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3 new* tees from Headline Shirts

by Andy on July 24, 2011

rocky t-shirt

Headline Shirts, your tees may be funny, and they are good quality, buy your mockups are fooling no one.

* They were new when I wrote this post, which as has been mentioned a few times, was more than a week ago because I am currently on holiday.


ivan drago t-shirt

Malgusto are getting a decent reputation for movie tees, and these two latest additions based on Rocky IV and They Live do nothing to tarnish that.


Dark Bunny Tees Set of 5 Rocky Shirts

by Andy on May 6, 2011

rocky t-shirts

Dark Bunny Tees has been growing it’s catalogue steadily over the past few months with some quality ‘in-world’ designs that stick true to the films that they pay homage to. This Rocky release is pretty impressive, not just content with releasing one shirt celebrating one of Philadelphia’s most famous icons, DBT went and released five shirts at the same celebrating all the films except for the crappy new one. You can buy the four main shirts seen on the left of the picture for £18 each with free UK shipping, but if you buy all four shirts in a pack for £72 you will receive the shirt on the right for free.


Rocky, Running by Local Celebrity

by Andy on November 20, 2009


I will grant you that this is a fairly standard design, there’s not really much to a still from a film and a logo, but there’s something about Rocky that makes me feel like it should just be given a pass, and even though it isn’t the kind of shirt that the ‘t-shirt guy’ should be wearing (being a ‘t-shirt guy’ is a lot like indie music, if everyone understands your shirts, there’s no point wearing them) I like it. Also, I was folding some Local Celebrity tees a couple of days ago and I was amazed at how soft they were and how well they’d stood up to multiple washes.

Oh, and just because I pretty much have to mention this, one of the times I visited the Rocky Steps/Steps up to the Art Museum, there was a guy in the full Rocky outift running up the steps. It. Was. Awesome.

Costiness=$30 ($24 for A-List members) Available from Local Celebrity



So, what happened when Philly’s finest t-shirt company gave me a disposable camera and told me to go have fun? I recreated famous images from Rocky, obviously.

I’m doing a bit of guest-blogging for Art In The Age, but it doesn’t involve me writing about t-shirts (gasp!), it involves me writing about all the cool places that I’ve been in Philly (and beyond, but mostly in the Iladelph). My first post is all about the city’s favourite fictional son, Rocky Balboa. I’ve been up those famous steps three times now (once on a walk just to go to them, once whilst I was on the way to tour a creepy disused prison, and again when my brother came to visit), and I know I’ll be going again when one of my friends comes to visit. However, I’ve never actually made it into the Art Museum, y’know, the place that the steps actually lead to.

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