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Post image for T-Shirt Review of Catalyst from Fullbleed and Happy Birthday, Rob!

Fullbleed is a well known name around the t-shirt community and everywhere for that matter, and if you haven’t heard of Rob Dobi, the man behind Fullbleed, and the wonderful tees he creates, then you’re really missing out. Extremely happy (and lucky) was I to be the one to receive a tee to review, The Catalyst, one of nine new tees from Fullbleed’s Series 12 now available – Liam, one of  HYA’s very own, blogged about the new line, take a peek if you haven’t already! Another fun fact, it’s Rob Dobi’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you Rob, and shouldn’t you be the one getting presents, instead of me – this tee is a gift, that’s for sure, and it lives in my favorite t-shirt pile from now on.

So, when the tee arrived, I ripped open the package, took out the t-shirt and just admired – the usual routine, but with this tee, a lot of things jumped out to me as special (it’s like Fullbleed knew exactly what I like.) I was eager to put it on; super soft, vintage black, tri-blend, what’s not to love? But before I put it on, I did admire it up close and personal – it smells very nice (I might be odd, but that’s always a plus to me), the print, even up close, is flawless and the ink is quite soft right out of the package. I then put it on and it fit like a dream… like most tri-blends, it moves with you and never feels stiff or uncomfortable. I love it when a tee company makes tri-blends available, because I know quite a few other t-shirt collectors/fans that would agree that tri-blends are their preferred blank. Fullbleed definitely is one of those companies – offering tri-blends, as well as 50/50s, which are almost as good, in my opinion. A nice added touch is the custom tag silk-screened directly on the tee; printed boldly and clearly is the logo, the size of the tee, how to care for it, website, all the basics while adding “Garment made and printed sweatshop free in the USA”, which is a lovely bit of information for the customer that cares.

Not only do I find the fit and print to be spot on, I grow more and more attached to the actual design. Nothing is more gorgeous to me than a black tee with a combined blue and red design – those colors on the dark background pop and become bright and beautiful… but the center of attention has to be the burst of white. Thoughtfully placed within the design, it’s sparks of light reflect to reveal the figure welding to create the glow, who quite possibly could be the “catalyst” as the title suggests or maybe more as I am not quite familiar with welding, but from what I know it can be dangerous. I feel as though my eyes go straight to the figure, working hard to create a stunning, burst of light, then my eyes expand to the lovely explosions that are reminiscent of fireworks – it’s as though I can see them still exploding and this is just a snapshot of something immense that is taking place. I admire the message that such a dangerous and challenging action such as welding, can create something rewarding and gorgeous and, not only that, I admire the shape that the sparks and the composition are making as a whole; it almost results into a shape of a heart that hugs the body just right – but that might just be me seeing hearts, because I obviously love this tee so much.

As you can tell, I really appreciate this t-shirt and undoubtedly am a fan of FullBleed. I recommend owning a tee (or two, or three) from him, because it’s clear to me Rob Dobi loves what he does and I can tell through the work and detail in each design, as well as the quality and my experience as a whole with this tee.

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Oh and one last thing, remember to wish Rob a Happy Birthday!


FullBleed Series 12

by Liam_Hodgeon on March 29, 2012

FullBleed is a brand bursting with conceptual T-shirts and the brand that is probably doing the conceptual T-shirt the best! Individually each and every t-shirt over in their store is well thought out and well executed, while collectively they hold a strong theme and visual identity that is recognisable a mile off, and FullBleed series 12 is no different!

FullBleed Series 12

The latest series consists of 9 new T-shirts as well as 2 new silkscreened prints. With this release I’d say that owner and designer, Rob Dobi, is further confirming that FullBleed does the conceptual T-shirt like no other, with a truly awesome new range.

I’ve got to say, as it stands, I don’t’ have anything from FullBleed, but with this range I think I may end up picking up the ‘Curiosity’ T-shirt and maybe even the ‘Rough Flight’ tee from the previous range since I have a bit of a soft spot for quirky skull T-shirts!

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rob dobi fullbleed interview

Dobi is always good value in an interview and this one conducted by I Am The Trend is no exception. It covers the Series 11 release from Fullbleed, the launch, growth and evolution of Mintees (his replacement for Emptees), and also offers advice for people thinking about running their own lines, and if there’s anyone that you should be getting advice from, it’s Rob.


fullbleed teaser promo

What a delightful teaser image from Fullbleed.

Anyone want to take bets on whether I forget to post about the new line?


More news about Mintees

by Andy on February 19, 2011

mintees interview

I reported on the death of Emptees a while back, and also mentioned that the heir to the throne was coming together in the form of Mintees, which has Rob Dobi of Fullbleed attached to it. If you’d like to know more about that project (I know I do) you can check out this interview with Rob over at the freshly redesigned IAMTHETREND.


Gateway by Rob Dobi at Design By Humans

by Andy on January 27, 2010

Post image for Gateway by Rob Dobi at Design By Humans

Looking at this shirt, you wouldn’t necessarily think of Fullbleed, Dobi’s regular creative outlet (as far as tees go), it would probably be more likely that Imaginary Foundation came to mind for most of you when looking at this tee that he subbed to Design By Humans. The man has raaaaange!

Costiness=$19 Available from Design By Humans

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Fullbleed hits series 9!

by Andy on July 28, 2009


I like to think of Fullbleed as being one of the Godfathers of the online indie tee store movement. I don’t know if that’s true in any way, but the store was around when I started HYA, it was popular, and I’d presume that chief-Fullbleeder Rob Dobi (as no-one calls him) was a bit of an inspiration to a lot of people trying to get their start in the industry, so that’s good enough for me.

Of course, Fullbleed wouldn’t be so successful if the tees sucked, and if you’re a fan of silhouettes then I doubt you’ll find any finer tees. I used to categorise Fullbleed as being part of the emo uniform, admittedly a good uniform, but I still pegged them that way, but looking at the tees in this release it would be unfair to suggest such a thing (not that being emo is bad, but it does pigeonhole a brand). I’m seeing some definite hints of Imaginary Foundation greatness from the increasing amount of colours that Dobi is printing with. All the new tees are printed onto American Apparel 50/50 tees. Oh, and how much do you want the climber/head tee in your life?

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