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modern family t-shirt

I know Threadless is massive now, but it’s still cool when I see tees from brands I recognise on TV, especially when it’s a great show like Modern Family. Here’s the tee if you want it, it’s pretty old-school Threadless shirt too (a fairly meaningless term since they can reprint anything any time), which somehow makes it cooler. [via Jake Nickell]


wild thing major league t-shirt

I must admit I don’t think I’ve seen the film ‘Major League’, but that shirt, and the shirt worn in the film look almost exactly the same, so good work Found Item!

Costiness=$20.95 Buy it at Found Item Clothing


More than 100 Doctor Who T-shirts

by Andy on April 14, 2011

doctor who t-shirts

Hide Your Arms has gained something of a reputation for creating epic t-shirt lists and obsessing over films and TV shows to find t-shirts. When it was first suggested to me that I write a list of Doctor Who t-shirts (if you have an idea for a list send it in) I thought that it might be a tough ask since I don’t watch the show. I don’t have anything against it, I just already spend too much time watching TV shows, though since practically everyone says it’s good I probable should give it a go. Still, since the fans, or at least one fan, wanted a list of Doctor Who t-shirts, I made it my mission to hunt them down.

As you’ll find in the list there are quite a lot of good Dr. Who t-shirt designs out there, but nowhere near as many as with Star Wars, which is hardly surprising considering the popularity gap between the two, so I haven’t been able to create a list on the epic scale of the 200 shirts in the Star Wars list, but I think the current 119 designs is still fairly sizable. It’s also quite telling that many of the designs riff on the same themes, which suggests to me that Doctor Who designs haven’t been explored too deeply by the more creative t-shirt designers out there. You’ll also notice that a lot of shirts come from a few different retailers, which is frustrating for me since it looks like I’ve only looked in a handful of places, but the truth is that I’ve searched long & wide and not come back with many stores that sell Dr. Who t-shirts. Whether this means we will see more in the future (or that I have simply not discovered a treasure trove of excellent designs), who knows.

As ever, these lists take an awfully long time to put together, so if you would like to share the list with anyone via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. I would be very grateful, your sharing keeps new people visiting the site, and that in turn means that I am able to keep writing them.

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teefury on tv, big deal!

It’s cool seeing brands from the t-shirt community getting some exposure to a wider audience, even if that audience won’t necessarily know what they’re being exposed to.

I know I don’t mention TeeFury all that often, but even I recognise the two designs that turned up on House (another show that I’m told I should watch but have never seen a minute of) and on My Life As Liz, which is a show I’ve never seen before and don’t really have much intention of doing so.

30 Rock however, I am a big fan of, so it’s balls-out awesome that Judah Friedlander was spotted sporting one of Seibei‘s more iconic designs, the Sandwich Dinosaur. If my memory serves correct, David met Judah at some kind of festival, so perhaps that’s where the tee came from, or maybe David sent them a bunch of shirts, I don’t know but it’s seriously cool. In other Seibei news, you can now pick up a random mystery tee and 5 pins for the bargain price of $9.99.


How to Make it in America

Dear HBO, if you’ve made a TV show in New York about a couple of guys trying to start their own clothing line, why not take a picture of one of them wearing the shirt that they’re selling in the damn show, when you’re selling it on your own damn site?

Oh, and don’t put your logo on the back of the shirt without mentioning it anywhere in the description. I thought you were meant to be cool, HBO?

Costiness=$24.99 Buy it at the HBO Shop


frequently asked questions about time travel t-shirt

Before I write any more, I want to point out that I am well aware that ‘dice’ is the plural, and ‘die’ is the singular, but “where did this very nerdy die t-shirt come from” sounds and looks wrong, and people seeing the headline wouldn’t immediately know what I was talking about, so I went with dice in the hopes that more people would see this post and help find the tee… and I really enjoy getting pedantic comments from geeks.

A few months back I caught the second half of a film called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (good film, incidentally) and in it I noticed a couple of t-shirts, the orange one on the left here, worn by Chris O’Dowd, aka Roy from The IT Crowd, that was something to do with recycling, and the one I’m far more interested in on the right, worn by Marc Wootton.

Unfortunately the picture is a bit shaky because I was watching it in a dark room, grabbed my point-and-shoot off the desk, and quickly took a snap thinking it would be easy to find. I don’t know if I’m just using the wrong search terms, but I simply cannot find the shirt anywhere, do any of you guys know where to find a multi-sided die with a pair of crossbones underneath it?


Paddy’s Irish Pub T-shirt

by Andy on September 8, 2010

paddys irish pub t-shirt it's always sunny in philadelphia

Even though I have posted a Paddy’s Irish Pub t-shirt before, as long as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia continues to make me laugh I shall be posting t-shirts that reference the show, including this one from Nerdy Shirts.

Costiness=$14.95 (for this week, then it’s up to $19.95) Buy it at Nerdy Shirts


Speaker City t-shirt by NerdyShirts

by Andy on August 31, 2010

speaker city old school t-shirt

I really like Old School, but do I like it enough to wear this shirt from NerdyShirts, that celebrates the fictional (right?) store that was proud to be the official sponsor of Mithc-A-Palooza?

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at NerdyShirts


monocle t-shirt from skins

Despite clearly being far too old to be in the intended demographic (heck, I watch Gossip Girl too, so I’m basically a teenage girl in my viewing habits anyway), I am a big fan of Skins, and apparently this shirt was worn by JJ in the show (or at least in the promo shots for the show), and it’s actually pretty cool, good to see another British TV show sourcing their designs from the UK, and from a POD nonetheless.

Costiness=£18.19 Buy it at MySoti

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Suits Suck by NerdyShirts

by Andy on August 8, 2010

suits suck entourage t-shirt

NerdyShirts are in no way the first company to release an Entourage referencing Suits Suck shirt, and I don’t really understand why they’re releasing shirts at the moment based on movies that weren’t that huge when they were released (and released a few years ago too), and shirts based on internet memes that I’ve never heard of, but it’s their business and clearly they know what they’re doing. Anyway, suits suck is a cool shirt, it’s blatant, it’s bold, and it couldn’t be much more in your face.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at NerdyShirts


the IT crowd t-shirts

Unless I’m very much mistaken this is the last episode of the season, it is unfortaunate how British series tend to have shorter runs than their American counterparts (22 episodes in a typical full season?), because it’s nice having something on British TV to look forward to each week other than Top Gear or football, and because The IT Crowd has meant a lot of people have been visiting HYA, and the more people that visit here the more likely it is that I can turn writing about t-shirts into a full-time job, which is pretty ridiculous, but hey, someone’s got to do it. Actually, they don’t, but it is a lot of fun so I’d like to carry on.

If you missed the show on Friday night it is available on Channel 4OD, but I’ve always found that site to not be so friendly to my PC, so I was happy to find the whole show streamable on the Channel 4 YouTube page. I’m not sure if the YouTube stuff has the same 1 week expiry as the main 4OD site, so that video might disappear by Friday, and chances are it’s geo-locked too, so if you’re outside the UK you’d have to get a bit creative if you wanted to watch it.

All my waffling in the previous couple of paragraphs probably suggested something to you, this episode was not stuffed full of t-shirts, in fact it didn’t contain much of Roy at all, unsurprisingly focusing upon Reyholm. Still, Roy did wear one t-shirt in the show, one which probably made a lot of people sitting at home think “I wonder if our IT guy does that?” because Roy’s tee stated “I read your e-mail” in a style so simple that it was immediately recognisable as a shirt from ThinkGeek. The shirt costs from $15.99 and you can buy it at ThinkGeek.


IT Crowd t-shirts

Indeed, last night something did happen, Graham Linehan (aka @Glinner) tweeted about my IT Crowd t-shirt posts, which was then retweeted by rather a lot of people, causing what I think is the largest amount of traffic I’ve received on a Sunday, giving the site a bit of a meltdown (until I got home and cranked up the resources), and presumably putting a bit of pressure on me to continue my IT Crowd shirt posts now that a lot more fans are aware of them. Fear not new readers, I shall continue, and this week I’ve got links to all three of Roy’s tees so that you can get your hands on them.

Roy’s first tee of the week was immediately obvious to me as I had written about it back in May. Even though the most visible text says “let’s say you’ve gone back in time” the shirt is actually called “Time Traveler Essentials” because it explains what you need to do if you were to travel back in time. It’s a very clever and funny shirt, and it’s yours for $18 at TopatoCo.

Shirt number two in the episode is a bit of a tee design classic, having been featured on the show before and on many a blog. Some people have point out that it doesn’t really work as a Venn diagram, but I’m able to look past that and just enjoy a cool shirt. Elitism can be bought for $16.99 at Diesel Sweeties.

Last shirt of the week (excluding Jen’s shirt for the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim, who I presumed were fictional since I don’t keep up with what’s cool in the music world, but are in fact real, though apparently don’t have a keyboard player) picks up on the keyboard cat meme, but makes it almost acceptable in my cynical eyes by giving it an 8-bit makeover, since we all know that making something 8-bit makes it cool. The tee is £16.21 and can be purchased at MySoti.

I won’t be able to cover episodes 4 & 5 of this season in a timely fashion because I’m going to Cornwall on holiday, and writing about t-shirts will be the furthest thing from my mind. I will cover the shirts worn in the episodes when I get back, you’ll just have to be patient about it.


The IT Crowd t-shirts Series 4 Episode 1

Took me a little bit longer to get around to watching the show than I expected, what with the Brussels trip and all, but it was a good episode to open this fourth series of The IT Crowd, not amazing but a enough laugh out loud moments to keep me happy and looking forward to the next episode.

The first tee from the episode can be seen at the top of this post, it says “NO.” and it’s from Think Geek. It’s not exactly the best tee in the world, but I presume that there’s quite a lot of people in IT departments across the world that wear tees from ThinkGeek, so there’s a nice nod towards realism there. If you’d like to express the word “NO.” emphatically on a t-shirt, the tee is $15.99 and you can buy it here.

It was pretty easy to work out where the second tee was from, since I’d been tweeted about it days before. The shirt is based on The Ring, the Japanese version presumably, not the not-quite-as-scary American version. It can be purchased from Dark Bunny Tees for £19, but be quick because they’ll only sell 100 of them and then it’s gone, and judging by the amount of people that visit HYA looking for IT Crowd shirts, it might be gone fairly soon.

The last tee of the night was a riff on the familiar “Home Taping Is Killing Music” graphic that has been around since the music industry became afraid of people. There are a lot fo designs around based on this image, but I’m fairly sure that this t-shirt from 8ball is the same one as in the show, and you can pick it up for £17.50 (and not just in olive).

I wonder who will turn up next week!



Brian from Foepaws was kind enough to do all of the work for this post after spotting Miles wearing an Ames Bros. t-shirt on a recent episode of lost, not the crappy recap one they had last week (hey Lost, don’t call it a new episode if it’s all clips, even if I’m confused this season because my Lost companion and I are talking about how confused we are during the episodes), but the week before that (season 5, episode 13: Some Like It Hoth).

Anyway, Brian from Foepaws owns the tee being worn by Miles, he says it looks and feels great, and considering what I thought of his tees, I’d assume he knows what he’s talking about.

Buy it from Ames Bros. here.

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Zack & Miri Make A Porno Hoodie

I was watching Zack & Miri Make a Porno last night (proper Sunday night with takeout food watching), and I thought to myself, “Square on Square’s ‘famous’ BBQ ribs aren’t that good” and also, “hey, that hoodie is pretty cool.”

The hoodie is merchandise from the fictional ice hockey team in the movie, the Monroeville Zombies. Knowing that director Kevin Smith knows what geeks like, I figured that it might be possible to get the hoodie (or the sweatshirt, or the hockey jersey), and I was right!

Also, surprisingly, it isn’t wallet-gougingly priced like a lot of official merchandise often is. Oh, and I had to get that screengrab off the DVD, you’d have thought they could put a proper picture up on the product page.

Costiness=$40 Buy it at



This post has reminded me that I haven’t yet posted about The IT Crowd S3E6, that will come up…. sometime. I haven’t seen this episode yet, but let’s be honest, if we have to wait until I’ve seen it and made caps before I write a post they’ll have probably canceled then renewed the show after it sold loads of DVDs.

It’s always cool when an indie tee producer gets some mainstream exposure, even though text doesn’t pop up on screen pointing at the tee saying “buy this tee at” it must make the designer feel good, especially when they’ve made a tee that’s meant to be funny and it gets shown on 30 Rock, a show which I think is one of the funniest on TV at the moment.

Costiness=$16.95 Buy WWJD? from Fright Rags [via Emptees]

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Load-Bearing poster by Olly Moss

by Andy on January 10, 2009


I am A-MAZED that no one has thought of doing this before (if someone did, let me know in the comments). I’m not even going to bother explaining the Simpsons reference in this picture because if you get it you’re probably going to find this funny, and if you don’t, we all know that I’d spend about ten sentences explaining the joke and end up ruining it, because that’s how good I am at telling jokes.

You can download a printable version of the poster here (warning: PDF link), or look at it here on Flickr and read all the comments Olly gets saying that he’s awesome.

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I first wrote about Found Item Clothing last month (which was a crime in itself), and shortly after that a couple of tees arrived from them, which was them wanting me to check out their product for real, not me being a shill and accepting tee-bribes for coverage… although if you wanted to buy me a Ferrari I’d probably write glowing reviews of your company for about five years. On the other end of the scale, a pack of cookies would get you a post about your tees, and a picture of me trying to put as many cookies in my mouth at once as possible.

I can’t wait to see what weird stuff turns up in my mailbox after that paragraph!


Found Item Clothing make t-shirts that were worn on TV shows and movies, usually from the 80s and 90s, its a concept that as a child of the 80s find absolutely brilliant, and if you consider that I’m not usually into novelty, retro-inspired designed, that probably means that these guys are pretty good at what they do. I’ll forgive you for not knowing what TV show this tee was worn on, since when I wore it on a night out I offered to buy whoever guessed the correct show a drink, and no one got it. This tee was worn by Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdoch on The A-Team. I know, now you want to own this shirt, right?


You all know that the third paragraph of the reviews is reserved for the business of product quality, but this tee is made by American Apparel, so we know its good, and it’s a one-colour text print, which it’s pretty hard to get wrong, and FIC haven’t. Thumbs up all the way!

Costiness=$14 Buy Murdoch’s Napoleon T-shirt at Found Item Clothing

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The IT Crowd S3E5 T-shirt Roundup

by Andy on January 6, 2009


The last two IT Crowd posts of this current series are a bit late because of the Christmas break, and because I didn’t actually expect C4 to broadcast new episodes during the festive season, presuming that they’d have “Top 100 Christmas Moments” or something like that running in the 9pm Friday slot. Unlike my poor show for tee coverage on the 4th episode of this series (which has now had the blanks filled in by readers – love you guys!), I’ve managed to find all of them this time around… huzzah!

The tee at the top of this post is called Filthy Panda and is available from Genki Gear for £15 (mens, womens), or you can get the size XL at for £10 with free delivery.


The second tee of the week was from someone you see fairly regularly on HYA, Amorphia Apparel. The t-shirt is obviously a reference to the Alien franchise, and can be yours for the low price of $12.49 if you visit this link.


The last tee that Roy wore in episode five was pretty easy to find to be honest, all I needed to do was Google “Laugh this off twinkletoes” and I found out that this tee was related to a comic produced by 2000AD. Finding somewhere that had the design on sale was rather more troublesome. It isn’t available at Amazon, Play, or a number of other smaller retailers, and it is only available in size small in the official 2000AD shop. I guess it’s entirely possible that they’ll reprint the twinkletoes tee after the exposure it has been given by the show, but I’m afraid that unless you’re a small guy, you’re out of luck.

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The IT Crowd: S3E4 FAIL!

by Andy on December 18, 2008

I have sad news to report friends, after a few good weeks writing about this seasons IT Crowd episodes, I’m afraid this week is a bit of a failure. After spending a while trying to work out where Roy’s tees came from (which is why this post is a few days late compared to usual), I’ve only managed to find one of the three tees.

The first tee worn by Roy in the episode (pic at the top of this post) had a bit of a Japanese feel to it, seeing as it has some Asian looking text on it and what looks like a series of characters beneath it. I don’t even know where I’d start looking for this tee, so I throw myself open to your suggestions.

The second is pretty easy, in theory, it’s a design with a slogan of some kind on it, usually I just have to Google that, and voila, I remain “that guy who find The IT Crowd shirts.” Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work out what the slogan says, I’m pretty sure that the final word being said by the character is ‘time’, but that isn’t much help without the rest of it. It has the look of a webcomic style t-shirt, so maybe someone out there might be aware of which webcomic it is, and then I’ll have some breadcrumbs to follow and hunt it down.

I’m glad that it was the last tee in the show that I managed to find, because then you’ll go away from this post thinking “sure, that sucked a bit, but at least he found one,” instead of, “dammit Andy, you’re such a loser, and you keep forgetting to link to things in blog posts!”

The Overlook Hotel, for those of you who arewondering why Roy would be promoting a hotel instead of his usual geek-chic, is the hotel in The Shining. The tee is available from Last Exit to Nowhere and costs £17.50.

Something else I noticed in the show was that Roy appears to be a fan of a blog called “Why, That’s Delightful” which is of course (of course!) written by the show’s writer and creator Graham Linehan. Except, he was actually looking at something else.

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