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I know that Rubik’s cubes are based on an algorithm and that it’s not really that hard to complete them, but I must admit I’ve never actually been able to finish one properly. Solid design from Glennz, this works well as a t-shirt.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz

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Post image for Sheldon’s Rubik’s Cube t-shirt back in stock at Glennz Tees (and 30% off for thanksgiving)

Glennz has posted a quick note saying that his ‘Melting Rubik’s‘ shirt that was featured on the Big Bang Theory is back in stock, and also that he’s offering 30% off all shirts for Thanksgiving.

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“Melting” Rubik’s Cube by Glennz

by Chris_S on May 2, 2012

Post image for “Melting” Rubik’s Cube by Glennz

Okay, so given the frequency of posts about Glennz you might think we have a little t-shirt crush on him. But we can’t help the fact that the guy turns out fantastic designs time and time again. This one’s another major hit.

“Melting” is something I sometimes wish I could do to the Rubik’s Cube sitting on my bedroom shelf. It’s been there for about 10 years. Every few months I pick it up and twiddle it, often messing up any good work I’d done before. Then it gets set down again, ready to collect dust. If the universe wants to combine to concentrate the sun’s power on the cube and melt it to save me the hassle of having to attempt to be smart every so often (and failing miserably), I’d not necessarily be angry.

Costliness = $21.95

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