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Soooo, Jurassic Park was released in 1993, TWENTY YEARS AGO, anyone else feel old right now?

It’s good to hear from Santa Carla Boardwalk because I do like their concept of ‘in-world’ movie t-shirts, I know there are other people that do it but I am a bit of a sucker for this style when it comes to po culture tees. They’ve also updated their website with a fresh new look that I like, mostly because they appear to be using the same theme for their website that I am with the HYA shop, great minds think alike!

Costiness=£16 Buy it at Santa Carla Boardwalk


I don’t want to spoil the reveal at the end, but for a second that I thought it was the real thing. Pretty cool way to promote a company that offers movie-inspired t-shirts.

Santa Carla Boardwalk


santa carla boardwalk sale

Good thing I found out who Louis Tully was earlier this week otherwise I’d have missed out on the reference on this Ghostbusters shirt.

If that doesn’t tickle your pickle but you still like the idea of movie shirts be sure to check out the rest of what’s on offer at Santa Carla Boardwalk this month since all their shirts are knocked down to £12 (about $20) for the rest of the month.

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Post image for ‘Ugly Christmas’ style t-shirt inspired by National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation at Santa Carla Boardwalk

That might be the longest title I’ve written all year!

‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ style designs seem to have been getting a lot of action this year, more so than last year, so I assume that there is demand out there for them. I think that as a meme it’s actually quite neat, it does at least require some skill when you compare it to something like Keep Calm where all you have to do is find the right font and you’re good to go with any half-baked concept.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Santa Carla Boardwalk

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