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Okay gang, I’m going to class up the joint by kicking off each day (UK time, you Californians will be getting your dose of culture before bedtime) with a tee from Simon Faircliff, who is a friend of a guy that I lived with at university.Simon spends about six hours crafting each t-shirt. The designs aren’t printed, he sketches out each design on the tee in pencil before filling it in using using fabric paint. As such, Simon isn’t exactly mass-producing these tees, but if you really, really, really want one, e-mail me through the contact form and put the wheels in motion.

The source for todays tee is the title page of a Russian Futurist manifesto published in 1913, presumably this one. The text says (when translated into English) “A slap in the face of public taste” which I was a little surprised by, as it didn’t feel as grand of a statement as you’d expect from any kind of a manifesto. If you’d like to learn more about Russian Futurism you could take a look this Wikipedia page. I like the style of the tee, although I guess that’s because cyrillic is so indecipherable to me, I dunno what the little pointing hand is about though, maybe its some kind of a nod towards the futurism?


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