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Three new impossibly good shirts from Ugmonk

by Andy on November 9, 2011

ugmonk impossible shapes

I really like these new shirts from Ugmonk, they are in keeping with Jeff’s simple style but they still look very good, with that little going onto the tee there’s not much margin for error and as usual Ugmonk has come up with the goods. Each shirt is $24 and available now.


graph paper t-shirt by pop junkie

Pop Junkie, congrats, you’ve made a couple of mighty wearable tees right there. These shirts are a collaboration with an art blog called The Strange Attractor, which I’d never heard of before, but now very much recommend that you check out, there’s some beautiful stuff on there. The shirts are $24 each and available now.


Logo T-shirt by Simplified Clothing

by Andy on June 13, 2010

Black Logo T-shirt by Simplified Clothing

I like the tee, but there seems to be something a little odd about having your model roll their sleeves up for a photoshoot.

Costiness=$21.99 Buy it at Simplified Clothing


Here and Now T-shirt by Sixpack France

by Andy on May 15, 2010

sixpack france t-shirt

Costiness=€24.37 Buy it at Sixpack France

* Hey Andy, where’s the witty description that we’ve come to love from your tee picks? Well imaginary reader, it’s the “lazy posting weekend” of course!


Giant Robot x Kami t-shirt

by Andy on March 9, 2010

giant robot t-shirt

This tee has to be old because it was made to celebrate Japanese artist Kami’s cover of Giant Robot issue #56, I own that issue and I haven’t GR for many, many moons. But just because it’s old doesn’t make it fresh, much like the pastrami I’ve got in my fridge it seems to be getting better with age (or staying exactly the same, it’s probably a mental thing), because this tee is damn clean and damn nice.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Giant Robot


The Force! t-shirt by The Dept.

by Andy on February 26, 2010

space ship t-shirt

I think this is a brilliant tee. I’m probably doing The Dept. a bit of a dis-service, but it just looks effortless. I’m assuming that the shape is meant to signify a spaceship, in which case it’s like they took a spaceship and kept paring it down until they had the simplest shapes that still looked like a stereotypically iconic spaceship. If that shape isn’t meant to be a spaceship, I’m gonna look like a dumbass, but that’s happened before so I’m used to it.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at The Dept.


Rain Drops & Rhombuses by Plink Design

by Andy on January 28, 2010

Post image for Rain Drops & Rhombuses by Plink Design

As fas as t-shirt names go, this one is certainly informative. The colourway is pretty summery, which you can either view as being a bit early, or a bit of positive thinking from people that don’t care for the cold; either way, it’s a pleasing shirt.

Costiness=$20 Available from Plink Design (cool product page too)


path_blue_model clearly_model2

How on earth did I miss this? Ugmonk, who are impressively consistent when it comes to releasing great designs, released a pair of not-mind-blowing-but-really-good tees last month. Both are $21 and can be picked up from the Ugmonk shop. [via Coty]


“Grafik Magazine” by Graniph [Review]

by Andy on December 10, 2008

I’d never received a package from Japan before, so that was one thing that I was excited to tick off my ‘tee to-do list’ when a bulging envelope arrived from Graniph, but the fact that it took 3 days to travel from Japan to rural England left me even more impressed with a label that was already one of my favourite brands. Seriously, that isn’t all that much longer than it took me to get back from Tokyo, and the tees were probably in a lot better mood after 11 hour flight than I was!

You guys know that I can be enticed by shiny things, so out of the selection that Graniph sent me I was first drawn to this tee with gold foil on it, which I later found was called “Grafik Magazine”, presumably a collaboration with this magazine of the same name (check out their sample issue, it looks pretty cool). Despite the gold being fairly flashy (when isn’t it?), I think that this design is actually pretty minimal and understated, and it looks so much better in person than in these photo’s (as soon as I went out in the snow it started to rain, but I was committed to having a snowy photoshoot, even if it involved damp t-shirts).

The quality level is very impressive, slightly more heavyweight than most of the tees I receive, which should be helpful during these chilly winter months (not that it’s that thick, I should add). It’s always hard to predict how well a foil tee will survive multiple washes, but I can assure you that Graniph’s ‘regular’, non-foil shirts are good and will last a long time (my brother routinely wears the shirt I got for him in Tokyo back in 2007, and it’s still good), so it’s probably a fairly safe bet that they know what they’re doing with foil. As with a lot of Japanese clothing, it runs smaller and is more fitted than us Westerners are used to, so whilst you can probably get away with buying your usual size, be aware that it will be a little more snug.

There’s a couple more shots in the gallery, and a teaser shot of the other tees that are to be reviewed.

Costiness=?2,100 Buy ‘Grafik Magazine’ at Graniph

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Monsieur T. releases his fall collection

by Andy on September 23, 2008

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “you know what I need? A t-shirt where a skeleton is bursting out of a care bear.” Well, consider this your lucky day, because that very design is available in Monsieur T. latest collection. There’s also loads of other cool tees, as you can see in the gallery, but how on earth could I not mention the care bear tee?

Monsieur T. (range also available at krudmart)

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