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Rockhart Clothing


video game t-shirts

Rockhart Clothing are a startup aiming to sell t-shirts about video games that aren’t totally lame. Whilst the video game tee world isn’t all bad, a lot of them seem to cater to stereotypical gamers that live in their parent’s basements and live vicariously through their WoW characters, so I can understand why Rockhart would want to make some cooler shirts for gamers. Judging from the mockups and what’s going in the goodie bag I think they’re well on their way to achieving that aim, but they do have one little issue, they need funding on Kickstarter so they can make it happen.

As I write this they’re more than a third of the way to their goal with 17 days to go so it’s looking fairly good that they’ll make it, so if you are tempted to pledge some money it’s pretty likely you’ll get a tee out of it.


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