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… and we’re back

by Andy on May 27, 2009

Picture 923

Philly was phun and taught me a lot, my trip around the States was amazing, but I’m back in Britain, so it’s back to reality and back to HYA. I have some fairly big plans for the future (who doesn’t?), including that perennial favourite, the site redesign, so hopefully after this period of stagnation I can get HYA back on track and bigger and better than ever (I’m going to take over the world, don’t you know?).

Oh, and if you sent me an e-mail in the last 3 weeks, don’t expect a reply for a very long time, as the backlog of things I have to write about is now about 500 items long, but at least it means I’ll never run out of stuff to post!


DSCF7205 copy

I’m sure none of you actually thought I was dead, but nothing getting posted on HYA for almost a week is fairly unusual, so I thought I’d better confirm that I haven’t abandoned you.

Since last Wednesday I have given myself severe sunburn in Santa Monica, driven to Las Vegas, stayed at the Circus Circus and didn’t have nearly as much fun as Hunter S. Thompson, met random dudes and a midget on the strip, flew to see the Grand Canyon, drove through Death Valley with the AC cranked way up, played in the snow on the way to Yosemite, almost fell asleep on the drive into San Francisco (my traveling companion would have been scared… if she wasn’t asleep too… it was a long day), and I’ve still got 8 days to go!


Thanks Philly…. road trip!

by Andy on May 6, 2009


I have had an amazing time in Philly over the past 3 months and met some great people, but my internship is over, and now it’s time to see a bit more of America. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that means that HYA will be on going on hiatus until pretty much the start of June. However, I’ve managed to find a bit of time (when you only have one suitcase to pack your life in it’s not really a struggle to move out of an apartment) and have written up a bunch of posts that will be auto-posted over the next few weeks.

I know that I’m not the best person at responding to e-mail even when I’m not running my current crazy schedule, but whilst I’m away service will be even slower than usual, and if you’re a first-time e-mailer sending me a press release or asking me to review your site, I won’t e-mail back until I’ve written up a post for you. If I don’t like what I see I just won’t be replying, sorry, but I only have 18 more days in this country and I want to experience as much of it as possible.

I’d also like to experience meeting teeple (a word I’m trying and failing to popularise) that I’ve e-met through HYA, so if you live in LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston or New York and want to meet me (and my delightful traveling companion Clare, and don’t worry ladies, we’re just friends, in spite of photographic evidence) and go for a beer or do whatever it is people do for fun in your city, get in e-mail or Twitter me and we’ll try and meet up.


RIMG0126 copy

Ok, I’m probably going to take another day or two off from posting, because I simply don’t have the time at the moment, but should be able to get a lot done at the weekend. It would probably be prudent to give you early warning that I’m going to be taking most of May off because I will be traveling around America before returning to England, and with an extremely packed schedule (5 cities in 18 days), t-shirts will have to take a backseat for a little while. Also, people of Los Angeles/Las Vegas/San Fransisco/Boston/New York (for a 4th and final time since I arrived in America), you may need to prepare yourselves for the HYA invasion, better known as “Andy asking for advice about where is cool to go in your city.”

Anyway, when I was in New York at the weekend I went for a night out on the town with David from Seibei (left of picture) and had a great time, we ended up at a house party in Brooklyn because of the girl in the middle of this picture (David knows her), who it just so happens I had actually written about in the past (she put mittens on a hoodie and made it cute). Small world, right?

Okay, I promise the next post won’t have a picture of me at the top of it, it will definitely have more to do with t-shirts other than me going drinking with someone that owns a t-shirt line.

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SDC15461 copy

As you may be able to tell from the picture above, I went to Washington DC at the weekend, what you can’t tell is that I went with my brother who came over to America for a couple of weeks, and during that time tourism took precedence over blogging, as I’m sure you’ll be able to understand. I am having a great time here in Philly, but when you don’t see your friends or family for a couple of months you feel rather justified taking a few days off writing about t-shirts when someone flies across an ocean to visit you.

However, as I write this my brother is on a plane back to jolly old England, so that means I can re-commence writing silly posts that I’m still kind of amazed that anyone reads. What better way to start things off than with another blogger telling me I’m cool?

Color Overload, which is now being run by a fellow called Darren, has written a list of his favourite tee bloggers, and I’m very happy to be included on it, especially with the extremely accurate description of me being ‘an original t-shirt blogging gangsta’… straight outta the Lake District, yo!


An update from Philly

by Andy on February 3, 2009


[The view from the roof deck of my hotel]

I know you don’t visit this site to hear about my life, so I’ll keep this brief. I’ve decided that me finding somewhere to live needs to take priority over my blogging about clothes (I can’t blog if I’m living on a park bench!), so I’m not going to post anything for the rest of the week. And yes, I realise how lame this post looks since the one directly beneath it is about how HYA topped a ranking list of t-shirt blogs.

Ummm, out of interest, anyone got a bedroom going spare in Center City?


Happy Birthday to me!

by Andy on October 9, 2008


Yes, yes, once again the International Day of Andy has rolled around, how are you going to be celebrating it? (Me, I’m cooking dinner for friends then we’re going to play with miracle berries)

This post isn’t just to congratulate myself on simply managing to be alive, I thought I’d better give you a heads up on what will be happening with HYA over the next month. Long-time readers will be aware that for the past two years I’ve spent a month living and working in the south of France (here, specifically, jealous?), and this year is no exception. That means that from next Wednesday onwards the regular posting schedule will be disrupted, so you can probably wave goodbye to the peak output of 8 posts a day for the foreseeable future. I might also have to cut down the amount I write and just start copy/pasting press releases so that even if you aren’t getting my commentary at least you’re getting all the info, pictures, and links for the latest and greatest clothing companies that are coming onto the scene, as well as keeping up with our old friends.


Cotton Filter: 080908

by Andy on September 8, 2008

victoriabay (Large)

[Picture unrelated to anything in this post, I just like it] Ha, the Cotton Filter is back, I didn’t think I’d ever write another of these again once I started posting a lot more articles (8 posts a days sometimes), but here’s a few little bits of news that I didn’t feel warranted a whole post of their own:

  • Preshrunk is back! I’m sure I’ve written those words before, but I think Jason is serious this time, last time he resumed blogging I think it lasted for a week, this time its almost been a month! Also, in a shameless grab for followers on Twitter, he’s randomly offering Threadless gift certificates to people that follow the Preshrunk Twitter account (and you can always follow me as well if you want).
  • Color Overload has started a forum, and whilst it doesn’t yet have the membership of emptees of T-Shirt Forums, there does seem to be a lot of good discussion going on.
  • I’m moving to Philadelphia! If I were a smart man I’d probably not mention this since all the details and logistics haven’t been worked out yet, but I have accepted an internship in Philly that will hopefully be starting in a few months. This isn’t a permanent move, but I am very excited about living in America for a short while and eating loads of cheesesteaks. If you’re worried about what will happen to HYA whilst I’m there, the internship isn’t full-time so I don’t expect there to be too much impact upon post frequency.
  • I’ve also started blogging for a company that I wrote about month or so ago called Pop Vulture. I’d like to point out that I wrote that review before they contacted me about writing for them, so there was no conflict of interest. I’m not writing about tees, its political/social commentary (I don’t promote their clothing directly), which is quite refreshing and enjoyable for me to write. We’re aiming for an article a day over there, so please subscribe to the RSS feed if you haven’t got enough Andy over here at HYA!
  • The galleries are now Lightbox enabled! This means that when you click on one of the thumbnails on a post with a gallery on it a pretty Ajax box will pop up showing you the picture in full size and by clicking on the left or the right of the picture you can see the next one in the gallery, saving you from clicking on the picture, looking at it, clicking ‘back’ in your browser, then repeating the process, I’m saving you a whole click! That’s 25% more efficient! One problem with it that I’ve found is that if you click on a gallery whilst not on a single post (like the front page) it will allow you to see all the gallery pictures that are on that page, rather than the related gallery, but I don’t think its too big of an issue.
  •! Surprisingly enough, this is a site where you can trade tees. Obviously, a site like this is only as strong as its users (you get a few scammers in there and it could fall apart pretty easily), but there are some cool looking tees up for trade, so if you’re a tee producer that wants to get some swapping done, or you’ve got some tees in your closet that you’re never going to wear, TeeTrade might be worth a look.

    For those of you that way inclined…

    by Andy on April 10, 2008

    You can now follow me on Twitter, why on Earth you’d want to is an entirely different and mysterious matter.

    HYA on Twitter


    Wahoo! 4 day weekend!

    by Andy on March 21, 2008


    Britain seems to have stopped working until Tuesday because of the Easter holidays, so instead of following my usual American schedule (you guys are working today, right?) I’m going step away from my laptop for a few days and enjoy some rest & relaxation.I’ll be popping in a few ‘Quicktees’ posts over the next few days so the blog won’t be totally dead though.

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    HYA is back from Hong Kong!

    by Andy on March 5, 2008

    PICT8173 (Large)

    After an unexpected and unwelcome 24 flight delay (props to Air France, they did put us all up in a hotel, but a 24 hour delay is still crazy) I’m back from Hong Kong and ready to get back in the swing of blogging. I got loads of e-mails whilst I was away from new (to me) brands, and loads of offers and deals (some of which have now sadly expired) so, I might be focusing less on product picks over the next few days whilst I try and clear out the backlog.

    If you’d like to see what I was up to on holiday then check out my blog (admittedly, I wrote a lot more about food than what I got up to, and I didn’t write often enough). If you think you already read way too much of my waffly writing, check out my Hong Kong Flickr set, which will be expanding considerably over the next few days after I finish up processing all my RAW picture files.


    HYA is going to Hong Kong!

    by Andy on February 20, 2008

    Hong Kong skyline by Steve Webel

    Yeah, bet you didn’t expect to see that title on a HYA post!

    I managed to get a great deal and will be heading off on Friday morning, I’m going to try and write up enough posts before I go so that there will be something new every day, but I can’t guarantee that will actually happen as I am often a lazy, lazy man.

    Apparently, my hotel in HK has free wifi, so if you really need to get in contact with me I should be contactable by e-mail, and if you want to keep tabs on my travels (I can practically guarantee pictures of me eating unidentifiable meat!) then check out my personal blog.

    [cool photo by Steve Webel]


    Sorry hoody hunters…

    by Andy on February 17, 2006

    I’m feeling ill today (touch of the glandular fever methinks, that’s mono to you Americans), and I don’t feel like trawling the net for a hoody right now.

    I’ll try and post something over the weekend to try and get things back on track, but hopefully normal service will be resumed on Monday.

    Just so that your trip here today wasn’t a total bust, check out this video mashup that VH1 did using the Oprah interviews James Frey and Tom Cruise.


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