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Run DMZ parody t-shirt by LiNK

by Andy on July 6, 2010

north korea t-shirt

After the fun and games of North Korea being in the World Cup, we should probably go back to remembering that most people in North Korea live in very poor conditions, and that there are people out there like LiNK that are trying to help them. They’re a charity, but unlike most charities they also have really cool tees, which puts them right in my wheelhouse.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at LiNK (also available with the classic red & white print)

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LiNK – Liberty in North Korea

by Andy on July 15, 2009


I like to play a little game when I’m poking around in my Google Analytics to see which Axis of Evil countries I’ve had visits from, and I’ve ‘collected’ almost all of them, but North Korea is noticeably absent, probably because the internet doesn’t really exist in that country, so I was largely resigned to not ever getting a visit from NK since the population is more concerned about starving than cool t-shirts, but I imagine that me posting about LiNK is going to put me on some kind of list, which will mean I never get to light up that part of the map in the stats package, and isn’t that what’s really important here?

No, of course it isn’t. It’s really easy to make jokes about North Korea and Kim Jong Il, but behind every laugh there should be a realisation that the situation most normal North Koreans have to live in is utterly terrible. This is a t-shirt blog, and I know you don’t come here to hear my political soapboxing, so I won’t go on about it too much, but when good t-shirts and a good cause come together then I’m happy to give it some exposure. LiNK are an organisation that….

… address the human rights crisis in North Korea, where people virtually have no freedoms, including the freedom of speech, assembly, religion, movement, and more. LiNK meets with governments and institutions to advocate for the North Korean people while raising awareness through the grassroots movement. We also work directly with refugees through a network of shelters in China and Southeast Asia – protecting, educating and assisting them to eventually find freedom and empowering them to live new lives.

If that seems familiar to you, then you may have seen their leader Mike Kim on the Daily Show recently promoting his book and explaining what LiNK do.* The t-shirts probably aren’t a major part of their strategy for helping the people of NK, but I assume their purpose is to raise awareness of their cause and to also help fund it. The tee above is my favourite of the bunch, but its almost jokey attitude isn’t representative of the rest of the range, which run the gamut from the propaganda style you expect of the North Koreans to a relatively simple text tee, but they’re certainly all very wearable.

Costiness=$20 Available from the LiNK America Store

*My bad, Mike Kim isn’t actually affiliated with LiNK, he has his own organisation called Crossing Borders, they’re just selling his book in their store, and have co-sponsored some events in the past, but at separate organisations.


Run DC, another Barack Obama tee

by Andy on January 23, 2009


We’re probably coming to the end of Obama tee mania, but I think that this shirt is one of the cooler ones that I’ve seen over the last few weeks, apparently it was a giveaway at the 2008 BET Awards and got a load of buzz from that so it is now being sold in limited quanitities. How limited is anyone’s guess, but if you’ve been holding out for an Obama tee, this one would look better in your wardrobe than most of the others out there.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at


Mainstream brand alert! Mainstream brand alert!

Have no fear, I’ll get back to posting about stuff that is printed by some dude in a poorly-ventilated garage, but sometimes I’ve just gotta post this stuff.

Natterjacks are selling two very limited edition Adidas tracksuits, the first is a black and red leather (yes, a leather tracksuit) number based upon the 80s original, which would be perfect for completing your Run DMC cosplay outfit if you’re happy to hand over £550 ($1010) for it. Up next, a track jacket that actually has stainless steel woven into the thread, which is fairly clever, but rather pointless and gaudy. In their product description Natterjacks say they they only have a couple of these so they’ll go quick, but I get the feeling that they might be hanging around for a while with a £400 pricetag, unless I have seriously underestimated the amount of disposable income that rappers in the UK have going spare for bling.

Since I wouldn’t want you to come away from this post thinking “that was fun, but why not point I out something I should buy Andy, you handsome devil?” I’ve found (ok, that’s a lie, I got sent an e-mail about them, blogging is so easy sometimes!) 3 tees from the Adidas Originals range that are about as retro as their track suits cousins, but you might actually want to wear them. All three are available from Urban Industry for £24.50, which is probably a bit pricey for our buddies in the States, but actually pretty good going for a UK shop.

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