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Gods & Goddesses Series 2 at Seventh.Ink

by Andy on April 18, 2013

Seventh.Ink dropped a few new designs at the end of the last week, the second part of their Gods & Goddesses series. Whether you’re into the style or not I’m sure we can all agree that it is some very impressive artwork, it’d be great to see the tees printed instead of just mockup form (even though Seventh.Ink tend to have some of the best mockups out there).

This line consists of three new designs featuring a few favorites from the realm of Greek mythology: Hades, Athena, and Hephaestus. In addition to being available on shirts, there are also a very limited amount of engraved book boxes. The shirts are oversized prints, tagless, and printed with water based inks on American Apparel.

Tees are $25 a piece, and Matt wasn’t kidding when he told me that the book boxes were limited, the Hades and Hephaestus boxes are sold out, with the Athena & shirt set ($50) still available at the time of writing.


Seventh.Ink 50% Off Sale [Submitted]

by Andy on February 6, 2013

Seventh.Ink is clearing out some space for upcoming designs, and that means a mega-sized 50% Off Sale! There are quite a few great items on sale, ranging from evil snowman shirts to Greek gods shirts, to hoodies and button packs as well.

Stop on by Seventh.Ink’s Sale page and get in on the action before items are gone.

Andy: Thanks for letting us know Matt.


Post image for “Warmed By Winter” – new shirt at Seventh.Ink

It’s that time of year again when I do my annual winter shirt release, and this year’s shirt hits a more nostalgic and thoughtful note than some of my past designs. It’s called Warmed By Winter and is available now in the Seventh.Ink Store in limited numbers. It’s tagless and printed with water based inks on Lemon and Light Blue shirts by American Apparel.

Really nice stuff, I like that Matt has a Winter shirt, it’s somewhat unusual for an indie brand but I wish more of them did it. You can get 20% off just about everything in the shop with the coupon code Winter2012 until December 20th, enjoy!

Costiness=$25 Buy it on Lemon / Light Blue

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Post image for Up to 60% off shirts this weekend at Seventh.Ink

No coupon needed at Seventh.Ink.


Seventh.Ink Fifth Anniversary Release

by Andy on November 1, 2012

Post image for Seventh.Ink Fifth Anniversary Release

This isn’t actually a submission, but Matt’s e-mail to me about the release covers all the bases and I think I’m getting a migraine so I think it’s okay to let him do all the work.

Happy Halloween! Just a quick note to let you know that this morning I announced the Fifth Anniversary release, which consists of a new shirt, five prints, a one-of-a-kind Punkin Mini Munny, and some great new accessories as well. I’ve got images of the shirts and prints attached, and everything is now available at

Fifth Anniversary Shirt (blue bear design) – $25
Limited to 100, oversize print on American Apparel. Tagless with water based inks.

Fifth Anniversary 18×24 Screen Printed Poster (red bear design) – $25
Limited to 65, numbered and signed by Matthew Johnson (myself, the artist). Printed on Black paper by French.

Fifth Anniversary 9×12 Screen Printed Poster Set of Four Prints – $25
Limited to 100, numbered and signed by Matthew Johnson (myself, the artist). Printed with dark gray and metallic gold inks on Black paper by French.

Coupon code: “FiveYears” is good for 20% off through Sunday. Does not work on the HC3 Box Set or the Mini Munny.

Really great to see Matt coming along with his brand, he’s got a really coherent design style and sticks to what he likes rather than blindly following trends, which I respect a lot, here’s to the next 5 years!


Post image for Seventh.Ink’s Haunted Collection III available now!

Far too often people release their Halloween designs too late, but Seventh.Ink have given you plenty of time to get your order in and get a tee or two in time for the scariest night of the year. Well, they actually released this range back on September 20th, but there’s still plenty of time to get your shirt since it’s not even October yet.

I don’t think I’m alone in my belief that the box set ($125) is the standout piece here. It’s really cool to try and make this annual ‘Haunted Collection’ release something special and I think that the box sets achieve that. Cool designs as well, not the kind of thing that I’d usually wear, but then I don’t go near horror-themed shirts all that often, and I don’t think we could ever expect a Halloween release to be sunshine and rainbows. Tees are priced at $25 a piece, and hoodies are $50.


imperial sandtrooper ipa star wars beer t-shirt

Frankly, I’m pretty surprised that there aren’t already Star Wars licensed beers out there, seems like a marketing opportunity that Star Wars have missed, and they usually love to make merchandise out of everything.

Really nice design from Seventh.Ink, and if you’d like to see some photos and video of printing process check out this blog post on their site.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Seventh.Ink


Post image for How To Professionally Prep Your Files for Screen Printing

Matt from Seventh.Ink has written a great guest post over for the Real Thread Printing Co. explaining how people can best prep their artwork before sending it off to the printers, making the whole process easier for everyone involved.

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Big, big, big release from Seventh.Ink today, some of the items are very limited and already close to selling out, which says a lot for the amount of excitement that Matt has been able to generate around the collection. The three designs you can see above are all available as t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops, all of which are limited edition and won’t be reprinted, but there are also some interesting ‘super limited’ items too. The laser engraved wooden book boxes are a new one on me, I can’t think of many other companies that have done something similar, there’s only seven of each design available on each box. There’s also the belts, which is an oft overlooked accessory at clothing brands, there’s only 10 of those available for each design, and lastly for the accessories there is a button pack.

I think it’s fair to say that with this being called ‘Series 1′ that we can expect to get more of the same from Seventh.Ink over the new few months, and hopefully the same goes for the innovative products that they’re putting out.
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New shirts and restocks at Seventh.Ink

by Andy on February 22, 2012

knocked speechless t-shirt

I’m still trying to get through the backlog of e-mails I received whilst I was falling down the mountains in Italy, which is why despite this realease going live at Seventh.Ink almost two weeks ago I’m still regarding it as new, because if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me.

The skull shirt is the most interesting release of course, with it being the only original art in the collection, the Lucky Brains shirt is a restock, and I do like those shirt colours for some fresh variations on their logo tee.


T-shirt News for February 21st

by Andy on February 21, 2012

star wars alderaan t-shirt

A truly grown-worthy Star Wars pun t-shirt from TeeFury.

Glow in the Dark Skyrim t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today. Also, Woot are selling American Apparel blanks for $7.99 each as they’re switching their supplier to a new blank soon.

RIPT have a Firefly tourism shirt available today.

LOST x “Spy vs. Spy” today at Shirt Punch.

The simplicity of this 24tee shirt made me chuckle.

Pokemon gets a run out at TeeRaiders.

Doctor Who design by Tom Trager has been added to the Tshirt Contest catalogue.

I really like this design from DBH, bit different from my usual tastes, but it’s interesting.

Los Pollos Hermanos is a Breaking Bad themed shirt that is $11 instead of $20 for another day at BustedTees.

This lovely Greg Abbott t-shirt is back at Tilteed.

These three shirts are new-ish at Camiseteria.

Seventh.Ink have some of their older designs available for the ridiculously low price of $7.

Wrongwroks have got a sale on, though you do need to spend a minimum of $150 to qualify.

A Better Tomorrow have a sale on for their plain zip-up hoodies.

Rib Cage Customs are giving away ten t-shirts in conjunction with Loaded Magazine (which does mean the link looks a bit NSFW).

Like Sin Star on Facebook and you’ll be sent a massive 50% off coupon code. This offer is good until March 20th.

Threadless screenprint 99% of their tees, but they are experimenting with DTG. Sounds like a good way to make sure some of the less loved designs don’t get consigned to the design cemetery.

Get free shipping (US only, international orders save $10) at Typography Shop when you order two or more items.


Daily News & Tees for January 6th

by Andy on January 6, 2012

space invaders t-shirt

Very cool Space Invaders shirt from TeeFury today.

‘The birthplace of inspiration’ is up at Shirt.Woot today.

8-bit Back To The Future? Yes please, RIPT.

Fairly obscure Terminator design at Shirt Punch today.

Nowhere Bad reminds of another badass facet of Lincoln’s character.

TeeMinus24 bring out a pop art inspired Admiral Ackbar shirt.

24tee have a shirt for hipsters.

Shirt with a wolf on it at DBH.

I’m sure that TeeBlitz have sold this design before, and it’s a little odd that the time remaining for the design is “-359 days”, but hopefully that doesn’t mean there’s trouble at TeeBlitz.

Loviu wheel out this older design.

Oldie-but-goodie at Tilteed today.

Get 30% off at Seventh.Ink this weekend with the coupon code NEWYEAR2012. [via TeeGazette]

Labyrinth Clothing have a page on The Fancy, and if you ‘fancy’ (the equivalent of ‘like’ on Facebook) any item in their store you’ll unlock a 20% off coupon code.

OMUNKY have added prints to their lineup of goods.

Jeff has shared a few teasers of the his design process on Ugmonk‘s next design.

The UTee just launched a new design. Feel free to go and check it out, but don’t forget which is your favourite tee blog!

Mashbale has a post on how to maximize sales with your ecommerce design.

Here’s Miley Cyrus wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, I’m sure that will annoy no one.

Tonka Park are selling two of their popular Big Cartel themes at $25 off, making them $50 each for a limited time. Use coupon code THELBL2012 to get $25 off The Label, and DECMBR2012 for $25 off the December theme.

May I suggest that you advertise on HYA? Options available to suit all budgets.

And that’s the news for today!


Massive new Winter Line from Seventh.Ink

by Andy on November 30, 2011 winter collection So what have we got here:

Card wallets, wrist cuffs, button packs, Christmas greeting cards, six t-shirts, a henley, and two hoodies.

That, it’s fair to say, is a pretty huge release from Seventh.Ink for the Winter. A lot of the items were produced in limited amounts, so if there’s anything you want be sure to place an order sooner rather than later.


Seventh.Ink 4th Anniversary Combo Set

by Andy on October 26, 2011 anniversary combo

Four years is a long time in the t-shirt industry, I think we can officially call Seventh.Ink veterans now that they’re four years old. To celebrate this they have produced a limited edition (only 50 pieces made) t-shirt and poster set. The mockup of the poster doesn’t show it, but they’ve used metallic ink which should give a really nice finish to the print, my mistake, it’s a regular print, but is signed and numbered with metallic ink. You can pick up your set for $50 now.


Seventh.Ink release their Haunted Collection

by Andy on September 15, 2011 haunted halloween release

As soon as I see a brand release something that includes a custom box, I can tell that they have kicked things up a notch, and that is the case with Seventh.Ink and their latest release release of shirts and hoodies. Judging by the pics, you can tell that this release is intended to coincide with Halloween, but thankfully the designs can be worn at any time of year, I’ve never really understood people who buy items to be worn on a specific day, and that’s coming from the guy with enough shirts to literally wear a different one every day of the year. In their words, here’s what is in the collection:

- 3 new designs (Midnight Owl, Gentleman Ghost, and Shakespeare’s Wolf)
– 7 Limited Edition Box Sets that feature a laser engraving of the Gentleman Ghost
– Limited Edition Hoodies and Variants
– Laser engraved wooden coins that ship with every Haunted Collection shirt

This is a limited edition release, there are 140 items available (I think that is spread across all the designs), so get on it now if something catches your fancy. Shirts are $24, the hoody is $45, and those super special box sets are $95.

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If it isn’t their newest stuff, it’s on sale, shirts are as low as $14, well worth checking this sale out. I think it will be running today and tomorrow so be quick.



imperial stout star wars beer t-shirt

I’m not a skater and I think that’s pretty evident by now, but I do like the idea of hanging skate decks on my wall simply because they’re interesting, and I think that some of these decks from Seventh.Ink would look pretty cool in the office. I am of course a lot more interested in the shirt ($24), which pairs Star Wars and beer, a combination that we have seen before, but it remains no less welcome to be seen again because it is a pretty cool concept.


seventh ink t-shirt and tank top

Very nice work from Seventh.Ink as usual. As ever I’d like to see a non-mockup shot, but when it comes to these guys I’m willing to trust them.


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