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Conspirators… from Russia? No way!

by Andy on November 4, 2008

Props to Addicteed for finding this brand from Russia (a nation which drinks so much vodka they’re actually altering the gene pool).

Even though its all in Russian I don’t think you’d have too hard of a job working out how to buy something, and even if you aren’t going to buy anything, you could just click through and appreciate the distinctly above-average product shots.



Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

I always thought that t.A.T.u (henceforth known as Tatu, becuase that’s what makes sense) were a cut above the usual pop trash. It wasn’t just because of their faux-lesbian antics either, the music really wasn’t that bad, which is high praise coming from someone who would only listen to pop-punk during Tatu’s heyday.

The tee looks like a fairly low budget affair, probably knocked up at short notice for one of their shows, but you can get one which looks fairly similar here if you feel the need to make it clear just how available you are.



I don’t think I’ve ever written about a Russian t-shirt site before, so I guess this is another country that we can cross off the map (if I had a map like that, which I don’t).I’d actually found out about Blokk a few months ago, bookmarked them, and then promptly forgot to write an article. Luckily I was reminded by the company themselves of their existence, and I decided it was about time that I did my bit to try and thaw Anglo-Russian diplomatic relations. If anything can fix things after we might have spied on them, and a Russian got radiation poisoning in Britain under dubious circumstances, I’m sure writing about an awesome t-shirt company will do the trick.

They’ve got 4 designs up for sale at the moment, and I’d describe each and every one of them as pure, unadulterated torso-candy. Three of them were done by an in-house artist (Klokki), and oneby a Ukrainian artist called Irena Zablotska (also known as Joulu) as their first collaboration ina . There’s no real unifying theme to the designs, both in terms of style and subject, which is surprising considering Klokki accounts for 75% of what’s available. That isn’t an issue though, since, as was previously mentioned, all the tees are chocked full of awesome.There isn’t a whole load of English on their site, but you should be able to work things out just by clicking around, and you can make an order by e-mailing them if you aren’t in Russia (and judging by my traffic logs, you probably aren’t).


blokkjoulu01-custom.jpg blokkjoulu02-custom.jpg momentum02-custom.jpg paper01-custom.jpg paper02-custom.jpg pills01-custom.jpg pills02-custom.jpg


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