shape of a heart that hugs the body just right – but that might just be me seeing hearts, because I obviously love this tee so much.

As you can tell, I really appreciate this t-shirt and undoubtedly am a fan of FullBleed. I recommend owning a tee (or two, or three) from him, because it’s clear to me Rob Dobi loves what he does and I can tell through the work and detail in each design, as well as the quality and my experience as a whole with this tee.

Keep in touch with Fullbleed: Twitter, Facebook, Blog

Oh and one last thing, remember to wish Rob a Happy Birthday!


Post image for SpeakEasy T-shirt Review and It’s Pandamonium!

I was more than happy the other day when opening my mailbox and seeing SpeakEasy staring right back at me! As I walked back to my house, excited and eager, I ripped open the mailer to reveal Pandamonium, a tee that immediately touched my heart – my favorite animal, a panda (and a heavy metal looking panda at that.) I love pandas, I love heavy music… so you can see why I enjoy this tee. Obviously Kiss inspired, this panda has a bold look and definitely is compelling with it’s splash of red, as well as it’s wild expression, messy fur and it’s hard not to notice, but very necessary, massive tongue.

Before I tried it on (which is usually within seconds of opening the package), I was distracted by the cool tags and stickers. Goodies like these are always a plus to me – an added bonus and fun surprise! The tag on the shirt has their logo and cleverly shows the size of the tee. A nicely designed paper tag with the logo and their website clearly printed on it is held onto the t-shirt by a SpeakEasy logo button; to me that’s a very, very nice touch.

Of course I then flipped over the paper tag and was instantly smiling when I found out that when you purchase this particular tee from SpeakEasy, they donate 15% of their profits to Pandas International (an organization dedicated to ensuring the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda.) As a matter of fact, SpeakEasy donates to an assorted number of organizations depending on what tee attracts you; it’s really refreshing to see a brand so dedicated to linking their tees to such a great cause.

After admiring the bonuses that came with the t-shirt, I then put it on! I quite like the fit – not too tight, not too loose. The blank itself is soft and feels good to the touch. The print is a just a bit stiff, but certainly after a wash or two that will all change. What really got my attention was the logo printed on the back shoulder, and not only is it the logo, but it’s slightly changed to fit the personality of the tee giving it that rocker edge. Well done, I say!

I  am pleased with SpeakEasy – I respect their mission and enjoy their style, so I plan on purchasing from them in the future. Though their tees are priced a bit high at $24.99 each, one has to remember a portion of it is going to a cause or organization and I would say that’s well worth it, don’t you?

Keep up with SpeakEasy: Facebook, Twitter, Blog


Post image for Review of Magick Outlaw’s Cool Tanks (and Tee) – Perfect for Spring and Summer!

I received a hefty package of samples from Magick Outlaw last week and without a doubt it made my day. This Philadelphia-based company asked me to review three tri-blend tanks from their Summer 2012 line, (one of which is The Summoner, pictured above), as well as a tri-blend tee which is already available for purchase in their shop. First of all, when I opened the box, I was greeted by creative, yet simple packaging that captivated me right away. All the products were wrapped in tissue paper and then placed on top was a postcard (with a nice, personal message to me on the back, which is always valuable in my eyes), but what got the most smiles out of me was the wax seals on two corners of the postcard. Details like this impress me without a doubt.

After I had admired the packaging, I ripped it all open to reveal the tanks and the tee and right away I was impressed by the quality, print, smell (yes I love to smell new tees) and the feel of each. I have taken photos of each tank and the tee to show the print quality to all you readers. As you can tell, it all looks very well done and trust me, it feels good to the touch as well – after a few washes the ink does become softer, like most tees.

The tri-blend tee, titled Shapeless Freaks, (pictured below) fits somewhat largely on me being as it is a Men’s small, but I have no problem with that because I do like to occasionally wear a loose fitting tee and this one is in no way too loose on me, so I will keep wearing it (and wearing it!) I like the design; utilization of simple shapes to create a design that is attractive to the eye and makes people intrigued – I certainly am. I love the small touches as well, like the Magick Outlaw logo on the sleeve and the custom printed tag, though somewhat disappointed the size isn’t printed as well, because I do sometimes like to check the size of my tees if need be and obviously that little sticker is not going to last, but again, that doesn’t overly bother me at all.

Rainbow, the tank I am wearing in the photo below, is gorgeous and colorful. Again, the logo is incorporated on the lower left hand corner of the tank and is quite elegantly placed. This tank fits quite nice and I feel quite nice in it, but I would like to stress to females that all these tanks do show a bit of skin and if you choose to wear a bra, it most likely will show. Most females have no problem showing a little skin in the chest area, but if you are in any way self conscious of that you could always layer or add a cardigan, no problem! I will not be wearing a cardigan or jacket – these tanks will be perfect for those hot, Summer days here at the beach where I roam.

The next tank, Herringboned, is a lovely shade of burgundy or cranberry with bold colors on top, which is probably what I like most about it. Oh, but not only that, I like the print on the back as well – what a nice, subtle surprise. Like most of their designs, the Magick Outlaw logo is incorporated into the design, but never over-powering the art.

Lastly, The Summoner tank (shown right below and pictured on me at the very top) is possibly my favorite of the bunch, simply because it is a well constructed design and it encompasses what I like most about this brand; the use of simple shapes to make pleasing and polished designs. This one incorporates black with a pop of red, which both look very good on the heather gray tri-blend and happily I see the logo appropriately placed on it, as well as bold text which very much adds to the design as a whole. One last small detail that I really love: the brim of the “Summoner’s” hat leads into the “M” of the type-face, bringing it all together very nicely.

All in all, I must say I am satisfied and happy with Magick Outlaw. Their customer service, packaging, overall quality and fit are what I look for when I am in search of tees, and trust me, I can be picky. I would also like to add that Magick Outlaw has a very nice lookbook worth checking out – quality photos of the products on pretty people, shot by Josh Pelta-Heller /

Keep up with Magick Outlaw:
, Facebook and, of course, visit their Magick Outlaw Store!


83 Mark Collective

by Matt on December 14, 2011

This review was suppose to go up a while ago and I want to apologize to Andrew at 83 Mark Collective for taking so long to get it up. He was nice enough to send me a free shirt (and painting!), so I should have been more diligent about getting this post up. Without further ado, here it is!

83 Mark Collective is an independent t-shirt line hailing from New York City. Not only are the shirts limited edition and hand printed, but so is all the packaging and hang tags. And the first 30 orders each year include a hand numbered and signed 4×6 water color painting. You can see all the dinosaurs that now have new homes in the boneyard. Mine is pictured below.

The reasonable price of $21.95 always includes free shipping! (in the United States)

These custom prints are done on heathered 6.1 0z 100% cotton pre-shrunk Gildan tees. Gildan is not usually my favorite blank, but this style is new to me and I definitely like it. Fits comfortably and true to size.

So if you like dinosaurs, hand printed limited edition t-shirts and being a part of someone’s dream, I recommend checking out 83 Mark Collective. I know Andrew will appreciate it.

“I want a unique experience when someone purchases my tees. I want them to know I put a lot of hard work and sweat into the company. Everything from the unique hangtags to garment colors and inks chosen. This has been a dream of mine and thank you for taking the time
to be a part of it.


Type – Eat Fast Die Young [Review]

by Abigail on November 30, 2011

I received a tshirt last week from Euan Gallacher of Type, a Scottish brand run by a talented graphic designer. It came with stickers and flyers (all beautifully designed) and in its own vacuum pack bag (like meat) which I was very impressed with, I have seen all manner of packaging but this was simple yet effective and assured me that the tshirt got to me in good condition.

The tshirt is Gildan Heavy Cotton, I wear a small and much prefer the fit of a small men’s shirt to a girl’s fitted tshirt, the design is striking, along with the rest of the designs on the Type shop (which can be seen here)

I am a sucker for brands that offer something a bit different like art, club nights or vinyl toys thrown into the mix and Type do stock a print but I think the brand could lean a lot more on the art aspect, as the designs are striking and would all make great prints!

Follow these links for more info on Type

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Adam over at I Am The Trend is really churning out the videos at the moment, meaning that this post is a double including two episodes of IAMTHETRENDTV.

First up is a short vid taking a look at a new print from Dance Party Massacre. I guess then when you’re looking at a piece of paper there’s not as much to discuss as a shirt. They’re well priced at $14.95 for a 3-colour screenprint, check out what Adam has to say.

Up next is a review of a clothing line I haven’t heard of before, Maintenance Clothing. In this video we find out if they have hit the ground running with their first shirt design.

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IAMTHETREND TV: Adam review Eternal CLothing

by Andy on September 24, 2011

Another solid review by Adam over at I Am The Trend, would you guys like to see me getting into video reviews? I don’t think of myself as being all that comfortable in front of the camera, but the only way to get better is practise, right?

IAMTHETREND TV: Eternal Clothing | I Am The Trend


IAMTHETRENDTV: Adam reviews Gnar City [Video]

by Andy on September 20, 2011

Another solid review from Adam over at IAMTHETREND, wish I was that comfortable in front of the camera!

IAMTHETREND TV: Gnar City T-Shirt Review


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